Novel Name : Trapped By Tainted Love

Chapter 42: Rachel Strikes Back

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Alice and Ivy couldn't believe that Rachel-persistent and stubborn that she was- backed down so easily.

When they finally wrapped their heads around the fact that they had won that battle, both their
expressions transformed into smug satisfaction.

"Thank you so much for that, Miss Jenkins!"Ivy said with a smile.

Alice waved her thanks away.

"It was nothing! Who does Rachel think she is, anyway? Telling me what to do? How dare she?"

"Right? Miss Jenkins, I did as you asked.I gave her heaps of work to complete in really short deadlines,
but it was no use! She finished everything in time.I really can't find any excuse to report her.I..."

"Then keep heaping on! Or shorten the deadlines even more.I don't care how you do it.Just do it," Alice
barked, looking ready to burst from anger.

"I will," Ivy replied hastily.

"I'd better go back to work now."

Alice gave a dismissive wave of her hand, so Ivy turned to go.But before she even took one step
towards the door, she shrieked in pain.

"Ow!" Some sort of scalding hot liquid had been spilled on her, soaking the front of her shirt.

The skin underneath immediately turned red and hurt like a bitch.

Alice looked just as startled as Ivy, jumping backwards as some drops had splashed on her.She
recovered quickly though.

"Rachel! What the hell are you doing?" she screamed, spittle flying from her mouth.

Holding an empty plastic cup in her hand, Rachel just stood there staring at Ivy coldly.

Alice's screams did nothing to wipe the calm look off her face.

Ivy flinched a little under Rachel's stare, but the pain fueled her anger until she wasn't able to think
straight anymore.

She lunged at Rachel with her hand raised, ready to strike, shouting.

"You fucking bitch! " Abby's eyes widened in panic.

"Watch out," she called out to Rachel.

Still wearing that eerily calm expression, Rachel grabbed Ivy's wrist with one hand, just when the other
was tossing the cup over to Abby.

One moment later, that same hand landed right on Ivy's face.

The sound of the slap was followed by a brief, stunned silence.

Holding a hand over her cheek, Ivy stared at Rachel in disbelief, wishing she could tear her into pieces.

"What? I just bumped into you and spilled some hot water on your shirt," Rachel said shrugging as she
released Ivy's wrist.

"It's not a big deal.One might even Say that it is actually your fault.Did you not see me coming? How
careless of you! Plus, when you did finally see me, why didn't you move out of the way? If you had
done that, you wouldn't be standing here now, soaked in hot water!"

Rachel smiled faintly as she gave Ivy a taste of her own poison.

Abby's eyes were wide as saucers now.

Rachel's sneer and careless words shocked her to the core.

Ivy stood there fuming, her teeth clenched as she still cradled her swollen cheek.

Rachel, though, still wore had that infuriating smile on her lips.

"My family might have fallen from grace, but I'm still a lady from the highest levels of society! I may be
stuck with that menial job in the archive room, but I'm still better than you.Even people of Alice's
standing aren't fit to wipe the dirt off my shoes.Who the hell do you think you are? Do you think that I
really need that job? No.I am here because I'm willing to play the game.I can walk out any time, without
even thinking it twice.Do you really think,"

Rachel then gave a chuckled full of contempt, "that a piece of trash like you can intimidate me and
order me around?"

Rachel's body exuded so much power and confidence, making the atmosphere so thick that it was it
difficult for those around her to breathe.

Her eyes were cold as ice, making anyone looking directly at them think that their blood would freeze
inside their veins.

If Quintin saw Rachel looking like this, he would have dropped his head into his hands shouting, "God
have mercy on us! The boss is angry! When she smiles, flowers blossom where she steps.If she is
fuming, every living thing around her will wither and die."

Alice's face had turned pale at Rachel's little speech.

She stood there, clenching her fists and gritting her teeth, but didn't really dare challenge her opponent

"Wow, now there's a party if I've ever seen one! And so early in the day, too!"

The casual, gloating voice made all four women turn to see who it belonged to.

It was Carson, walking towards them in a burgundy suit.

When he spotted Rachel, he squinted theatrically and said, "Well, hello there, beautiful.You look a little
familiar.Have we met before? Oh, I know! Did we sleep together once?"

Carson approached Rachel looking at her from top to bottom.

As soon as she looked directly into the man's eyes, she realized who he was.

The youngest son of the great Scott family.

People always addressed him as "Mr.Scott".

A notorious playboy, charming women and breaking hearts left and right.

Everywhere he went, chances were that half of the women in attendance had already passed through
his bed at least once.

Everyone knew Victor as a cold, ruthless man, so he didn't have many friends, but Carson was one of
the lucky few that could claim that title.

"Mr.Scott." Alice nodded towards the newcomer in respect.

Finally dragging his eyes away from Rachel, Carson turned to Alice.

"Ah, I do remember you.The illegitimate daughter of Bennet family, right? What's your name again?"

He closed his eyes and snapped his fingers repeatedly as if trying hard to recall her name.

Alice's face hardened.

That word-'illegitimate'- was one she absolutely hated.

Most people in the Sullivan Group didn't even know that Jack was her father, she had made sure of

Now Carson just called her out in public.

Alice felt his words like a knife going directly through her heart.She wanted to punch that inconsiderate
asshole in the face! But it was Carson.

Of course she couldn't afford to offend him.

"It's Alice," she replied, trying her best to sound as friendly as possible.

"Yes, that's it! Alice.The more common the name, the harder to remember.'Illegitimate daughter' is
much more memorable.More… distinctive," Carson said with his signature charming way, as he
casually leaned on the wall with his hands in his pockets.

Alice forced a smile, even if she was screaming inside.

"Mr.Scott, humorous as ever."

He smiled and turned his eyes at Rachel again.

Compared to Alice, with her fake smile and her fake words, he preferred Rachel, true to herself and

His type exactly.

"So, beautiful, what's your name? I am sure I've seen you before somewhere! I am the worst, not
remembering a beauty such as yourself! It's never too late though.How about I take you out for dinner

Carson had moved closer, looking ready to put his arm around Rachel's waist.

'That face! That body! She looks so sexy even in a plain business suit! Imagine what a more revealing
dress would do to that figure! Just perfect" Carson thought.


Victor's voice held a tone of warning, as he walked over with a stormy expression.

Carson turned around and looked at Victor with a smile.

"Don't worry.I know what I'm doing.I won't harass your employees during work hours.However, what
they do after their shift is over is none of your business.Am I right? I'm a patient man.I can wait until
beautiful here gets off work."

Ivan, standing just behind Victor, had to suppress a smile.

"Mr.Scott, that's Miss Rachel Bennet." Carson looked dumbfounded.

When he finally came to his senses, he looked at Rachel with a shocked expression on his face.

"R...Rachel? Impossible! Rachel is pretty ugly from what I remember.Unless...Did you have plastic

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