Novel Name : Trapped By Tainted Love

Chapter 29: I Have Never Doubted You

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After hearing Rachel‘s answer just now, Quintin was almost certain that she was Shelia, who had been
pronounced to be dead.

"We managed to complete our mission.But before we left, we made a mistake and didn‘t clean up all
our traces.Our enemies took advantage of it and found a way to pinpoint our location.In order to get
revenge, they intercepted our escape halfway.You were shot in the abdomen and left thigh respectively,
and my shoulder was cut.Fortunately, the rescue team arrived in time to save us," Rachel replied after
a moment of contemplation.

Suddenly, the memories came flooding into Quintin‘s mind.

He lowered his head, feeling guilty and regretful.

In a hoarse voice, he said, "Boss, I‘m so sorry..."

He was the one to blame for the mistake they made that time.

His carelessness and underestimation of their rivals gave the enemies the chance to track the two of
them down, and it might‘ve led to their deaths.

"Now, do you believe me?"

Rachel knew that this was a thorn in Quintin‘s heart, so she quickly changed the topic.


Quintin stammered.

"Boss, you really are alive! I‘m so glad you‘re still alive!"

Rachel was surprised to hear Quintin‘s statement.

Judging from what he said, it seemed that he always believed that Shelia was still alive.

"Boss, where are you right now? What happened to you? And why did Wallace say that you died
because of an infectious disease in prison? Oh, by the way, did you know that Wallace and Tara are
now together?".

Quintin gritted his teeth in anger.

"Your best friend has been fooling around with your fiance.They got the marriage certificate not long
after your funeral.They also said that it wouldn‘t be appropriate for them to hold a wedding ceremony
shortly after your death.They said they‘d just get a marriage license for the time being, and delayed the
wedding for your sake.Bah! They‘re despicable! Quintin spat.Upon hearing that revelation, Rachel

‘I died of an infectious disease? I had just died and these contemptuous bastards couldn‘t wait to get
married! Well, they taught me a lesson I‘ll never forget.I lost my life because I failed to see what kind of
people they really were.Wallace, Tara, you better live well and wait for me to settle the score with you!‘
"It‘s a long story, Quintin.I‘ll tell you everything in detail when I have the chance."

At the moment, Rachel‘s eyes were filled with hatred.

"Well, uh...Where are you right now, boss? I‘m coming to get you!"

Quintin couldn‘t wait to see Shelia, for he wanted to know what was going on.

"I have something important to do at the moment, but I‘ll tell you my side of story after I complete this

Rachel still needed some time to think about how she‘d explain to Quintin that she was now living in
someone else‘s body.

This phenomenon was indeed mysterious and unbelievable.

"All right.Boss, if you run into any problems, just contact me right away.I‘ll do everything in my power to
help you."

Quintin didn‘t ask her any more questions.

He had been following Shelia for several years, and I Have Never Doubted You he knew her very well.

There was no way he could get an answer out of her if she didn‘t want to reveal anything "Quintin, I
want you to investigate a person for me."

"Who is it?"

"The KD Group‘s project manager."

Rachel‘s eyes glinted as she continued, "I want to know this person‘s identity.There‘s no info about this
person on the Internet, but I have a feeling that the alliance‘s database might have an info on this one."

The Red Hackers was an alliance gathered the very best hackers all over the world.

It was an international organization, and it wasn‘t controlled by any country.

An organization like that was prone to be targeted by many people with ill intentions.

But ever since the alliance‘s establishment, none had defeated it.

In addition to the fact that the alliance had the best hackers in the world, their enemies also feared the
alliance‘s database.

Their database spanned across several topics, ranging from insignificant robbery records on the street
to confidential information of every country.

Thus, if there was a place to find any clues or even the complete set on the identity of KD Group‘s
project manager, the database was the only one that could supply that information.

"The KD Group? Is that the company that digs stones?" asked Quintin.

‘Digs stones?‘ Rachel was amused by the way he phrased his description.

‘Well, technically, the diamond is just a precious stone, so it‘s fair to say that the KD Group is
specialized in digging stones.‘

"Yep," said Rachel.

"I see.When do you want it?"

Hearing that Quintin agreed without hesitation, Rachel paused and said, "Don‘t you want to know why I
want to investigate this person?"

"There‘s nothing to be curious about," Quintin remarked.

It was as if he had made it his duty to carry out Shelia‘s orders without question.

"Boss, since you‘re the one asking me to investigate it, there must be something about this person that
you‘re interested in.If you don‘t want to tell me why you‘re doing this, I won‘t ask any questions
because I believe in you."

A smile appeared on Rachel‘s face when she heard him say that.

"Send me all the information you can find on this person before seven o‘clock tomorrow morning."

"Got it, boss.I‘ll complete the task in time,"

Quintin exclaimed.

As Rachel stared at Quintin‘s username, her face became serious.


"What else can I do for you, boss?".

"Thank you.Thanks for trusting me and helping me without hesitation."

Shelia was so apathetic to everything that everyone started describing her as cold–blooded.

Six years ago, she asked Quintin to be her minion and call her his boss just because he proved her in

She always sought revenge for the smallest offenses.

Knowing that Quintin was a proud man, she knew that his self –esteem would be destroyed if he was
forced to be someone‘s lackey.

But now, six years had passed and Shelia was still the boss, and Quintin was still her obedient minion.

Was their bond that strong? It seemed that Quintin had feelings for her.

but Shelia did not feel the same way.

During her three years I Have Never Doubted you in prison, Quintin visited her many times, but she
refused to see him every time.

It wasn‘t because she didn‘t want him to worry about her; it was actually because Shelia didn‘t want to
see him, for she thought it wasn‘t necessary.

However, in the end, her most trusted confidants, her fiance, and her best friend, had killed her.

Meanwhile her minion whom she cared so little about held so much faith in her, and was now the only
one helping her.

Suddenly, Shelia thought, ‘My life is a joke! It‘s so fucking ridiculous.‘

"Boss, honestly, I‘ve always wanted to tell you that I never doubted you.Whether it‘s in the past or now,
even if you don‘t want to tell me the truth, I still believe that you never committed that crime three years
ago.You‘re definitely not the kind of person who will betray the alliance.If I had been in the
headquarters back then, I wouldn‘t have let them incriminate you so easily! I‘ll keep investigating, and
someday, I‘ll figure out who framed you.I‘ll collect every evidence I can gather to prove that you‘re not a

Quintin clenched his fists, trying to suppress his anger.

Rachel‘s eyes glinted with malice.

"The person who framed me, huh? There‘s nobody else who‘ll do that to me other than that shameless
couple!‘ In the past, Shelia thought that it might‘ve been the people she had offended in the past years
that had framed her as a form of revenge.

She never suspected Wallace and Tara.

But now, she was certain that they were the ones who had set her up three years ago.

Sadly, there was no evidence to support her claims.

"Quintin, there‘s one more thing."

"What‘s it?"

"Keep an eye on Wallace and Tara for me.I want to know what they‘re up to."

Rachel‘s eyes looked like a bottomless abyss at the moment.

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