Novel Name : Trapped By Tainted Love

Chapter 31: Dogs And Rachel Aren‘t Allowed to Enter

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Victor‘s face turned grim.That look on his face made it hard to predict what he was thinking.

"You‘re a terrible liar, Rachel.How could you expect me to believe you? Who do you think you are? Do
you think you deserve my trust?"

Victor mocked Rachel as he grabbed her chin.She stared into his eyes and saw her own reflection in
his eyes.She could also feel how disgusted he was of her.

"Ivan, throw this bitch out!" Victor let go of Rachel‘s chin with great force.

"Aside from that, have someone paste a signage on the entrance.It should say that dogs and Rachel
Bennet aren‘t allowed to enter!"

Upon hearing him, her face darkened.

Meanwhile, Alice lowered her head and wore a smug smile.

‘Keep up what you‘re doing, Rachel,‘ she thought.

‘The more trouble you make, the more Victor hates you.Soon, you‘ll meet your end! Do you really think
that he‘ll believe you? In his eyes, you‘re nothing but a dog! ‘Dogs and Rachel Bennet aren‘t allowed to
enter‘, huh? That‘s fantastic!‘

At this time, Rachel was fuming with rage.

She gritted her teeth, clenched her fists, and burned this humiliation into her memory.

Just then, she caught sight of the time on her wristwatch.

It was already half past nine.

There was still time before the deadline.

Rachel took a deep breath and asked, "Victor, are you that determined to blame me for what happened
to Alice?"

"Who else is to blame other than you? You‘ve been caught red–handed, and yet you still think you can
get away with it!"

Victor was annoyed by the fact that Rachel was unrepentant was a Now, Ivan had had enough of her.

"Miss Bennet, please come with me."

With tearful eyes, Alice said, "Rachel, my dear sister, please don‘t argue with Mr.Sullivan anymore.If
you keep talking, he‘s only going to get angrier."

Rachel scoffed at her remark.

She glanced at Alice, and then turned to Victor immediately, tilting her head and staring back at him.

Victor‘s eyes was devoid of emotion when he looked at Rachel.

It was as if he was staring at an insignificant ant.

His eyes were full of contempt for this woman.

Right now, Rachel wondered if their two years of marriage was just a fantasy that the original Rachel

Two years was long enough for people to build a bond, even with a dog.

However, it seemed like there was no bond between Victor and Rachel.

But frankly, something did exist between them, and it was his hatred for her.

"Even a murderer has the right to defend himself, Victor.If you don‘t believe me, at least give me a
chance to explain myself.You didn‘t get to be the CEO of the Sullivan Group by preventing people from
voicing their opinions, right?"

Rachel took another deep breath.

No matter how angry she was at the moment, she shouldn‘t forget her purpose of coming here today.

‘If I let Victor drive me out, it‘s only going to make things easier for this little gremlin, Alice, and all my
efforts will go in vain,‘ she thought.Dogs And Rachel Aren‘t Allowed to Enter Victor looked at Rachel
and thought, ‘Rachel has become more glib–tongued than before.

She‘s implying that if I don‘t give her a chance to defend herself, then I‘m muddleheaded.‘
Unfortunately for Rachel, she made a grave mistake.

She had lied to Victor so many times in the past that he no longer cared about anything she had to say.

But when he looked into her eyes, he suddenly wanted to hear her out.

"You have one minute to explain yourself," Victor stated.

Alice was astonished to hear that, but she quickly regained her composure.

‘It’s just one minute.No matter how smart Rachel could be, she won‘t be able to turn the tables within
that time,‘ she thought.

Rachel looked up and caught sight of the surveillance camera, which was gleaming with a green light.

A smile appeared on her lips as she looked at Ivan.

"Ivan, can I borrow your phone?"

For a moment, Ivan was caught by surprise, but he quickly glanced at Victor for approval.

Consequently, Victor nodded, and then Ivan handed his phone to Rachel.

Once she had gotten the phone, she tapped the screen several times.

When Rachel lowered her head, her hair covered her face along with the phone..

Before long, one minute had passed.

Victor grimaced.

"Rachel, do you think I‘ll believe you just because you borrowed Ivan‘s phone to deceive me? Time‘s
up.Now, get out of my si—"

"It‘s done,"

Rachel interrupted Victor, and showed him what was on the phone.

Upon seeing what was on the screen, Victor was shocked.

It was a video.

Rachel pressed the play button, and as it began to play, she said, "This is the surveillance footage from
the moment I entered this office until the time you came in.Three minutes and six seconds into the
video, Alice came in.When she saw me, she suddenly tried to grab my hand, but I grabbed her wrist
instead out of instinct.After that, she struggled to break free and I let go of her hand.Consequently, she
lost her balance and fell backwards.I tried to help her up, but she kept backing away from me, and
eventually she bumped into the floor lamp.And came in,"

Rachel stated.

At the end of her narration, the video ended.

Alice‘s face turned pale because of this revelation, and panic overcame her face.

"Mr.Sullivan, it‘s not like that! I didn‘t..."

Because Victor was staring daggers at her, Alice couldn‘t finish her sentence.

His steely gaze frightened her to the point of silence.

The contents of the video was exactly the same as Rachel had narrated.

Alice lowered her head, not daring to say a word.

‘How could this happen? How did Rachel manage to get ahold of the surveillance video? No! I can‘t let
Victor trust this woman,‘ she thought.

"Rachel, I‘m sorry.I‘m so sorry about what happened!"

Tears fell from Alice‘s eyes as she bowed her head to Rachel.

"I jumped to conclusions.When I saw you here in Mr.Sullivan‘s office, I thought you snuck in.I...I was
afraid that Mr.Sullivan will be mad if he sees you, so I wanted to get you out of here as soon as

Dogs And Rachel Aren‘t Allowed to Enter After saying that, Alice turned to Victor this time.

"Mr.Sullivan, I..."

With a vicious gaze, he ordered, "Get out!"

Alice turned ghastly pale because of the way Victor raised his voice at her.

She clenched her fists, leaving the office with tearful eyes.

After taking one more look at the phone and tossing it to Ivan, Victor said to Rachel, "I underestimated
you.You‘ve been waiting for this to happen, haven‘t you? How did you get the surveillance footage of
my office?"

‘‘What an asshole! I knew it! Even if I showed him a solid evidence, he still wouldn‘t believe me.He‘s
just going to think that I planned this whole thing out” Rachel cursed Victor in her head, and she
couldn‘t help but roll her eyes at him.

"You better tell me the truth!" said Victor.

"Otherwise, I‘m going to call the police, and you can explain yourself to them instead."


Rachel stopped him.

"If I planned it all along, I would have known that Alice would come in and grabbed me.Besides, it‘s
impossible for me to predict that she would fall and bump into the floor lamp.Victor, I already told you, it
wasn‘t me! You still wouldn‘t believe me, so I had to pull out the surveillance footage to prove my

Rachel looked into his eyes and continued, "As for how I got the video in the first place, I had your tacit
permission, remember?"

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