Novel Name : Trapped By Tainted Love

Chapter 1: Rebirth And Divorce

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“Rachel, how dare you drug me?”

The man lying on the bed looked furious; his black eyes were blazing with anger.

Shelia Davis took a deep breath and felt a searing pain.

She managed to open her eyes and saw a man lying on top of her.

‘What the hell is going on? I…’

“Let go of me!”

She struggled to escape the man’s hold and began thrashing him.

But the more she resisted, the more violent the man became.

“Don’t play cat and mouse with me! Isn’t this what you’ve always wanted? Commit suicide and threaten
me? Huh? Well, I can help you!” the man roared.

The man clasped her arms and legs, leaving no chance for her to escape. She gritted her teeth without
saying anything as the metallic taste of blood filled her mouth.

About an hour later, the torture finally came to an end.

The man got out of the bed and put on his pajamas. He cast a cold glance at the pitiful woman on the
bed and scoffed at her. “Why are you crying? Have I not satisfied you?”

Holding back the tears and enduring the humiliation, she grabbed the quilt and wrapped it around her.

She looked at him and sneered. “Satisfied? Your small dick made me feel nothing.”

“Go to hell!”

The man darted toward her, and the blue veins stood out on his arms. He grabbed her neck and
squeezed it hard.

Her face turned red, and she couldn’t breathe.

She grew dizzy and felt suffocated. Instinctively, she grabbed the man’s hand, trying to push him away.

“Help! Help!”

But the man didn’t want to let go of her. He tightened his grip and glared at her.

Her eyes turned red, and her vision grew blurry.

Just then, the butler opened the door and rushed in.

He froze on the spot when he saw what was going on, and the blood on his face drained in an instant.
He hurriedly grabbed the man’s arm and shouted, “Mr. Sullivan! Let go of her! Otherwise, she will die!”

“She deserves to die!” the man hissed through his teeth. His eyes were blazing with rage and hatred.

The butler failed to pull the man’s arm away. He kneeled beside the bed and begged anxiously, “Mr.
Sullivan, if she dies, your grandmother won’t rest in peace.”


Hearing that, Victor Sullivan loosened his grip on her and stared into the distance.

If not for his grandmother’s last wish, the woman before him would have long died.

Shelia used the opportunity to push Victor away. She sat up quickly and leaned against the headboard,
coughing violently.

The butler noticed the change in Victor’s demeanor and continued to persuade him, “Mr. Sullivan,
aren’t you going to divorce Mrs. Sullivan today? You will never see her again. For the sake of her
mother, who once saved your grandmother, please forgive her!”

Hearing this, Victor quickly calmed down.

“I’ll ask Ivan to send the divorce agreement to you. Sign the papers and get out from here. I don’t want
to see you again.”

He stormed out, slamming the door, making it rattle against the hinges. Shelia clutched her chest,
trying to calm down her racing heart. Her face turned pale as she gasped for breath.

Confused by the bizarre turn of events, she looked down, trying to comprehend what was going on. Her
heart leaped to her throat, and her eyes widened in horror.

‘What the hell is going on? This is not my body!’

She struggled to get up and tried to find a dress to wear. However, to her utter dismay, there were no
women’s outfits in the closet. Only white shirts and black suits were hanging in there.

She casually took out a shirt and suit pants that were too large for her. The bottom of the pant legs
reached the floor when she wore them.

Her body was still sore, and her temples were throbbing. She trudged to

the sofa and sat down, closing her eyes. Soon, the memories that didn’t belong to her arose in her
mind again.

After a long while, she opened her eyes. She tried recalling the memories of the body’s original owner
to find out what was going on.

Finally, she concluded that she was no longer Shelia Davis. She was reborn as Rachel Bennet now.

The real Rachel’s mother had died of illness, and her father was a loser and a playboy. Rachel had
loved Victor with all her heart.

Just then, a knock on the door snapped her back to her senses.

“Mrs. Sullivan, are you inside?” asked a cold voice.

“Who is it?”

A tall, cold man opened the door, holding a document in his hand. “Ivan Chavez.”

Rachel quickly racked her mind and matched the name in her memory with the man in front of her.

Ivan handed over the document and a pen expressionlessly. “This is the divorce agreement. You can
leave after signing it.”

Rachel glanced at the papers in his hand. It had only taken an hour for Victor to prepare a divorce
agreement. It was obvious he despised Rachel.

Rachel took it, turned to the last page, and scribbled her signature.

“It’s done.” Rachel closed the pen and returned the agreement to Ivan.

Ivan’s eyes widened with astonishment. He didn’t think Rachel would sign the papers. Before asking
him to send the agreement, Victor had said that if Rachel refused to sign it, he could try all means to
get her fingerprint.

“Mrs. Sullivan, did you read the agreement?” Ivan didn’t want her to do it in a hurry.

Rachel arched an eyebrow and looked at him. “I don’t want to.”

Ivan frowned.

She looked up at him and smiled. “I know what’s written on it without looking at it. There are only two
possible outcomes. One is asking me to give up all my marital property, and the other is to make me
compensate him with a large amount of money and then give up all my marital property. Either way, I
can’t refuse, can I?”

Ivan’s face darkened. He took the divorce agreement and said, “Mr. Sullivan just wants you to leave
without asking for alimony.”

“Thank him on my behalf.” She didn’t care. The real Rachel loved Victor, but she didn’t.

Rebirth was a rare gift, and she wanted to cherish every minute of her new life.

“Do you need me to ask a doctor to check on you?” Ivan asked, clearing his throat.

Rachel was at a loss for a moment. Then, she remembered the red bruises on her neck. She touched
them and felt a blinding pain surge up again.

“That won’t be necessary.” She shook her head. “I won’t die.”

The real Rachel was dead.

This body belonged to her now, and she would not allow anyone to hurt her again.

“Then, please pack your things as soon as possible.” Ivan’s tone was cold as usual.

Rachel nodded and left the bedroom without hesitation.

Rachel was Victor’s wife, but their rooms were so far away.

After a long walk, she finally came to her room.

This was originally a storage room. After her marriage with Victor, she had turned it into her bedroom.

Rachel pushed the door open and nimbly walked through the narrow passage.

The room was too small, and she could barely move around freely. The bed occupied the maximum
space, and she had to squeeze into the room.

Rachel didn’t have too many things. After changing her clothes, she casually stuffed a few clothes into
the suitcase and wheeled it outside.

“I’ve packed my things. I’m leaving now. Goodbye, Ivan!” Rachel’s calmness surprised Ivan. She was
about to leave with her suitcase.

“Where are you going?” Suddenly, the elevator doors opened, and a woman in a business suit came
out. Her high heels clattered on the marble floor as she spoke softly.

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