Novel Name : Trapped By Tainted Love

Chapter 4: The Will Discovery

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Spasms of rage overwhelmed Alice at this moment. She clenched her fists and her chest heaved up
and down. She pulled Rachel up with one hand and raised the other to slap her right cheek.

A stinging slap landed on Rachel’s right cheek.

A sharp pain went from her cheek to her brain. Her jaw clenched just as she felt blood oozing from the
corner of her mouth.

This first slap wasn’t enough to quell Alice’s anger. She was about to give Rachel another slap, but she
was stopped.

An inexplicable energy filled Rachel and burst through her slender arms as she pushed Alice away.
The latter staggered backward.

Gritting her teeth, Alice ordered the maids standing some meters away, “You two, hold her down!”

The maids didn’t dare to go against her. They quickly grabbed Rachel’s arms tightly.

Now that her half-sister was subdued, a malicious and insidious glint flickered in Alice’s eyes. She
pinched Rachel’s chin and forced her to raise her head.

There were palm prints on her right cheek. It was red and swollen.

Without an iota of pity, Alice raised her hand and said fiercely, “Bitch, don’t you have a lot of things to
say? Speak now!”

Rachel grinned sinisterly and then spat a mouthful of blood on her oppressor.

Alice screamed and stepped back in anger. She looked at her stained dress. “I just bought this dress!
Rachel, I’ll kill you!”

“Ha-ha! Even Victor didn’t have the audacity to kill me here. Well, if you have the guts, you can have a
try. I’m right here!” Rachel painstakingly looked at Alice with her eyes as cold as ice. She was
frightening and intimidating.

“I might not kill you today. But just remember that as long as I am alive, I’ll get even with you for what
you have done today. You can’t escape my wrath even if you run to the ends of the earth!”

Alice shuddered a little when she saw Rachel’s frightening gaze. Shortly after, she regained her
composure. She gritted her teeth and ordered the maids, “Did you hear what Mr. Sullivan just said?”

“Yes, miss. He ordered us to take off her clothes and drive her out,” one of them uneasily repeated with
her eyes lowered.

Alice rubbed her sore wrist, smiled with satisfaction, and left in high heels.

Rachel lowered her head and closed her eyes. Her strength had failed her and she couldn’t struggle
with the maids. She just allowed them to take her clothes off.

In the harsh autumn weather, Rachel was stripped until there was only a set of underwear that included
a silk bra and panties on her body.

The humiliation was too much to bear, but she was grateful that she would be leaving here alive. Her
life was all that mattered now.

When the maids were done, they threw her out.

Afterward, the butler knocked on the door of the study calmly. Victor’s deep voice came from inside.

“Come in.”

The butler pushed the door open and reported, “Sir, Mrs….Miss Bennet has been thrown out as you

Victor looked up from the contract in his hands when he heard the report. He asked coldly, “Did she say

“No, sir. She didn’t,” the butler answered with his head lowered.

Victor snorted and thought of what Rachel had said. He was so furious that his eyes glistened with
cruelty. After a while, he closed the folder heavily and ordered, “Tell them to throw that bitch far away. I
don’t want her anywhere near this house!”

This order shocked the butler. However, he managed to say, “Yes, sir.”

There was an inconspicuous house located in the southern part of the city.

“No!” Rachel suddenly woke up with a scream. She sat up on the bed with beads of sweat on her
forehead. She breathed heavily and looked ahead in horror.

All of a sudden, the door of the bedroom was pushed open from outside. A man walked into the
bedroom and put down the medicine he had just decocted on the dressing table. He then walked to the

“Miss Bennet, you are awake,” the man said with concern.

In fear, Rachel held the quilt against her chest and looked at the man vigilantly. But she soon calmed
down because he looked familiar. She squinted her eyes and searched for his face in her memory. But
no matter how she tried, she couldn’t remember who he was.

