Novel Name : Trapped By Tainted Love

Chapter 25: Victor‘s Condition

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Right after Rachel finished talking, Victor strangled her, the strength of his grip increased with every
passing moment.

‘Fuck! I‘m being strangled again.Does he now know anything other than to strangle me?"

Rachel cursed in her mind.

Although she wasn‘t able to avoid his attack, she quickly bent her knees, attacking the lower part of
Victor‘s body and kicking his groin.

He quickly reacted and let go of her.

Rachel‘s eyes lit up.

‘This is my chance!‘ She then tried to escape by moving past Victor‘s side, but unfortunately, he still
managed to grab her wrist, pressed her back against the elevator, and making her cry out in pain.

Victor grabbed both of Rachel‘s wrists, raised them above her head, pinned them against the elevator
door, and had one of his legs curled against her thighs.

Her sneak attack had failed, and she was now shackled by his grip.

Rachel frowned and yelled, "Let me go, Victor!"

"Weren‘t you being talkative just now?" he replied.


At this moment, she was really angry but she didn‘t know what to say.

Moreover, she knew that if she continued talking, Victor would definitely kill her.She wasn‘t going to let
that happen, for she still valued her life.

One wrong move and it could set him off.

Rachel had to find a way to persuade him to sell her the Bennet Group.

That was why she couldn‘t afford to piss him off.

"I was just being impulsive.Please, let me go.We can talk this out," she reasoned.

‘I need to make compromises at times if I want to achieve great things,‘ Rachel said to herself, trying to
suppress her anger.

Victor glanced at the bruises on her neck.

Her skin was more delicate than ordinary people‘s, so applying the slightest pressure could bruise her

Now, there were red marks in the shape of his fingers on her neck.

Victor‘s eyes darkened; his stoic expression made it hard to figure out what he was about to do.

He and Rachel had been married for two years.

The first time they met, his grandmother told him that Rachel would be his wife in the future, and the
hostess of the Sullivan family.

Victor had never had any interest in women.

To him, marrying anyone was practically the same thing.

But if marrying Rachel could make his grandmother happy, he decided to go with it.

During the night they were getting their marriage license, instead of going home, Victor asked Ivan to
bring a contract to Rachel and ask her to sign it.

Ivan told Victor that Rachel had been calling him several times while crying, but Victor never answered.

In order to alleviate his disgust towards her, Rachel agreed to sign the contract.

The old Rachel believed that she would be able to win Victor‘s heart eventually and make him fall for
her in two years.

Victor‘s Condition But as time went by, his indifference grew even stronger.

Day in, day out, he gave her the cold shoulder, and to Rachel, it felt like her heart was being stabbed
by a sharp dagger over and over.

In the beginning, her heart was filled with hope, but it later turned into disappointment and despair.

And out of desperation, she used every method she could think of to get Victor‘s attention.

The old Rachel would climb into his bed in the middle of the night.

One time, she appeared in his company wearing heavy makeup and skimpy clothes, effectively making
a fool of herself.

She had also ruined his social engagements, and lied to him again and again.

All those actions were the reason Victor began to hate her to the point of loathing her.

But now, for the first time in his life, he somehow couldn‘t recognize this woman before him.

In the past, even though Rachel had done a myriad of idiotic things, she would always lower her head
in front of Victor, and dared not to raise her voice.

Looking at her now, he felt that she had changed dramatically.

From her neat signature during the day of their divorce, to the boldness of bashing someone‘s head in
the Crown Club.

And now, she was standing in front of him, showing no sign of fear nor weakness, and saying that her
biggest regret was loving him in the past.

When Victor heard Rachel raise her voice and say all of that, he felt defeated for the very first time.

This feeling of being defeated made him feel powerless.

His chest tightened, and he was having difficulties breathing.

Victor had become skilled in suppressing his emotions, but because of this woman, he had revealed
his true emotions several times.

This kind of feeling made him very upset.

At last, Victor decided to let go of Rachel.

"I have nothing to say to you."

"What about the Bennet Group?"

"I‘m not gonna sell it to you,"Victor replied in firm and concise manner.

"If five hundred million dollars isn‘t enough, I can—"


The elevator had arrived, interrupting Rachel.

Her back was against the elevator, so when it opened, she lost her balance and fell backwards.

Panic flashed through her eyes.

She reached out to hold the door frame, trying to use it to stabilize her body, but she didn‘t expect that
her sprained ankle would be this painful.

It made her unable to move for a second, and she was now too late to grasp the door frame.

Sensing that she was about to fall down, Rachel braced herself for the impact.

Victor‘s eyes glinted upon noticing what had happened.

Just when Rachel believed she was about to fall, he put his arm around her waist and caught her,
pulling her towards himself with little to no effort.

The following moment, she bumped into his chest.




It was the sound of Victor‘s heartbeat, steady and powerful.

Rachel felt like the sound was knocking on her eardrum.

Before she could regain her composure, Victor moved her out of his arms and pulled her out of the
elevator flawlessly in one fell swoop.

And since he didn‘t use that much strength, Rachel was able to keep herself standing after staggering
a few steps.

Victor‘s Condition When she finally came to her senses, her astonishment did not completely dissipate.

She realized that she was outside the elevator, and Victor was inside with Ivan standing behind him.

"Ivan, throw her out," Victor commanded.

"Understood, Mr.Sullivan."

Ivan pressed the button for the floor of the CEO‘s office, and then he stepped out of the elevator,
stopping in front of Rachel.

‘The elevator is about to close! If I don‘t talk to him now, it‘ll be difficult for me to see Victor again.Now
that I‘ve come this far, I‘m going to do whatever I can to stop him!’ Before Ivan could react, Rachel
pushed him away, and reached for the elevator door.Just before her hand was about to get stuck
between the elevator door, Victor pressed a button to open the door.

With sullen expression, he said, "Rachel, if you want to die, just walk along the road and ask someone
to hit you with a car.Don‘t desecrate my place! Get out!"

Cold sweat broke out of Rachel‘s back.

Frankly, she was betting on the fact that Victor wouldn‘t let anything bad happen to her here.

Just as he mentioned, he saw Rachel as a desecration of his place.

Ivan stepped forward and said, "Miss Bennet, if you won‘t leave voluntarily, I will have to make you."

Rachel turned a deaf ear to Ivan‘s "kind reminder", focusing on Victor.

"Victor, you won‘t sell me the Bennet Group no matter what I say or do, will you? Do you really want it
to go bankrupt?"

When Victor looked into her eyes, he was stunned for a moment.

Her eyes were as pure as spring, and she wasn‘t wearing heavy eyeshadow.

It somehow reminded him of another pair of eyes that had been buried deep in his memory.

"Perhaps I can give the Bennet Group a chance," Victor replied, restoring his calm demeanor and
looking away from Rachel.

"What‘s your condition?"

Rachel knew well that it would be impossible for him to change his mind out of kindness.

"As long as you can find all the information about a person within twenty–four hours, I‘ll give you an
opportunity to have an interview to work for the Sullivan Group.You hold one percent of the Bennet
Group‘s shares, right? As long as you pass the Sullivan Group‘s interview, I can arrange a position for
you in the Bennet Group and suspend the liquidation.But as far as keeping that company, it will depend
on your ability."

"And who might that person be?" Rachel asked while looking at Victor.

"The project manager of the KD Group."

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