Novel Name : Trapped By Tainted Love

Chapter 2: A Good Two-shoes

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The sight of a slender woman walking towards her made Rachel halt in her tracks. She squinted her
eyes and looked at her. “Alice?”

This young woman was Rachel’s half-sister and a real bitch.

When Alice Jenkins got in front of her, she flashed a smile that did a terrible job in hiding her deep-
rooted wickedness. “Rachel, are you moving out?”

Rachel rolled her eyes and responded with a smile, “Alice, are you disappointed that I’m leaving the
Sullivan family alive? This is not how you planned it, is it?”

Although Rachel’s mind was a little chaotic and she couldn’t remember what happened, her intuition
told her that Alice had a hand in Victor getting drugged.

In a split second, Alice’s face turned pale, but she soon replaced her panic countenance with an
innocent expression.

“Rachel, what are you talking about? You have no idea how happy I am to see that you regained
consciousness. I care for you.”

Rachel sneered inwardly.

She knew too well that Alice didn’t care about her at all. Her half-sister’s acting was good, but she
wasn’t fooled. It was obvious that she had come here to laugh at her misfortune.

With an expressionless face, Ivan stepped forward and reminded, “Mrs. Sullivan, you must leave now.
Mr. Sullivan will return home any moment from now.”

The corner of Rachel’s mouth twitched. She pointed at Alice and said to Ivan, “As you can see, I
already had my suitcase with me and was about to leave before this dog suddenly showed up,

preventing me from leaving.”

Ivan instantly became speechless. He stared at both women with perplexed eyes.

Crocodile tears welled up in Alice’s eyes in an instant. “Rachel, I know that Victor divorced you today. I
was worried that you would be sad and have no one to comfort you, so I cleared my schedule and
came to see you. You… You have misunderstood me. How could you call me that? I’m you sister.”

“No, you are not. A dog can never be my sister!” Rachel didn’t hesitate to sever ties with Alice. She
then looked at Ivan. “Ivan, look at how she’s standing in my way. How can I leave?”

Ivan’s temples pulsed a little. A hint of helplessness appeared on his cold face. After a moment of
contemplating, he had no choice but to say to Alice, “Miss Jenkins, please step aside.”

Alice bit her lower lip hard. She subconsciously ran her fingers through her hair. Some wisps of hair fell
on her face and slightly covered the fury that was burning in her eyes.

When she didn’t move a muscle, Rachel muttered, “Ivan, talking to her reasonably is useless. A dog
can’t understand human language.”

These words fueled Alice’s raging anger. She clenched her fists and glared at Rachel.

Rachel tilted her head and smiled in the face of danger. She found it funny that her half-sister was
trying so hard to keep her anger in check.

Instead of getting angrier with Rachel who was smiling, Alice was stunned.

‘Are my eyes playing tricks on me? What’s going on? Isn’t this my coward half-sister, Rachel? She
used to cower whenever I was around her. She was obedient to me. How come she’s so sharp-
tongued and unafraid today? Something doesn’t feel right!’

“Miss Jenkins!” Ivan called her attention in a cold voice. There was a tinge of impatience in his tone

The confusion in Alice’s mind was brewing so fast, but she managed to suppress it by pursing her pink
lips. She then said weakly, “Ivan, it’s not that I don’t want her to leave. Mr. Sullivan asked me to stop

Alice dropped a bombshell that shocked both Ivan and Rachel.

“Mr. Sullivan knew that I was coming over, so he specially asked me to watch my sister pack up and
leave. He said the divorce agreement stipulated that she’s not entitled to any property that belongs to
the Sullivan family. He wanted me to make sure she didn’t steal anything.” Alice suspiciously stared at
the suitcase beside Rachel. “So, please open the suitcase. I need to check it.”

Rachel frowned. “The suitcase only contains a few clothes. I didn’t steal anything that belongs to the
Sullivan family.”

A wicked expression appeared on Alice’s face. She stepped forward and took the suitcase. “Rachel, I
can’t believe your defensive words. For me, seeing is believing. If you didn’t steal anything, you would
have nothing to be afraid of. How about I just do my job?”

Without waiting for a response, Alice put down the suitcase and opened it.

A messy heap of clothes came into view the moment the suitcase was opened. Nothing seemed

Alice gritted her teeth. She hoped that Rachel would have something that didn’t belong to her inside.
Instead of calling it quits, she rummaged through the clothes. It seemed she wasn’t going to stop until
she found evidence against Rachel. Perhaps she even wished that something incriminating would
magically appear.

