Novel Name : Trapped By Tainted Love

Chapter 3: Buried With You

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Ivan didn’t dare to say anything more.

Rachel began to lose consciousness.

She didn’t want to die.

Her will to live stopped her from losing consciousness. She used her last strength to pull his hand.
Rachel took a moment to catch her breath and looked at Victor with bloodshot eyes.

“Victor, I’ve only signed the divorce agreement. We aren’t officially divorced yet. Even if I die, I… I will
still be Mrs. Sullivan. I will be buried with you in the future. You can never get rid of me!”

She spoke those words with a hoarse, choking voice as her face turned red. Soon, she lost all her
strength. Her vision grew blurry, and she couldn’t breathe.

“Who do you think you are, Rachel? You don’t deserve to be buried in the Sullivan family’s cemetery!”
Victor snapped viciously. “If you die, I’ll burn your body and throw your ashes into the trash can. A
woman like you deserves to rot among filth!”

Rachel burst out laughing.

“Why are you laughing?” Victor demanded.

“Even if you throw my ashes into the trash, it won’t change the fact that I’m your legal wife! You hate
me the most, don’t you? Unfortunately, you can’t get rid of me even if I die!”

Victor’s eyes narrowed as he squeezed her neck harder. Rachel cried out in pain as tears trickled from
the corners of her eyes.

As she cried in despair, Victor threw her to the floor.

Rachel winced as it felt as if all her bones had shattered to pieces. Her breathing became labored, and
she broke into a cold sweat.

“Ahem!” She let out a violent cough and opened her mouth to breathe hard.

Alice’s face turned pale. She was frightened to see the murderous look on Victor’s face. “Victor, please
calm down. I’ll ask my sister to hand over everything she has stolen from you.”

Rachel felt a dull pain in her chest and coughed violently.

“I didn’t take anything from you!” she said in a hoarse voice.

Victor took out a wet tissue and wiped his hand as if disgusted to even touch her.

“You didn’t take anything from me? You bought all your clothes with my money. How dare you say that,

Rachel pursed her lips and stared at him.

“Take off her clothes and throw her out!” With that, Victor stormed out, and Ivan followed him.

Once the two people disappeared from sight, Alice stood straight—she didn’t look weak and miserable
anymore. She sashayed toward Rachel in her high heels as a complacent smile emerged on her face.

“Rachel, it doesn’t matter even though you have married Victor and slept with him. He wants you out of
the Sullivan family. You don’t have a place in his life. You want to win Victor’s heart? Dream on! I
advised you to wear heavy make-up and seduce another man to make him jealous. I asked you to
commit suicide after returning home. I didn’t think you’d be naive enough to believe me. Did you really
think you could win over Victor’s heart this way? God, it’s hilarious that you believed all my lies. You
made his grandmother die with regret. Do you realize how much Victor would hate you for that?”

Rachel quietly listened to Alice’s ridicule. She didn’t even bother to look at her, for Alice was merely a
barking dog to her.

Rachel’s ignorance irked Alice. “Why the hell are you staring at me?” she hissed through her teeth.

“What can I say? Alice, you are pathet

ic!” Rachel chuckled, enduring the pain.

She was indeed exhausted, and every bone in her body hurt. Her insides ached, and she didn’t want to
put too much pressure.

More than anything else, she didn’t want to show her weakness in front of Alice. Otherwise, she would
become more complacent.

“What did you say?” Alice’s eyes widened in horror. Rachel’s arrogance pierced her heart like a sharp

Rachel took a deep breath and felt a dull pain in her chest. “Alice, you have always lived a miserable
life, trying to make people believe that you are an innocent woman. As an illegitimate daughter, you
must have felt ashamed of yourself. That’s probably why you tried to steal what belonged to me ever
since you were a child. After all, I am the lady of Bennet family, while you’re just the daughter of a

“Rachel! Shut up!” Alice screamed.

Rachel looked at her and smirked. “For the past two years, you have abused my trust in you and
deceived me by taking advantage of my love for Victor. You incited me to do stupid things and make a

fool of myself. He has hated me right from the beginning and feels disgusted to see me now. Are you
proud of yourself?”

Clenching her fists, Alice looked at her with hatred and sneered. “You should blame yourself for being

“Yes, I’m stupid,” Rachel admitted honestly. After knowing what the original owner of this body had
done for the past two years, she had to admit that Rachel was naive and stupid.

Although she came from a powerful family, she lived like a loser. She was such a failure.

“You have a clear estimation of yourself!” Alice sneered arrogantly.

“I almost lost my life. So I have to be self-aware.” Rachel struggled to her feet. However, the pain was
unbearable, and she almost fell down.

She clenched her teeth as sweat dripped from her forehead. She dug her fingers on the floor, and blue
veins bulged on the back of her hand as she exerted all her strength.

Alice’s face darkened. “You’re dying, Rachel. How dare you say such things about me? Don’t forget
that you no longer belong to the Sullivan family. Victor’s grandmother is dead. No one will protect you!
If you are smart enough, kneel down and beg for mercy. If I am happy, I will ask Dad to assign a place
for you to stay. Otherwise, you will have to live in the streets, begging for food!”

Rachel was stunned when Alice mentioned Victor’s grandmother.

Victor’s grandmother, Carolyn Sullivan, had chosen Rachel as Victor’s wife. Not long after Rachel
married into the Sullivan family, Carolyn died of illness. Carolyn was the only one who loved and
protected Rachel. However, the woman passed away and Alice didn’t even have the chance to meet
her and say goodbye before her death.

“Alice, do you think you can become Mrs. Sullivan after I divorce Victor?”

“When you can do it, why can’t I?” Alice asked with her head held high.

“You can’t!” Rachel said weakly. “Alice, why are you so confident that Victor will marry you? Victor was
born out of wedlock. Is that why you think you deserve him? You are an illegitimate child, and your
mother is a mistress who destroys a family. Although he was born out of wedlock, his mother never
destroyed anyone’s marriage. You don’t deserve him, Alice!” Rachel growled.

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