Novel Name : Trapped By Tainted Love

Chapter 38: The Archive And Bullying

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Ivan was dumbfounded.

Although the archive kept no important materials, the place was still a mess because it was where the
company‘s documents were all stored.

Apart from sorting out documents, the three staff working there also always had their hands full with all
kinds of chores.

Now, Rachel had to do all those alone? Despite the surprise, Ivan soon came to his senses and
replied, "Yes."

As Victor absent–mindedly gazed at the sky outside the window, Rachel‘s earnest, resolute face when
she said she would stay here suddenly appeared in his mind.

His expression instantly darkened.

"Ivan, if you are to take this examination, what do you think your chances of getting full marks would

"‘I‘d say it‘s none." Ivan answered after giving it some thought.

Victor‘s gaze was freezing cold.

He leaned back on his chair, looking even more intimidating than ever.

"You, who graduated from Stanford with a master‘s degree, don‘t even have the confidence to get full
marks, but Rachel somehow managed to get full marks."

‘And she did so in thirty minutes.’ Ivan couldn‘t help but frown at that thought.

"Mr.Sullivan, are you suspecting that Miss Bennet had stolen the answer sheets in advance or perhaps
bribed someone in the company to secretly help her cheat?"

Victor didn‘t answer, but his meaning was already obvious.He personally made those interview
questions, so it was simply impossible for others to find similar–not to mention the same–questions on
the Internet.

There were only two possible explanations for how Rachel could get the full marks.

First, she wasn‘t at all brainless.She was actually a smart woman, who‘d been pretending to be a fool
all along.

But that she was a good–for–nothing was something known by everyone.

Even if she did pretend to be a fool, she would never have let the Bennet Group suffer losses and go

In other words, this possibility could be ruled out.

That being the case, there was only one possibility left–she stole the answer sheets in advance and

"Call Alice and the interviewers over!" Victor ordered gloomily.

Anger was blazing in his eyes.

He’d like to see how capable Rachel was that she actually dared to collude with his men.

In the basement archive.

Bang! A woman in her early twenties dropped a heavy pile of documents on the desk with a loud bang.

The contempt and disgust on her face were evident.

"These files have to be put in order according to their time stamp and project type.Make yearly
summaries for them and finish them all before we start working tomorrow."

Rachel, who was typing a reply to Quintin‘s email on her phone, didn‘t even look up or show any sign of
hearing the woman.She forgot to tell Quintin yesterday that the problem had been solved.

He hadn‘t received any message from her, so he was worried that something was wrong with the
information he gathered for her.

That was why he sent another email to her to make sure everything was okay.

Seeing that Rachel completely ignored her, the woman went postal, banged her hand on the files, and
shouted shrilly, "Hey! Did you hear me?"

This woman was called Ivy, one of the three employees originally working in the archive.

About ten minutes ago, however, she and the other two employees received a notice that they‘d been

They didn‘t have to work in this dark archive and be looked down upon anymore.

As for why they were suddenly transferred… Thinking of the posts she saw on the company‘s forum,
the disdain in her eyes grew thicker.

Yesterday, the news about Rachel participating in the interview and passing with full marks threw the
company‘s internal forum into a total uproar.

The interview was specially prepared for the position of the CEO‘s secretary.

No one had ever passed it with full marks, and Rachel surprisingly did.

Some people said that since she was a brainless bimbo, she must‘ve used some sort of dirty means to
get full marks.

Rumor also had it that now that she became the CEO‘s secretary, she and Victor might remarry.

All kinds of guesses were posted on the internal forum.

Even though people kept guessing about this and that, no one doubted the news about Rachel
becoming the CEO’s secretary.

Tew When she came to report for duty today, although no one dared to stare at her blatantly, everyone
was secretly observing her.

But they were all in for a surprise.

Instead of becoming the CEO‘s secretary, Rachel came to the archive to work.

It was the most inconspicuous department in the Sullivan Group.

This news caused another commotion in the company‘s internal forum.

An insider said that Victor was furious when he knew that Rachel got full marks because he suspected
that she might‘ve cheated.

She was just a shameless, brainless lady from a rich family.

To pursue Victor, she insisted on staying in the company even after her dirty tricks were exposed.

Victor didn‘t want to see her again, so he threw her into the archive.

It was also because he hated her so much that he issued the transfer of the three original employees
there and let her work by herself.

Now, Rachel was just a charwoman in the archive, while Ivy was already a receptionist at the front

Her position was one level higher than that of Rachel.

At that thought, Ivy berated shrilly, "Are you dumb? I‘m talking to you! Don‘t pretend that you didn‘t hear
me! Or could it be that you don‘t understand human language?"

Once Rachel sent her reply, she finally raised her head to look at Ivy.

Her eyes were devoid of any emotions, but it was precisely such a gaze that inexplicably made Ivy feel
intimidated and nervous.

"Why are you looking at me like that? Did I say anything wrong? Rachel, do you think you‘re still the
young madam of the Sullivan family? You‘d better open your eyes clearly! You‘re just a charwoman
now.Other than that, you‘re nothing! If you can‘t finish putting these files in order before we start
working tomorrow, get yourself ready to be fired!"

The more Ivy spoke, the louder she got.

It was almost as if she was daring Rachel to refute her.

Nevertheless, before Rachel could say anything in response, Ivy cast one last death glare at her and
made a beeline for the door without any other word.

Despite her brave facade, her unsteady footsteps betrayed her true feelings.

The door was slammed shut with a loud bang, leaving Rachel alone in the archive with boxes of messy
files as her only company.

Rachel‘s expression couldn‘t help but darken when she saw the pile of files on her desk.

This was her first morning in the archive, but her desk was already buried under all kinds of documents.

There must be at least a hundred files in the pile Ivy brought, and all of them had to be put in order
before tomorrow.

From now until nine o‘clock tomorrow morning, even if she passed on eating, drinking, and sleeping,
she‘d still have only twenty–two hours.

In addition to sorting them out and photocopying them, she also needed to make summaries of them,
tabulate them, and retype them on the computer.

Twenty–two hours? She might not finish all those in three days! This was the so–called price she had
to pay for her stay Victor mentioned before.

She was very clear that this was only the beginning.

From now on, Victor would find ways to torture her every day until she knelt down in tears and begged
for mercy.

Unfortunately, she wasn‘t someone who liked to cry or beg others, so she‘d never bow down to that
shameless bastard named Victor.

There was no chance in hell! Not only would she continue to stay in this company, but she‘d also take
back the Bennet Group from him.

Rachel clenched her fists, took a deep breath to calm herself down, and began sorting out the
mountain of files on her desk.

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