Novel Name : Trapped By Tainted Love

Chapter 32: It‘s Your Turn To Fulfill Your Promise

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"My tacit permission?"

Victor wasn‘t happy to hear that.He took a step closer to Rachel; his intimidating aura could be felt by
everyone in the room.

"Rachel, you‘ve learned how to keep a straight face while lying, haven‘t you?"

Judging by the look in Victor‘s eyes, he was obviously criticizing her.

If his gaze could turn into daggers, Rachel would‘ve gotten stabbed a hundred times by now.

"I didn‘t take Ivan‘s phone until you agreed, did I?"

Rachel was now having difficulties breathing.

Victor‘s daunting presence was far too strong for her to handle.

His gaze remained cold, but he didn‘t say anything.

However, as soon as Rachel explained her side, he dialed back his anger a little.

"Is that the tacit permission you mentioned?"

Rachel let out a deep sigh and said, "Ivan‘s phone is connected to the Sullivan Group‘s Wi–Fi.He‘s
your closest confidant, so there should be a program in your company‘s security system specially
designed to recognize his identity.Therefore, he won‘t be blocked by the security programs.Am I right?
So, as long as I log into your monitoring system through Ivan‘s phone using the company‘s Wi–Fi, the
program won‘t stop me."

Rachel paused for a moment before she continued, "I‘ve learned a little about computer programming
before.Grandma also told me the password of your office‘s monitoring system, so that I can have

access to the security footage."

When Rachel mentioned his grandmother, Victor warned her, "Mind your words, Rachel! We‘re already

You‘re no longer permitted to call my grandmother ‘Grandma‘."

Rachel pursed her lips and ignored what Victor just said.

"If you still don‘t believe me, you can ask the security department to check the footage using Ivan‘s
phone.I‘m just a novice in the field of computer programming, so there‘s a big chance that I left some
traces when I pulled out the security footage.If you want your men to investigate this matter, they can
find it out within a minute."

Victor creased his eyebrows.

"It‘ll cost too much time and waste manpower.You don‘t deserve that."

The corners of Rachel‘s mouth twitched.

If she was strong enough to beat Victor, she would‘ve slapped his face with every ounce of strength
she had in her body.

After listening to Rachel‘s explanation, Ivan immediately contacted the security department and
confirmed that she was telling the truth.

Afterwards, he cast Victor a glance to let him know about it.

Since Ivan gave him a signal, Victor clicked his tongue and said to Rachel, "I‘ll let you off the hook this
time.Next time, if you cause any trouble, I‘m going to throw you out myself."

Right after he finished talking, he put his hand on Rachel‘s shoulder, forcing her to stand in front of the
floor–to–ceiling window, and look down through it.

The window was so clean that they could see everything outside clearly.

From a height of more than thirty floors, anyone would feel a strong sense of weightlessness, and
would hallucinate falling down all of a sudden.

Rachel had a fear of heights, so she felt dizzy for a moment.She then took a deep breath, bit her lip,
and closed her eyes.

The fear on her face amused Victor.

He decided to let go of Rachel.

Then, he went to his chair and sat down.

Once she had calmed down, she opened her eyes and took a few steps back, turning her gaze towards

"Victor, I just want to confirm this with you one more time.As long as I give you all the information I can
find on the project manager of KD Group, you‘ll agree to suspend the Bennet Group‘s liquidation,

A playful smile appeared on Victor‘s lips.

"I only promised to give you an interview to work for the Sullivan Group."


Seeing that Rachel‘s hands were empty, Victor began to ridicule her in his mind.

"You have fifteen minutes left, Rachel.Where‘s the info that you promised?"

It took him three months to figure out the project manager‘s identity.

He even had to pull some strings to get the information he needed.

Frankly, a loser like Rachel would never find out the manager‘s identity in twenty–four hours.

‘You want to save the Bennet Group, Rachel? That‘s just a wishful thinking!‘ Victor thought; the disdain
in his eyes grew every passing second.

"Why are you silent all of a sudden? Yesterday, you had so much confidence when you declared you‘ll
find out."

"I did find it out."

Rachel took out her phone to open her email inbox.

There was a new email received at seven o‘clock in the morning.

Just as she had expected, she received the email from Quintin about the information on the project
manager of the KD Group.

Just when Ivan was about to take her phone to check it, she suddenly withdrew her hand and looked at
Victor indifferently.

"I‘ll give you the information about this person, and I guarantee that it‘s true.But if you don‘t trust me, I
can‘t prove it no matter how hard I try to convince you.Isn‘t that right?"

"Miss Bennet, we‘ve already found all the information about this manager three days ago,"

Ivan retorted.

He was implying that Rachel wouldn‘t be able to deceive Victor if she tried to give him information
about some random person.

She then glanced at Victor, and handed her phone to Ivan with a fake smile.

"This is all the information I can find about the KD Group‘s mysterious project manager."

After taking the phone, Ivan saw that the manager‘s name at the top of the document was exactly the
same as the one they found.

"Mr.Sullivan, it‘s him," Ivan said to Victor as soon as he regained his composure.

Victor took the phone from Ivan‘s hand.

His pupils dilated when he saw the contents of the screen.

"Where did you find these information?"

The info that Rachel gathered was exactly the same as the one they got, aside from the layout.

In addition, hers was more detailed than the one they had.

Victor put the phone on the table, staring at Rachel and trying to search for traces of guilt on her face.

‘She only had twenty–four hours to gather those information.

How in the world did she do this?‘ Upon seeing the astonishment on Victor‘s face, Rachel felt relieved.

"I‘ve done what you‘ve asked of me.I‘m under no obligation to tell you how I got ahold of this
information, am I? Now, it‘s your turn to fulfill your end of the bargain!" she said with a smile.

Victor‘s eyes glinted with anger.

Suddenly, the atmosphere inside the office dropped a few degrees.

Outside the window, the sun exuded It‘s Your Turn To Fulfill Your Promise a vibrant warmth.

But that wasn‘t the case inside the office.

In here, it felt like standing inside a prison made of ice, and Rachel felt the biting cold spread
throughout her limbs.

"Fine.You can come for an interview next Monday." Victor leaned back.

"You won‘t do anything to sabotage my interview, will you?" asked Rachel.

Victor laughed at her question as if it were a joke.

"Rachel, even a janitor here is far better than you.Even without my intervention, you wouldn‘t pass the
first round of the interview!"

Rachel didn‘t say another word, for she knew that Victor saw her as nothing but a loser.

‘No.A loser might even be an overstatement.’ With that, Rachel left.

But before she did, she sent the information about the project manager of the KD Group to Ivan.

Consequently, Ivan printed out the information and gave it to Victor.

"Mr.Sullivan, these documents..."

"Verify the credibility of the information written on those documents and book a ticket to Yaprye

Victor ordered as he threw the documents on the table.

"Yes, sir," Ivan replied.

When he was about to leave, something occurred to him, so he turned back and asked his boss,
"Mr.Sullivan, will you be attending Miss Bennet‘s interview on Monday?"

"No," Victor replied crossly.

After taking one more look at the documents on the table, Ivan nodded, turned around, and left the

Once the door of his office closed, Victor sat in silence for a while before he dialed a number.

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