Novel Name : Trapped By Tainted Love

Chapter 46: Don't Pretend To Be Chaste And Decent

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‘'He called me a whore again.Isn't there any other word Victor can use to describe me?' Rachel thought

She was already feeling uncomfortable because of nausea.

On top of that, she was exhausted from cleaning all the washrooms for the whole day, and she had no
more energy left to speak.

However, this bastard came out of nowhere and called her a whore.

'I'm not a whore.I don't deserve to be humiliated like this!'

"Victor, are you crazy?"

Rachel scolded him as she stood up.

"If you've gone batshit insane, go see a therapist! Don't you dare call me a whore! Honestly, Victor,
there's no one more ridiculous than you are.You're always calling me a whore, and yet you still slept
with me! What does that make you, huh? How do you still have the nerve to think that you're better
than me?"

Rachel took a deep breath, gritted her teeth, and glared at him.

"Yes, I couldn't bear the loneliness, so I hooked up with another man.But that's none of your damn
business, Victor! Even if I sleep with—"

Bang! With a slap, Victor knocked off the water bottle in her head, splashing the water all over her face
and interrupting her.

The look in his eyes was so terrifying that Rachel thought that if she wasn't a woman, that slap might've
been dealt to her face.

"Rachel, how dare you? What gives you the right to say that to me? Don't you dare mention that again!
You disgust me!" Victor said through gritted teeth.

Rachel also gnashed her teeth while wiping the water off her face.

Her eyes turned red with anger.

"What's the matter? Have I said something wrong? Victor, you and I had sex once! Isn't that the truth?
After all, you're just a man I threw away after I'm done sleeping with you! And now, whenever I want to,
I can drink, sleep, and dine with any man I want, no matter who they are!"

"Say that again!"

Livid, Victor slowly paced towards Rachel.

"I said—"

As soon as Rachel opened her mouth, Victor suddenly carried her over his shoulder.

Half of her body was already hanging from his shoulder before she had the chance to react.

Then, he carried her as he walked into the building.

Rachel kept hitting him on the back, and shouted, "Victor, you're insane! You're the worst! You're a
fucking psychopath! Put me down! Victor!"

But no matter how much she struggled, Victor refused to put her down.

Instead, he held her tight, entered the elevator, and pressed the button for the floor of the rooftop.

Ding! Soon, they arrived at the Sullivan Group building's rooftop.

As soon as the elevator opened, a gust of wind blew past them.

At last, Victor put Rachel down.

Her face had become paler than before.

While he was carrying her over his shoulder, her stomach happened to be pressed against his

As a result, every step Victor took, Rachel's stomach rubbed against his shoulder blade, strengthening
the feeling of nausea.

But because half her body was hung upside down, she couldn't throw up at all.

The nauseating feeling spread throughout her internal organs, causing her eyes to turn red with agony.

Once she was put down, Rachel steadied herself.

She found that they were on the rooftop.

All of a sudden, she remembered that a week ago, Victor wanted to throw her down from the thirty-third

This man was so insane that there was no telling what he could do!

'I can't stay here any longer!' Rachel thought to herself.

She took two steps back, quickly turning around to go back to the elevator.But as soon as her hand
reached the button, she heard a beep, and the green button suddenly turned off.

It seemed that the elevator's program was locked.

Rachel glanced back at Victor and saw him waving his phone at her.

The screen showed the control interface of the Sullivan Group's elevator system.She clenched her
fists, took a deep breath, and turned to face Victor.

"What are you planning to do with me, Victor?" she asked.

Step by step, Victor moved closer to Rachel, and she instinctively stepped back.

It didn't take long until her back was against the cold wall.

"What are you afraid of, Rachel?" Victor said, noticing the panic in her eyes.

Rachel looked rigid, and her eyes were bloodshot.

Hearing him say that made her lower her head to hide the panic in her eyes; her pale lips were pressed
into a straight line.

Upon seeing her reaction, Victor grabbed her chin, forcing her to look at him.

"A few minutes ago, you were acting all high and mighty weren't you? Where's that arrogance now,

The sound of his voice made it apparent that he was livid.

"You want to drink with other men? You want to have sex with them? Rachel, you're a whore, and you
will always be a whore! Do you like men that much? In that case, I will satisfy you today!"

When Rachel heard that, her eyes shrank.She could feel that something bad was about to happen, but
she had no time to react.

In a matter of seconds, Victor had grabbed her wrist and dragged her to the other side of the rooftop.

His grip on her arms were so tight that she couldn't break free.

Unfortunately for Rachel, she staggered along, forced to follow him into the glass greenhouse at the
very end of the rooftop.

As Victor slammed the door shut, he threw Rachel onto the sofa.

She fell onto the sofa and felt dizzy.

In addition, the leather sofa was relatively stiff.

When her back hit it, Rachel groaned in pain.

Struggling to sit upright, she found that Victor had put three bottles of wine on the table in front of her.

"Drink all of them," he ordered.

They were bottles of red wine.

The alcohol content of red wine wasn't that high, but Rachel knew that three bottles was enough to get
her drunk.

On top of that, her stomach was still churning from nausea.

If she really drank all of these, it could either kill her or send her lying in the hospital tonight.

Rachel's eyes dimmed.She stood up and looked at Victor, and said word by word, "I will not drink!"

With that, she turned around, ready to leave.

She must find a way to escape, because being in the same room as this crazy man would lead to her

But as soon as she turned around, Victor grabbed her wrist.

"Rachel, didn't you claim that as long as you're willing to do it, you can drink with any man you want
and sleep with them no matter who they are? Have you forgotten your own words? Don't pretend to be
chaste and decent now!"

Rachel's eyes turned red with anger.She raised her hand to bite Victor's arm.

"How dare you, Rachel?"

Victor shouted as she shook off her hand after feeling the pain.

Rachel staggered a few steps back before she managed to stand firm.She wasn't afraid of him at
all.She just looked at him, wiping the blood from her mouth.

It wasn't her blood; it was Victor's.

Rachel had used all her strength when she bit him, so there was a bite mark left in his arm.

And within seconds, he was bleeding.

"Victor, if I have to drink and sleep with someone, I will never choose you, because you disgust me!"
Rachel said through gritted teeth.

She then turned around and headed for the door.

And because she was walking fast, she soon arrived at the door.

When she opened the door and was about to leave, Victor's voice halted her.

"It's brave of you to claim that you'll never choose me.I have no idea when you developed a sense of
pride.Rachel, you better live up to that pride of yours, because as long as you walk out of that door,
tomorrow, all the headlines will be filled with the news of the Bennet Group's bankruptcy, and that it will
cease to exist!"

Upon hearing that, Rachel stopped in her tracks, clenching the doorknob.

'The Bennet Group...He knows my weakness well.I can't leave now"

Gnashing her teeth in hatred, Rachel strode back to the sofa.

"Fine, I'll drink!" she said while looking at Victor on the sofa.

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