Rachel suddenly lowered her head and looked at herself. It was then she noticed she was wearing a
floral dress. Not only that, she was in a strange place, and in a s

trange bed.

“Who are you?” Rachel’s voice was hoarse and alert.

“Miss Bennet, you met me when you were very young. So, it’s normal for you not to remember who I
am. My surname is Torres. I was your late mother’s lawyer,” Andy Torres replied with a smile.

‘Torres? He was once my mother’s lawyer? Is that why he looks familiar?’

The sense of familiarity grew as Rachel stared at him. It seemed she had met him before. Then
something occurred to her. “You… You saved me?”

“Yes, I did. Let’s just say that coincidence worked in your favor. I called you, but a passer-by answered
the phone and told me you had fainted. Don’t worry, I didn’t see anything. The passer-by had already
covered you with a coat by the time I got there. The only thing I did was to carry you into my car,” Andy
explained innocently.

“Oh, but how did this dress get on my body?”

“Well, about that. I asked an old lady next door to dress you up.”

Rachel breathed a sigh of relief. However, she frowned the next second. “Why did you call me?”

Rachel’s mother had passed away when she was thirteen years old. Although Andy was her mother’s
personal lawyer, they hadn’t met for so many years. More so, his sudden reappearance was suspicious
since his client was long dead.

Without answering her question, Andy stood up and walked out of the room. He returned within
seconds and handed her a document.

“This is your mother’s will,” he said simply.

“My mother’s will?” Doubts flashed through Rachel’s eyes. This came as a surprise to her because her
mother had died suddenly. There was no way she could have made a will at such a young age.

If there was indeed a will, Rachel’s useless father and his mistress wouldn’t have rubbed their repulsive
relationship in her face, neither would they have taken everything.

“Yes. As your mother’s personal lawyer, she entrusted me to be the witness of her will when she was
still alive. She requested that I only made this public and hand it to you on your twenty-fourth birthday.”

It wasn’t until this moment that Rachel remembered that her birthday coincided with the day she and
Victor got divorced.

“It is clearly stated in this will that you are to inherit all the properties under her name, including fifteen
percent shares of Bennet Group and the villa she lived in before she died,” Andy continued.

Still in doubt despite Andy’s explanation, Rachel turned to the last page of the document. Her mother’s
name, Elisa Bennet, and her signature were at the bottom right. It was indeed her will.

“Mr. Torres, how many days have I been unconscious?” Rachel asked, narrowing her eyes.

“It has been three days.”

Rachel closed the will and got out of bed. With a cold expression, she said, “Those people have had
three peaceful days. That’s way more than they deserve!”

She made for the door with the will in her hand.

Andy asked, “Miss Bennet, where are you going?”

Rachel stopped at the door, glanced at the will in her hand, and raised her eyebrows without turning to
look at him.

“Are you really asking me that question? Isn’t it obvious? Of course, I’m going to deal with my father,
his bloody mistress, and their silly daughter!” With these words, Rachel opened the door and stormed

The past few days had been a period of healing. Her body and soul were now one with each other. She
had regained vitality and tenacity.

Andy was in a daze after he heard Rachel’s answer. Her behavior was reminiscent of her mother’s. He
felt he had just seen the energetic and vigorous Elisa again.

After jolting back to reality, Andy put on his suit jacket and followed Rachel.

The Bennet family’s villa was located in the northern part of the city.

Rachel and Andy arrived in his car. She went straight to the front door and rang the doorbell a dozen
times. It sounded like someone was issuing a death threat.

The housekeeper angrily trotted to the door and shouted, “Who is it? Stop ringing the bell like that. Is
this your house? You will pay if the doorbell spoils!”

She opened the door when she finished shouting. She looked at the people outside with a frown. She
was stunned when she saw Rachel.

“I’m here to take your lives!” Rachel said coldly.

“You…” The housekeeper’s face turned pale. Rachel’s hostility made her blood run cold and she stood
rooted to the spot.

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