Novel Name : Trapped By Tainted Love

Chapter 23: A Deal To Buy The Bennet Group

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At this time, only Victor was able to enter this exclusive parking area, opening his car door.Rachel
smiled as she walked to where the sound was coming from.

Not long after, she saw Victor walking towards her.

His black suit made him look tall and strapping.

Although he was still a bit far away, the vibe he exuded was too strong to ignore.

It was almost impossible to take her eyes off him.

For some reason, it seemed like he was born with the right to look down upon all living things, and
people would be intimidated by the mere sight of him, for he commanded that much respect.

Rachel met Victor‘s gaze without hesitation.

Now, he had seen her as well.

A look of displeasure appeared on his face as he stared at her face.

"Who let you in, Rachel?"

"I came in by myself."

It didn‘t seem like Rachel was fazed at all.She had mentally prepared herself to look Victor dead in the

"You know what they say, you can‘t teach an old dog new tricks.It seems that you haven‘t learned your
lesson, Rachel.How dare you lie to me again! Tell me, who let you in?"

Victor‘s eyes looked like he was just totally ready to murder her.But Rachel didn‘t take him seriously.

"Victor, you made our divorce public right after I signed the agreement.Everyone knows how much you
hate me.Who do you think will have the balls to disobey you just to help me get in here?" Rachel said

Anyone else who heard her say those words would feel sad for her, but she said it with a straight face
without any sign of emotional fluctuation.

Her eyes were clear, reflecting Victor‘s stiff figure.Rachel had to admit that he was really
handsome.She wouldn‘t be surprised if a woman fell in love with him and be willing to die for him at first

But when Rachel recalled how this man almost strangled her to death and forced her to kneel on the
ground for three days, she found Victor‘s face frightening, and lost all interest in him.

Victor never imagined that a timid woman like Rachel would ever look directly into his eyes.

So much so that he looked into her eyes without any preparation.

Rachel‘s eyes were clearer than a spring, and brighter than the stars in the night sky.

They were absolutely gorgeous.

For a moment, Victor was caught in a trance, but he quickly got ahold of himself.

"I never thought that a day would come when you‘ll have a clear estimation of yourself," he sneered.

Rachel frowned with displeasure and annoyance because of his harsh, unrelenting words.

If possible, she‘d rather walk away from this encounter right away.

But obviously, that was a luxury she couldn‘t afford to do.

She had promised the original Rachel that she was going to save the Bennet Group.

And if she wouldn‘t be able to do that, Rachel‘s soul would be unwilling to leave, but she wouldn‘t be
able to avenge herself when another soul was now in control of her body.

Eventually, that would backfired on both Rachel and Shelia.

And so, she decided to endure this ordeal.

A Deal to Buy The Bennet Group Just before Rachel could speak, Victor said, "Rachel, I don‘t care who
let you in.I‘m giving you three seconds to get the hell out of my face.Otherwise..."

He paused for a moment, narrowing his eyes.

Suddenly, he leaned over next to Rachel‘s ear and whispered, "You‘ll regret coming here today."

Rachel felt his breath all over her ears, and it sent shivers across her body.

Instinctively, she backed away from Victor and blinked.

"Victor, I‘m here to make a deal with you."

Victor stood in attention and looked like he had heard something utterly ridiculous.

"Oh, you want to make a deal with me, do you?"

‘‘Well, there‘s no turning back now,’‘ Rachel said in her head.

With a nod, she replied, "You heard me right."

"Rachel, what makes you think I‘ll make a deal with you? Do you know what I hate most?"

There was no sign of emotional fluctuation in Victor‘s voice, but every word that came out of his mouth
felt like a heavy stone, pressing on Rachel‘s heart and making it more difficult for her to breathe.

Victor paused and took a step forward, standing toe to toe with Rachel.

Before she could react, he had already forced her to look at him by holding her chin.

Rachel could clearly see his lips, and every word he said felt like an icy wind, whipping across her face.

"I hate people who think they‘re smart.People like you."

As soon as he finished talking, Victor let go of her chin and walked away.

Due to their abysmal difference in strength, Rachel couldn‘t even react when Victor shoved her as he

The following second, she fell to ground and sprained her ankle.

When she fell down, it resounded throughout the underground parking lot.

After a brief pause, Victor continued walking forward.

He took out his phone to call Ivan.

"Ivan, I need you to send someone to throw Rachel out.And while you‘re at it, send someone to spray
air freshener in the third floor of the underground parking lot.This place is tainted now."

Everywhere Rachel showed up, Victor believed that the place would become dirty.

Rachel heard every instruction that he gave out.Because of her reflexes, she managed to protect
herself by using her palms to soften the fall.

Consequently, her palms were now grazed and bleeding, and she felt a burning pain coming from her

Rachel watched as Victor walked towards the elevator.

She wasn‘t just going to sit there and let him go.

If she couldn‘t change his mind this time, seeing him next time would be much harder.

Rachel gritted her teeth, endured the pain, stood up, and chased Victor.

Regardless of the fact that he might feel disgusted of her appearance right now, she grabbed his wrist
to stop him.

Victor‘s eyes turned cold.

Just when he was about to shake off her hand, she let go of him, and stood in front of him, spreading
her arms wide.

"Victor, can‘t you at least listen to my proposal? After that, you can make your decision."

This time, Rachel raised her head and looked at him without hesitation.

And because she had sprained her ankle and ran after Victor while enduring so much pain, her face
was now a little pale, and beads of sweat were oozing from her forehead.

Today, she was wearing a plain dress with almost no makeup on, making her look fragile and

However, her eyes were in stark contrast of her appearance; they looked firm and unyielding, A Deal To
Buy The Bennet Group For a moment, it distracted Victor, but he quickly regained composure.

"Fine.Tell me about this deal."

"I want you to cancel the Bennet Group‘s liquidation."

"Rachel, that‘s a really big deal!" Victor sneered.

Rachel frowned at his reaction.

"In return, I‘ll pay off all the debts of the Bennet Group, and I‘ll even buy it from you.I just need some
time to gather enough funds"

Before she could finish talking, Victor suddenly approached her.

Rachel instinctively backed away from him until her body was pressed against the elevator.

Victor pressed his hand against the door frame, trapping her within the narrow space between him and
the elevator.He looked into Rachel‘s eyes with eyes filled with contempt.

When he lowered his head, their noses were about to collide.

Rachel‘s heart was racing at the moment.


"Rachel, why do you think I‘ll give you time to raise enough money?" he interrupted her.

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