Novel Name : Trapped By Tainted Love

Chapter 17: 9.99 Million Dollars In Debt

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Jack was a handsome gentleman, and he was considerate to Elisa during their wedding day. Caroline
felt so jealous that she thought she would go insane. She wanted to take him away from Elisa, and the
jealousy tortured her day after day. One day, Caroline couldn’t stand it anymore. She went to Elisa’s
house while Elisa was away on a business trip. That night, when she looked at Jack lying beside her on
the bed, her heart was filled with a sense of victory and satisfaction. It had been so long since she had a
taste of this pleasure. Once he had started their affair, Jack could no longer stop himself from cheating
again. In addition, Caroline was more seductive and more womanly than Elisa. He was obsessed with
her sweetness, so he decided to just go with it. Caroline did her best to please Jack to keep him by her
side and render him unable to leave her. Naturally, it boosted her ego to know that he could not get
enough of her.

But as time went by, she was no longer satisfied with having a secret affair with Jack. She asked him to
divorce Elisa, but he refused.

Jack had married into Elisa’s family, and he was living in their mansion.

Divorcing Elisa would mean that he would have nothing left.

Upon taking that into consideration, Caroline decided to keep her relationship with Jack a secret.
However, her hatred for Elisa grew with every passing day. Finally, Caroline’s evil prayers had been
answered. Soon after Elisa gave birth to Rachel, she died from a serious illness that caused postpartum
complications, adding to the fact that she was always overworking herself. After Elisa’s death, Caroline
married Jack and successfully moved into the Bennet family’s mansion. Caroline thought that her days of
being looked down upon had come to an end, but she had never imagined that the upper class women
thought she was ridiculous. She could see in their eyes how much they disdained her every time they
met. Perhaps in their minds, Caroline was just a mistress, and that was what she would always be.
‘Once my daughter marries Victor and become the hostess of the Sullivan family, nobody will ever look

down on me again! And when that time comes, all of them will come to me, begging for forgiveness!
Caroline thought.

Why wouldn’t she happy at the prospect of having the opportunity to get revenge?

“Mom, don’t worry. Soon, I’ll make Victor fall for me,” Alice said with confidence.

Caroline nodded, stroking Alice’s hair affectionately.

At this time, Alice looked outside the window, realizing that they were not on the way back to the Bennet
family’s villa. With a frown, she said, “Mom, aren’t we going home?”

She had completely forgotten that Rachel had driven them out.

To be exact, Alice never believed that Rachel could ever drive them away!

Upon hearing that, Caroline’s smile disappeared. “That bitch, Rachel, drove us out using her mother’s

Alice was arrested by the police, and she didn’t have any idea what happened to her family afterwards.

She thought that Rachel was just bluffing, but clearly she meant what she said. “Mom, are you really just
going to let Rachel have the villa? Why? That villa is ours! We‘ve lived there for more than a decade, and
that loser is in no position to-“.

“If we don’t move out, Rachel will call the police again. And if we cause a commotion, then we will be the
butt of the jokes of all those gossipy women. Do you want us to suffer through that?” Caroline didn’t want
to move out either, but they didn’t have a choice. Had she known about Elisa’s will, she would’ve done
her best to destroy it! However, it turned out that Elisa had anticipated this would happen.

That was why Caroline was caught off-guard. She didn’t have any time to prepare for it. Alice bit her
lower lip. There was no way she would give up the villa to Rachel. A sinister gaze appeared in Caroline’s

eyes. “Don’t worry. It won’t be long until Rachel leaves that villa.” “Mom, what are you trying to say? Why
wouldn’t she live long in that villa?” Alice was puzzled by her mother’s statement.

“So what if she has the will? Over the past two years, the Bennet Group had accumulated a mountain of
debt, and it is now just a husk of its former glory. Besides, don’t forget that the Bennet Group doesn’t
belong to Rachel. Victor is the one who holds the majority of the company’s shares.” Alice’s eyes lit up
when she heard that. “Mom, are you saying that Victor will do something against Rachel?”

“What? He doesn’t need to do anything at all. The Bennet Group is just a useless money-losing company
now. I heard that Victor has been planning to liquidate the Bennet Group. Once the liquidation starts,
Rachel will have no choice but to hand over the villa,” Caroline sneered. “When that time comes, Rachel
will have nothing left, and she will be at our mercy.” Alice laughed maniacally.

Caroline nodded in agreement. “So, what you need to do right now is to concentrate on winning Victor’s
heart. Rachel is no match for you!”

“But what if Rachel gets away with everything she did to me? I suffered so much when I was held
detained in the police station for the past few days! Mom, I’m not happy with this outcome. I can’t just
accept this lying down!” Alice held Caroline’s arm, leaning on her shoulder. “Who said I’m going to let her
off the hook? Don’t worry, my darling. She won’t get away with what she did to you!”

Alice nodded with satisfaction; her eyes looked vicious at the moment. In the study of the Bennet family’s

Rachel was looking through the documents that Andy sent her. She looked at him, hoping that she
misheard him.

“Are you saying that once the liquidation is settled, my villa will be sold, and all the assets my mother left
me will be frozen? Even if go bankrupt and have nothing left, I’ll still have to pay millions of debt?”

This was the third time that Andy confirmed her question. “Miss Bennet, you heard me right.”

Rachel’s mouth twitched as she closed the folder. “Well, I don’t understand why I’m the one paying for all
that debt. I only hold one percent of the Bennet Group’s shares. Even if the company goes bankrupt, I
shouldn’t be paying off all the company’s debts, right? Isn’t Victor the major shareholder of the company?
If so, why isn’t he shouldering the company’s debts instead?”

“In theory, you’re right.”

‘In theory?

Rachel understood what he was implying, and smiled sardonically. “You’re right. I almost forgot how
9.99 Million Dollars In Debt much Victor wants to see me suffer.”

The Sullivan Group’s legal team had never been beaten. Changing the Bennet Group’s creditor to
Rachel was just a piece of cake for them. Once more, Rachel opened the file to take a look at the list.
Her eyes fell on the total amount of debt, which was 9.99 million dollars.

Right now, Rachel wanted to laugh at her misfortune. ‘Should I thank Victor for being kind enough to not
make my debt higher than this?’ “Miss Bennet, perhaps you should go talk to Mr. Sullivan. Maybe he’ll
give you a chance to negotiate. After all, you used to be his wife,” Andy suggested. “A chance to
negotiate? Andy, if things are negotiable, I never would’ve gotten this list! This is clearly the final notice.”
What Rachel said rendered Andy unable to respond. Upon seeing the worry in his eyes, Rachel let out a
sigh. She knew that he never meant to say that, but that seemed to be the only way to get her out of this
predicament. “I’ll think of a way to speak to Victor.” Rachel decided to agree to Andy’s suggestion,
though she was well aware that Victor would never change his mind. “I’ll also look for an alternative
solution to your problem, Miss Bennet.” Andy felt relieved to hear her answer, for it meant that there was
still a glimmer of hope. Rachel nodded perfunctorily. “Miss Bennet, Mr. Torres, lunch is ready,” Abby said
as she knocked on the door. “Let’s have lunch first.” Rachel glanced at Andy, and then got up from her
seat. He wanted to speak up, but then he bit it back. He figured that it was best to put it on hold for now.

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