Ten minutes passed and Alice was still searching.

“Have you seen enoug

h?” Rachel looked down at her with her eyebrows raised slightly.

“Rachel, Mr. Sullivan gave me this task. I need to check it carefully,” Alice replied with a hint of
disappointment in her voice.

“Oh, you still haven’t searched it enough? Have it your way then. Check the suitcase as long as you
want. I don’t even want these clothes anymore.” Rachel curled her lips. She was still feeling pain all
over her body. Thus, she wasn’t interested in arguing with Alice about something so insignificant.

She moved around Alice, who was squatting, and walked towards the elevator with Ivan at her heels.


The elevator arrived on the third floor. Its doors slowly opened. Rachel was about to walk in when she
sensed a weird coldness. Goosebumps appeared on her skin and the temperature seemed to drop.
She shivered and stopped in her tracks.

When she looked inside the elevator, she first saw a pair of shiny leather shoes. She looked up slowly
and sighted Victor’s cold face. This sent a shiver down her spine.

“Mr. Sullivan.” Ivan was the first to react. He bowed his head respectfully and then fidgeted.

Nothing but coldness filled Victor’s eyes at this moment. He stared daggers at her and asked in a
sullen voice, “Rachel, do you have a screw loose or something? Don’t you remember what I told you
this morning?”

A bad memory flashed through Rachel’s mind at the sight of her ex-husband’s glare. She remembered
how he strangled her this morning. Her heart thumped against her chest. She wished she could just
vanish into thin air now.

After plucking up the courage, she straightened her neck and replied, “I still remember.”

“Oh, really? Then how do you explain why you are still here?” Victor asked sternly as he strode towards

His domineering aura frightened Rachel. She cowered and took steps backward until her back was
against the wall. She closed her eyes for a while in a bid to brace herself to look into his cold eyes.

“You should ask Alice. I was about to leave when she suddenly appeared and stopped me, so I…”

Rachel’s jaw tensed up. In the course of the explanation, Alice suddenly walked to them and
interrupted with tears in her eyes. “Rachel, why are you lying against me?”

“What? I’m not lying against you!” Rachel subconsciously denied the allegation and cursed Alice in her
mind. If Alice hadn’t shown up and decided to search her suitcase, she would have left here a long time
ago and she wouldn’t have run into Victor, who had sternly warned her not to be here by this time.

In a pitiful voice, Alice said, “Victor, what she said is not true. I didn’t stop her from leaving. I was just
following your orders. She had finished packing up by the time I arrived, so I decided to check her
luggage to make sure she didn’t steal any of your belongings. Ahem… I have always known her to be a
chronic liar, but I didn’t expect that she would lie against me in such a situation. I did nothing wrong.”

Alice’s words made Victor recall what Rachel had done before.

‘What is this crazy woman playing again? Since we got married, she has been nothing but a thorn in
my flesh. She has done all kinds of ridiculous things just to get me mad. She made herself look ugly,

attempted suicide, and even cheated on me. To make matters worse, my grandmother wanted to see
her when she was about to breathe her last, but this bitch was nowhere to be found. She had been
fooling around with another man for a whole night. My grandmother died with regret because of her.
She refuses to leave now that we are divorced. Does she want me to teach her a lesson?’

Victor couldn’t hold back his anger anymore. “Rachel, do you really think I wouldn’t dare to kill you?”

He suddenly grabbed her neck with his big palm. The back of her head hit the wall hard. Rachel held
his hand instinctively before she even felt the pain. The next second, a sharp pain traveled from the
back of her head to her whole body. She instantly became dizzy.

“Victor!” Rachel called his name as she coughed uneasily.

“Rachel, how dare you challenge my authority again? Are you nuts?” Victor’s voice was laden with icy
disdain and wickedness.

The grip on her neck and unquantifiable pain in her body made her very uncomfortable. Although she
was trying to loosen his grip with her two hands, her efforts proved abortive.

It dawned on Ivan that things were getting out of hand. He hurried forward and said, “Mr. Sullivan,
please don’t do this. Remember that you are currently facing some troubles in the company. If you
harm Mrs. Sullivan here and the police come for you, the board members will surely make a fuss about
it. I’m afraid that it will be difficult for you to control the company’s shares.”

“Fuck off!” Victor roared ferociously. His slender fingers that were gripping Rachel’s neck turned pale
because he was exerting so much strength.

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