Novel Name : Trapped By Tainted Love

Chapter 6: Call The Police

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Alice glared at Rachel and gritted her teeth so hard that they might shatter.

Turning a blind eye to Alice’s rage, Rachel turned her attention to Andy.

“Since Alice doesn’t want to call the police, Mr. Torres, why don’t you call them and ask them to come

Right after Caroline heard that, she said, “Rachel, please don’t be angry. Alice was just being silly when
she took your necklace. We’re a family. Besides, she’s your little sister. If the police come here and
make a big deal out of this, people will mock us.”

Caroline lowered her head, looking like a kind and nurturing mother.

Rachel was already familiar with that look. Caroline was skilled at playing the innocent, and it was this
side of her that beguiled Jack. This was also the reason he turned a blind eye to his daughter, Rachel,
and allowed Alice and Caroline to walk all over her.

Rachel didn’t respond. She just sat quietly on the sofa, staring at them.

She knew that Caroline was more composed than Alice. Caroline would never ask for Jack’s help
directly. Instead, she would do something to win his pity, so that he would speak for her. Since Caroline
wouldn’t show her true colors easily, Rachel was in no hurry to speak up.

After a long time, Caroline grew impatient when she saw that Rachel had no intention of speaking. A
forethought of malice flashed through Caroline’s mind, A few days ago, Alice had told her that Rachel
seemed to turn into a different person. She didn’t buy her words back then, but now, it seemed that
Rachel had really changed! How dare she come back here and put on airs as if she owned the house?

Andy broke the silence. “Miss Bennet, I have called the police.”

“Rachel Bennet! How dare you?” Alice shouted with eyes wide open.

“Why shouldn’t I do it?” Rachel stared back at her. At this moment, she was exuding a laid-back

“You…” Alice was rendered speechless and her eyes turned red with anger. Losing her temper, she
picked up the vase on the table and threw it at Rachel.

She did it so fast that Caroline wasn’t able to stop her. Caroline was shocked.

If Alice harmed Rachel, the police would definitely think that Alice was to blame. They wouldn’t care
about the reason behind her actions.

Andy was horrified to see what had happened. He didn’t expect that Alice would blatantly hurt Rachel
like that.

Subconsciously, he wanted to protect Rachel from getting hurt. However, he remembered what she told
him before entering the house, so he stepped back, and took his phone out.

There was a smile on Rachel’s face. Everyone in the room held their breaths as they watched the vase
fly towards Rachel.


Just before the vase hit her, Rachel grabbed a throw pillow from the sofa, threw it at the vase and
kicked the pillow in one fell swoop.

Every move she made happened within a second. Before anyone could react, the vase flew back to

Alice immediately turned ghastly pale.

“Ah!” she screamed and covered her face reflexively. She staggered back, unaware that there was a
shelf behind her.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The shelf fell down and all of its contents smashed to the ground and broke. The crashing sound mixed
with Alice’s screams rang throughout the room.

Both Jack and Caroline had no time to react. Horrified by the scene, they rushed to check on Alice and
called out to their serv

ants for help.

The once quiet living room had suddenly become chaotic.

Rachel’s face remained calm. She sat back down, and looked at Andy, noticing that he was shocked as

“Did you film all of that?”

Hearing that, Andy was pulled back to his senses. Before he could hide his surprise, he nodded and
said, “I managed to record all of it.”

“Sir! Madam!” Viola came over in a hurry. “The police! They’re here.”

Alice had gotten hit by a glass bottle that fell from the shelf, and she was now shedding tears because
of the pain. Upon hearing that, she cast her pain aside, and grabbed onto Caroline’s arm.


Caroline’s face turned grim. She patted Alice’s hand to reassure her.

Outside the door, two policemen asked, “Who called the police?”

“I did.” Andy put his phone away and took a step forward.

The policemen saw the mess in the living room and frowned. “What’s going on here?”

Alice covered her injured arm and pointed at Rachel. “She did this!” She took the chance to throw out
an accusation first. “Sir, that woman threw a vase at me on purpose. Look at me! I’m injured all over
thanks to her!”

Alice’s hair was in disarray and she looked disheveled, while Rachel sat there, safe and sound. At first
glance, it looked like Alice was telling the truth.

The policemen jumped to a conclusion when they saw Rachel’s calmness. It was as if they weren’t
going to listen to her side of story anymore.

Noticing the look on the policemen’s faces, Andy said, “Sir—”

“Sir,” Caroline interrupted Andy. At this moment, she pretend to be a real refined and forgiving lady
from a rich family. She walked up to the policemen, smiling at them modestly. “Nothing happened.
These two girls were just messing around. Thank you for taking the time to come here. Allow me to
compensate you for the long drive. You can go back now. I hope we didn’t delay your work.”

As she spoke, Caroline glanced at Viola. Consequently, Viola understood Caroline’s order, and took out
some cash from her pocket to give to the police officers.

The policemen exchanged glances and said, “We’re not going to accept your bribe. Get that dirty
money out of our faces!”

Those words made Viola shiver in fear.

Caroline smiled apologetically. “Yes, of course. I didn’t mean to offend you. It was really kind of you to
come here, but this is just a petty squabble between sisters. This silly game isn’t worth your precious

“Just a petty squabble between sisters?”

“No…” Alice wanted to proceed with her accusation when she noticed that the policemen favored her
over Rachel.

How could her mother not know what she was thinking? But now was not the time! If this incident were
to break out, it would make Caroline look ridiculous in front of her friends.

She glanced at Alice out of the corner of her eye, still wearing a smile. “Yes, these girls were just being

“Well, if that’s the case…” The police could sense that things weren’t that simple. However, Caroline
insisted that the girls were just messing around, so they really couldn’t do anything about it.

After all, this was a family matter. They didn’t want to trouble themselves over this.

“Sir, may I ask you some questions?” Rachel suddenly broke her silence, got up, and looked at them
with a hint of a smile.

“Rachel!” Jack suddenly chimed in. “Stop it!”

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