Novel Name : Trapped By Tainted Love

Chapter 40: Abby Was Forced To Kneel And Apologize

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"Miss Bennet, what‘s going on with you?" Abby‘s face paled as she hurried forward to Rachel‘s aid.

"Are you feeling any discomfort? Would you like me to take you to the hospital?" Rachel waved her
hand to interrupt her.

She was currently feeling nauseous, and her face made it apparent.

Moments later, she stopped throwing up, and then she gradually felt better.

The taste of vomit lingered in her tongue though.

"Miss Bennet, please sit down and have some water."

Abby helped her sit on the chair while handing her a glass of warm water.

Ever since yesterday afternoon, Rachel hadn‘t eaten anything, so she didn‘t throw up any food.

All that came out of her body was bitter, sour fluids.

Right now, her face looked so pale that it looked like she would faint at a moment‘s notice.

Rachel took the water from Abby‘s hand and drank it all.

Her throat moistened, and the bitter taste left in her mouth soon dissipated.

With tearful eyes, Abby said, "Miss Bennet, I think we should go to the hospital."

"I hadn‘t eaten much for days.Maybe that‘s why I felt nauseous when I smelled the food.I‘m fine.I don‘t
need to go to the hospital."

Rachel‘s voice was a little hoarse.

She glanced at the food and said, "Abby, could you please put away the food for now? I don‘t have the
appetite to eat at the moment.I‘ll eat it later."

Upon hearing her say that, Abby hesitated.

She wanted to say something, but she decided not to speak her mind.

In the end, she just lowered her head and started putting the boxes away, holding back her tears.

All of a sudden, a phone started ringing.

With knitted brows, Rachel answered the phone.


"Rachel, why haven‘t the files the head office requires been sent up yet? I‘m giving you five minutes to
accomplish this task!"

Ivy‘s arrogant voice came through the phone.

She even hung up the phone without waiting for Rachel‘s response.

Annoyed by that brief interaction, Rachel put down her phone, and picked up the pile of documents on
the table.

When she was about to stand, she suddenly lost balance.

Fortunately, Abby managed to grab ahold of her, along with the documents.

"Miss Bennet, you just threw up.You should focus on resting.I‘ll deliver these documents for you if
they‘re that important."

Abby held onto the documents, afraid that Rachel would refuse her suggestion.

Upon seeing the determination in Abby‘s eyes, Rachel smiled faintly, and sat back in her chair.


Her feeling of nausea still hadn‘t dissipated completely.

Rational as she was, Rachel knew that she wasn‘t going to risk her health no matter how much she
wanted to stay in the Sullivan Group.

Since Abby had volunteered to help her, it was natural for Rachel not to decline this act of kindness.

"Anyway, you should get some rest, Miss Bennet.As for the other materials that need to be delivered or
sorted out, I‘ll do my best to help you, if you‘ll let me.Just let me know if you need my help."

Seeing that Rachel had agreed to her suggestion, a smile appeared on Abby‘s worried face.She turned
around and left the archive room, holding onto the documents as if they were treasured items.

Rachel leaned against the chair, closing her eyes to rest.She let the feeling of nausea pass before she
continued sorting out the messy documents.

Afterwards, she printed out the sorted materials, and bound them together.She then caught a glimpse
of the timestamp on the lower right side of the computer screen.

It had been over twenty minutes since Abby left to deliver the documents.

Rachel frowned.

Normally, going to the head office from the archive room would take twenty minutes at most, not to
mention, she only needed to deliver the documents to the front desk for Ivy was working there.

Vas Abby wasn‘t a lazy girl who did her work sluggishly.

There was only one possible explanation why she hadn‘t returned after so long.

Rachel had issues with Ivy.

Since Abby was working for Rachel, Ivy would not pass up this opportunity to vent her hatred of Rachel
on Abby.

With that in mind, Rachel‘s eyes dimmed as she left the archive room.

At the reception desk on the first floor, Ivy was glaring at Abby, pointing at her and shouting, "What the
hell are you doing? How could you sully these documents with your hands? Do you know how
important those are? If something goes wrong because of your carelessness, would you be able to
take responsibility for it, huh?"

