Novel Name : Trapped By Tainted Love

Chapter 22: Ambush In The Underground Parking Lot

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“I hate threatening you, but for three generations my family has worked really hard to make the Bennet
Group what it is today.I can‘t stand aside and watch it crumble.I have to do something.Please,
Shelia.Help me save my family‘s legacy."

The light disappeared before Shelia could utter a single word.

A loud knock on the door startled her awake and she blinked in confusion.

"Miss Bennet, dinner is ready,"

Abby‘s voice came from the other side of the door.

Rachel sat up and leaned against the headboard.She frowned and called back, "Thank you, Abby.I‘ll be
down in a few minutes."

She freshened up real quick and was at the dining room in less than five minutes.

When dinner was served, she just sat there pushing her food around her plate absent–mindedly.

Abby and Andy were looking at each other in bewilderment, wondering what was wrong with Rachel.

Andy couldn‘t stand it any longer.

He put down his fork and cleared his throat.

"Miss Bennet."

Rachel came back to her senses frowning slightly.

Still looking a little off, she asked, "What‘s the matter?"

"Miss Bennet, you seem a little...preoccupied.You haven‘t even touched your food."

Abby was really concerned about Rachel‘s behavior too.

"Miss, are you worried about the Bennet Group? Are you afraid of the debt you‘ll be in if the company

Rachel shook her head.

"No, it‘s not that.I was just thinking."

"If you need anything, I am here for you.If there‘s anything I can help with or if you just need someone
to talk to..."

Andy trailed off, not knowing what else to say.

"I was just thinking that I need to see Victor,"

Rachel murmured putting down her fork and leaned back on her chair.

Andy and Abby were both stunned.

"Miss Bennet, you...Do you think that‘s a good idea right now? Mr.Sullivan doesn‘t change his mind
easily.He just turned you down today.If you go looking for him again, I’m afraid..."

Earlier that day, Andy had agreed that talking to Victor was the best option Rachel had.

A second time in the same day though? That was madness! They already knew what Victor‘s answer
would be.

But most importantly, Andy was worried about Victor‘s reaction.

As history had taught them, the man would happily kill Rachel both physically and emotionally.

And refusing to help her again would really take its toll on her.

"I‘ll just try again.I‘ve been a pain in his ass for years, so what do I have to lose? Annoying him once
more can‘t be that bad," Rachel said, shrugging.

Andy was really confused by Rachel‘s sudden change of attitude.She had been deaf to his counsel this
morning.What changed after a few hours of sleep?

"Miss Bennet, are you sure about this?" Abby asked hesitantly.

Rachel nodded.

The original Rachel‘s soul was still trapped in this body with her.

She couldn‘t ignore her anymore.

Ambush In The Underground Parking Lot Rachel looked confident and determined.

She looked around the table and said, "I will save the Bennet Group at all cost."

With her mind made up, Rachel didn‘t want to waste any time.

The next day, she got up early and paid attention to the smallest detail of her appearance.

She couldn‘t just walk into the Sullivan Group‘s offices with her everyday clothes.She had to look her
best; confident, serious unrelenting.

Abby was cleaning the banister when she heard heels clicking on the marble floor.She raised her head
and looked at Rachel, her mouth dropping open in surprise.

"Miss Bennet?"

Abby was staring at Rachel in amazement.The truth was that Rachel had dressed simply enough.She
had let her long hair loose, falling down to her slender waist.Her makeup was light but glowy, showing
off her finely carved features to perfection.She was wearing a white strapless dress that reached her

As she moved, the airy fabric flowed like water around her.

The simplicity of the dress was the perfect match with temperament.

She was exuding the elegance of a refined lady, the dignity and calmness that anyone could recognize
and respect immediately.

"What is it, Abby? Do I have lipstick on my teeth?"

Rachel asked as she walked up to Abby, trying to find a mirror in her purse to check her reflection.

Abby shook her head vigorously.

"No, no.There is nothing wrong with you.It‘s just that you look so beautiful today.You look so classy and
elegant and I‘ve never seen you looking so dignified before.You look like a brand–new person..."

Abby closed her mouth hurriedly, afraid that she had said something wrong.

"A brand–new me,"

Rachel murmured and then flashed a smile to her maid.

lummu Abby smiled back.

"Exactly...And if I may say, this change suits you very much." Rachel‘s smile widened.

"I am glad to hear that because I am thinking of sticking to this style from now on.I am glad you

"Miss Bennet, you look truly stunning.You used to wear really heavy makeup, but it only covered up
your beauty.I think you look much better like this,"

Abby added, her eyes never leaving Rachel‘s face.

The girl was right.

The old Rachel did whatever Alice asked her to do, as if she didn‘t have an opinion of her own.

With her heavy, bold make–up and the revealing clothes, she looked more like a prostitute than an

"Are you heading out for business, Miss?" Rachel nodded.

"I‘m off to meet Victor."

A short taxi ride later, she was standing in front of the headquarters of the Sullivan Group.

But she didn‘t go to the front gate.

Instead she went straight to the entrance of the building‘s underground parking lot.

She knew that the third floor of the parking lot was reserved for Victor alone, so she got in the elevator
and pressed the button numbered ‘B3‘.

The button flashed red and a message popped up on the screen "Fingerprint Verification Required".

She noticed a little scanner right next to the buttons and pressed her index finger of her right hand on it.

The message "Access Approved" flashed on the screen.

The third floor of the parking lot was essentially a restricted area.

No one else could have gotten inside without Victor‘s permission, but for Rachel, breaking in was a
piece of cake.

Ambush In The Underground Parking Lot Not long after she–well, the old Rachel– married Victor, his
grandma had taken Rachel to the Sullivan Group to meet the board.

The old lady wanted to introduce Rachel to them as the newest member of the Sullivan family.

That was also the day that her fingerprints were added in every device locking any restricted area of
the building.

The elevator started its descent.

Rachel‘s frown was deepening with each floor.

If she had tried the front gate like the day before, she would have been sent away immediately.

She would never even have the chance to see Victor.

But the day before she hadn‘t really wanted to see Victor, so she didn‘t really mind being asked to

Today, though, she really wanted to see the man, so she had to find another way to make sure she got
to see him.

So she found a more creative, foolproof way in...

She would just wait for him in his parking spot.

Fortunately, the old Rachel was obsessed with Victor and she remembered his habits and every little
detail of his daily routine.

That was why she knew for sure that Victor would be having a nap in his car at this exact time, at this
very spot.

Victor liked quiet, empty places and the ceiling of the parking lot was completely soundproof, creating
an impenetrable wall of silence between it and the outside world.

This place was heaven on earth for Victor.

A loud ‘ping‘ informed Rachel that she had reached her destination.

As the elevator doors slid open, she took a good look at the area.

Victor‘s love for expensive cars was well known and he owned a whole lot of them.

Around twenty of them were scattered all around the huge parking space.

How on earth could she know which car he was in right now? as If she started looking inside each car,
she would waste valuable time and risk missing him altogether.

Rachel huffed and put her hands on her waist indignantly, but all of a sudden, she heard a car door

The sound was faint, but it was enough for her to pinpoint the direction it came from.

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