Novel Name : Trapped By Tainted Love

Chapter 33: The Loser‘s Interview With The Sullivan Group

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Moments later, the call connected.

"When did you have the time to call so early in the morning, Mr.Sullivan? Have pigs begun to fly? Oh, if
so, I must hurry outside and see such a miraculous thing happen!" said the man on the other line.

"I heard your old man is eager to have a grandson? Carson, what would happen if I send your dad a
list of all your lovers at this moment? Will he be so delighted that he‘ll hold a wedding ceremony for you
immediately?" Victor bantered as he fiddled with a pen between his fingers.

"Hey, man! Don‘t do that! You‘re being mean.I was just kidding.You don‘t have to take it so seriously."

Carson Scott immediately apologized to Victor.

‘‘Happy? If my dad finds out that I‘m fooling around with a bunch of women, he‘s going to break my
leg–maybe both!” Victor slammed his pen on the table, his lips forming a smile.

"I‘m just messing with you," he replied.

Upon hearing that, Carson breathed a sigh of relief.

"That‘s a brilliant joke."

"Has the King of Hearts been taking orders lately?" asked Victor.

He didn‘t have any time to mess around.

"The King of Hearts? Didn‘t he disappear three years ago? I tried to place an order with him for a top
secret transaction, and I raised my offer to fifty million dollars, but he still flat out refused me!"

Carson pursed his lips and said, "Honestly, I have no idea who that person is, but I think he‘s a weirdo."

After hearing Carson‘s response, Victor‘s eyes fell on the document on the table.

"What‘s up? Why did you mention the King of Hearts out of the blue?"

It didn‘t seem like Carson realized what Victor was trying to talk about.

"No reason.Bye."

Right after he said that, Victor dropped the call without waiting for Carson‘s response.

Afterwards, Victor contemplated while tapping his fingertips on the table from time to time.

All of a sudden, he started laughing at himself.

Se son The King of Hearts was the best hacker the Red Hackers Alliance had ever employed.

Three years ago, he declared that he would no longer be accepting orders publicly.

Initially, Victor had planned to entice the King of Hearts with a high price to investigate the KD Group‘s

However, Victor couldn‘t get in touch with him, so he had to spend a lot of time to investigate

The reason he was laughing at himself was because he thought it was ridiculous for him to believe
even for just one second that Rachel‘s information might‘ve come from a hacker who disappeared for
three years.

If Victor himself couldn‘t find the King of Hearts, how could Rachel get ahold of him? Besides, even if
she managed to find the King of Hearts, she wouldn‘t be able to hire him with what little money she

It was probably just a coincidence.

Come Monday morning, Rachel tied up her hair, put on light makeup and a formal business suit, and
headed straight to the Sullivan Group‘s building.

When the front desk receptionist saw Rachel, she walked up to her and said, "Miss Bennet, Ivan has
asked me to tell you that your interview shall be held on the twentieth floor, and that the interviewer is
already waiting for you."

The Loser‘s Interview With The Sullivan Group Rachel nodded, and walked towards the elevator.

It appeared as though she was familiar with the place.

Behind her, the front desk lady stood still.

Soon, several had gathered; curious why Rachel was here.

"Are my eyes deceiving me? Isn‘t that Mr.Sullivan‘s ex–wife?"

"What‘s she doing here? Haven‘t they gotten divorced already?"

"I heard that she‘s here for an interview."

"An interview? Oh, my God! Where did she get the courage to come to the Sullivan Group for an
interview? Hasn‘t she had enough humiliation for one lifetime?"

"Well, who knows? What can she possibly not do? This isn‘t the first time that she‘s been so
shameless.She has caused a scene in this company several times in the past, and everybody knows
about it.Who would believe that she‘s actually born from a rich family?"

"She‘s a lady? Perhaps calling her a loser would be more suitable! Haha!"

"What are you all talking about? Why don‘t you focus on your jobs?"

All of a sudden, a shrill female voice interrupted their gossiping.

The female employees were startled, and they turned around with widened eyes.

The moment they saw who it was, they all lowered their heads.

"Miss Jenkins."

It was Alice.

She glanced at them arrogantly and snorted, "I‘m asking you a question.You‘re all supposed to be
working right now, so why aren‘t you doing your jobs? What are you gossiping about?"

The female employee standing at the end raised her head to look at Alice.

"We were talking about Miss Bennet.We‘re very sorry, ma‘am.It‘s our fault that we lost focus on our
jobs.We, uh...We saw Mr.Sullivan‘s ex–wife, and it aroused our curiosity.So we got distracted from

"What did you say?"

The look on Alice‘s face changed all of a sudden.

"Miss Jenkins," the female employee stammered.

Alice‘s sharp gaze frightened them.

Alice clenched the strap of her bag and asked, "Did you just say you saw Rachel?"

The female employee nodded in response.

"What‘s she doing here?" Alice asked through gritted teeth.

This time, the female employee in the middle stepped up to say, "She‘s here for an interview,
ma‘am.Last week, Ivan told us that if Miss Bennet comes in today, we must tell her to go directly to the
conference room on the twentieth floor for an interview."

Meanwhile, at the twentieth floor meeting room...

The spacious meeting room was eerily quiet.

A group of interviewers were sitting across Rachel.

They were exchanging glances, as if asking each other how to start this interview.

They had interviewed many people in the past, but this was something else for them.

They were interviewing their boss‘ ex–wife, and naturally, it made them nervous.

Ivan had instructed them to follow the normal procedure.

But what kind of procedure was normal? She was their boss‘ ex–wife! If they misunderstood Ivan‘s
instruction, one wrong move, and they must pack their things and resign.

However, if they continued this awkward silence, they could consider themselves fired as well.

With that in consideration, the interviewer sitting in the middle cleared his throat and said, "Miss
Bennet, let us begin your interview.The interview process will be divided into two parts.The first half will
be a structured interview, and the second half will be a written examination.Anyway, let‘s begin your
self introduction!"

Rachel nodded and began to introduce herself.

Her self–introduction was brief, but she managed to do it well.

She was fluent in her speech, and she was able to state all of her strengths clearly.

After hearing Rachel‘s self–introduction, the interviewers were flummoxed.

‘Is she still that notorious loser we all heard about? She’s vastly different from the uneducated ex–wife
that we all thought she was!‘ Her self–introduction could be regarded as the ideal way of introducing
oneself, and she made no mistakes while doing it.

These interviewers had a wealth of experience in this field, so they managed to regain their
composures, and started asking her questions related to the Sullivan Group.

Rachel had researched and scanned all the major projects of the company over the years before she
came to this interview, so she swept through those questions easily.

The interviewers couldn‘t help but nod in agreement after hearing her answers.

And before anyone could realize it, the first part of the interview came to an end.

Next, one of the interviewers handed Rachel the examination sheet that had been prepared
beforehand and said, "Ivan said that your position for this interview is for a receptionist at the front
desk, so this exam is designed based on the recruitment requirements of a receptionist.

You have thirty minutes to finish the exam, but you can submit the paper in advance."

Rachel glanced at the questions on the examination paper and saw that most of them were multiple
choice questions or true or false.

They weren‘t that difficult.

It seemed that Victor indeed had no intention of making things difficult for her.

"Got it."

Just when Rachel was about to pick up a pen to answer the questions, the door of the meeting room


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