"I‘m so sorry, ma‘am...I didn‘t mean for it to happen.I can wipe it with a towel.Maybe"

"With a towel? Are you kidding me? A towel wouldn‘t be able to wipe away coffee stains at all! Figure
out how you‘re going to explain this mishap to the people in the head office yourself!"

After saying that, Ivy raised the pile of documents before hitting the top of Abby‘s head with it.

Seconds later, the sound of a slap resounded throughout the area, and a dozen pieces of paper grazed
Abby‘s face before finally falling to the ground one after the other.

Right now, her face felt painful because of the slap, but when she saw the coffee stains on the
documents, she was so anxious that she started tearing up.

"I...I‘ll take full responsibility,"

Abby stammered.

"Oh, you will, huh?"

Ivy crossed her arms.

"You‘re just Rachel‘s lapdog.Do you really think that she can get away with this just because you said
you‘ll take full responsibility for what happened? I‘ll have you know that neither you nor Rachel can get
away with it!"

Abby‘s face turned pale.She just wanted to help Rachel.She honestly had no idea that things would
take a turn for the worse instead.

‘Miss Bennet went through so much difficulty to get her job in the Sullivan Group.If she lost her job
because of what I did...‘

When that thought crossed her mind, Abby trembled with fear and agitation.She grabbed Ivy‘s hand,
broke into tears, and begged, "Ivy, this is all my fault! I‘m the one who smudged these documents by
accident.It‘s my fault, and my fault alone.Miss Bennet had nothing to do with this.Please leave her out
of this!"

Upon seeing Abby humble herself and plead for her forgiveness, Ivy clenched her fists and thought,
‘Rachel is just a pathetic woman who has been abandoned.She‘s divorced, useless, and incapable of
doing anything.She‘s even far beneath me now.How in the world did she get such a loyal dog?‘

"No way.I‘ll tell the people in the head office everything.Neither you or your beloved Miss Bennet will
get away with this," Ivy said through gritted teeth.

Tears ran down Abby‘s cheeks as she murmured in a trembling voice, "Please, Ivy, I beg you! As long
as you keep Miss Bennet out of this, I‘ll do anything you ask of me."

Impatience flashed across Ivy‘s face.

She then shook off Abby‘s hand and said, "Fine, then kneel down and beg me for forgiveness!"

Caught off–guard, Abby stumbled backwards.Her eyes widened as she staggered back a few steps.

Just when she was about to fall down, someone help her arm and kept her steady.When she turned
her head to see who her savior was, Abby‘s eyes welled up with tears.

"Miss Bennet..."

Rachel glanced at Abby, letting go of her arm after making sure that she was okay now.

As tears rolled down Abby‘s cheeks, she cried, "I‘m sorry, Miss Bennet.I messed up!"

"It‘s not your fault."

The moment Rachel came out of the elevator, she heard the conversation between Ivy and Abby.She
immediately gleaned what had happened.

After saying that, Rachel turned to Ivy; her eyes looked calm, but they showed a hint of unbridled

When Ivy looked back at Rachel, her heart started racing.

She felt an indescribable fear, surging in her heart.

"Rachel, why are you looking at me like that? I asked you to deliver the documents here, and yes they
were brought here, but they were ruined by coffee stains.Do you think you can intimidate me by looking
at me like that? If the managers of the head office find out about this, you‘ll be in big trouble!"

Ivy straightened herself, raising her voice.

Rachel glanced at the documents on the ground and noticed that the coffee stains had dried out.

"Miss Bennet, this is my fault.I‘m willing to take responsibility for what happened.Ivy has promised me
earlier that as long as..."

Abby pursed her lips and continued, "As long as I kneel down and apologize, she won’t hold you
accountable.Don‘t worry, ma‘am.Ivy has guaranteed that she‘ll keep you out of this."

After saying that, Abby took a step forward, ready to kneel down.

Rachel‘s eyes gleamed all of a sudden.

She then once again grabbed Abby‘s arm to prevent her from getting on her knees.

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