Novel Name : Trapped By Tainted Love

Chapter 27: The King Of Hearts

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A smile appeared on Andy‘s lips when he looked at Rachel‘s pure eyes and heard the almost same
thing from Rachel that Elisa had once said.

Seeing that Andy smiled all of a sudden, Rachel found it strange.

"Are you laughing at me because you think my ideas are whimsical?"

"Of course not," Andy denied hastily.

"I just remembered your mother."

Rachel frowned upon hearing that.She leaned back against the chair, and asked, "My mother?"

There was little she knew about her mother.

Elisa passed away not long after she gave birth to Rachel.

She heard that her mother died succumbed to postpartum metrorrhagia.

In addition, Elisa was frail because of years of overworking.

That was the reason she couldn‘t make it in the end.

Thus, the only things Rachel knew about her mother were the few photos and work notes that she left

"Miss Bennet, your mother once said those same words to me."

Andy smiled again.

"Perhaps it‘s because you‘re related.When you said those words just now, I saw your mother in you."

"Did she manage to solve her problem?" Rachel asked, suddenly becoming interested in her mother.

"She did," Andy answered.

That night, the client got drunk before Elisa did.

Right before the client passed out, she asked him to sign the contract.

Right after he finished signing, Elisa breathed a sigh of relief and suddenly fell directly onto the sofa.

At that point, Elisa was too drunk to even get up, so she tried to call Jack and ask him to pick her up
and take her home.

Although Andy was there, Elisa knew full well that she was a married woman, and she was currently

Being alone with Andy would be inappropriate, and Jack might misunderstand her if others told him
about it.

However, Elisa had called Jack three times already, and yet he hadn‘t answered.

Andy was getting worried about her, so he offered to send her back home, but she refused.

Elisa pointed at the client and said to Andy, "Andy, get him a room and take him there.After that, you
can go home.I‘ll be waiting here alone.I‘m guessing Jack is busy right now, but I‘m sure he‘ll call me
when he‘s done.Once he‘s done, he‘ll take me home."

Andy was hesitant to agree at first, but since Elisa insisted that she was fine, he didn‘t argue with her

He just helped the client up and left the room with him.

The following day, when Andy saw Elisa show up for work on time, he figured Jack picked her up that

But unbeknownst to him, Elisa waited for Jack to show up all night, and yet he didn‘t.

Andy gave Rachel a stern gaze and said, "You‘re right, Miss Bennet.We shouldn‘t be scared off every
time we‘re up against a wall.Besides, the worst thing that could happen is that the Bennet Group will go
bankrupt, so no matter what happens in the end, we should give it our best shot."

That night...Abby knocked the door of the study before she walked in.

"Miss Bennet?"


Rachel shushed her, pointing at Andy who was sleeping on the sofa.

Abby immediately understood her, and whispered, "Miss Bennet, you and Mr.Torres haven‘t eaten
anything.Would you like me to cook something for you?"

Rachel moved the mouse and then the monitor lit up.

She glanced at the time on the bottom right of the screen and saw that it was already ten in the

She and Andy had been in the study ever since they ate lunch, and she had been searching for
information about the KD Group that would lead to clues.

Andy, on the other hand, had been calling everyone he knew, trying to find leads through mutual

Eight hours had passed since they started, and yet they still didn‘t find anything.

"I‘m good.You can get Andy a blanket.After that, you can go to bed.I‘m feeling a little sleepy as well, so
I‘m going back to my room to get some rest."

Rachel got up, stretched herself, and yawned.

Abby nodded affirmatively.

Rachel glanced at Andy while he was sleeping, and her eyes lit up for a moment.

It happened so quickly that nobody noticed the change in her expression.

Rachel narrowed her eyes, picked up her tablet on the table, and went back to her bedroom.

Once she was there, she locked the door behind her and went to the bedside.

After sitting down and leaning against the headboard, the exhaustion on her face suddenly

Rachel unlocked her tablet and quickly typed in some codes using the portable keyboard.

Several series of codes popped up on the screen, and it opened up the forum.

There was a contact list on the bottom right of the page.

Rachel clicked the dialog box of the person at the top, typed a period, and pressed "Send".

After sending the message, Rachel set the tablet aside, and went to take a shower.

Just as the bathroom door closed, several messages popped up on the tablet‘s screen one after

The beeping sounded so urgent that it wasn‘t difficult to tell that the person who sent these messages
were anxious.

However, Rachel couldn‘t hear it at all.

About half an hour later, she walked out of the bathroom, her hair wrapped in a towel.

Her face was blushing a little because of the steam in the shower, Rachel walked to the dressing
mirror, placing her arms on the dressing table.

Afterwards, she bent over to stare at her face in the mirror.

"Rachel, are you still there?" she asked.

Silence was the only response she received.

Ever since Shelia had accepted the original Rachel‘s request to protect the Bennet u Group, the forlorn
voice in her dreams had disappeared.

Aside from that, Shelia didn‘t feel as sad as before when she saw Victor today. The long silence
dragged on, and she stared at the mirror while creasing her eyebrows.

‘Is it possible that the original Rachel‘s soul had passed on?‘


Once more, the ring tone engulfed the room, interrupting Shelia‘s thoughts.She straightened herself up
and decided to drop this thought for now.She sat at the edge of the bed and picked up the tablet.

The moment she opened it, she saw more than twenty messages from the same person.

The King Of Hearts Judging by the tone conveyed in these messages, she could feel that this person
was under an emotional duress.

At first, the person was surprised, and then he became angry.

When he felt that something was amiss, he began to doubt himself.

Finally, he couldn‘t bear the fact that he wasn‘t receiving any replies, so he began to sending Shelia
several messages.

[Q]: Who are you? Answer me!

[Q]: Who the hell are you, you bastard? How dare you steal my boss‘ account? Are you tired of living?
You think this is fun? I advise you to tell me the truth.Otherwise, I‘ll find out who you are and make you

[Q]: Hey, I‘m talking to you! Answer me!

[Q]: You‘re playing dumb, aren‘t you? It‘s useless to pretend like you‘re not reading these
messages.Afterwards, Q sent her a meme that implied she was done for.

[Q]: Come on...Who the hell are you? And how do you know the secret code between me and my
boss? Who told you that?

[Q]: I‘m giving you three seconds to respond, and if you don‘t give me an answer, I‘m going to kill you!
After that, Q sent Shelia another meme asking her where she was.

[Q]: Wait a second.

[Q]: My boss will definitely not tell anyone that code.That code is exclusive to us.Who the hell are you?
Reply to me right now! Your three seconds have passed! A few seconds later, Q sent her another


[Q]: Boss? Is that you?

[Q]: Just tell me already! What the hell is going on, and why did you just send me a period?"Rachel‘s
mouth twitched.She replied using her alias.

(King of Hearts]: It‘s me.

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