Novel Name : Trapped By Tainted Love

Chapter 50: Rachel's Hospitality

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The doctor was still wearing a surgical coat.

The moment she saw Riley, she immediately stood up and hurried to her side.

Riley happily ran towards the woman approaching her.

The doctor picked the little girl up with a relaxed expression.

"Why did you run off on your own? There are so many people here! What if a bad man kidnapped

The woman reprimanded Riley because she was concerned for the little girl's safety.

"Mommy, don't be angry," Riley replied as she touched her mother's arm to calm her down.

That mature behavior of hers made people wonder who she learned it from.

Seeing her daughter act like this, the doctor couldn't maintain her serious expression and smiled.

Meanwhile, the nurse was also smiling when she said, "Doctor Jimenez, it's my fault.

Riley is still young and careless.

I was in a hurry to help the patient, and I had forgotten to ask someone to look after Riley in my place.

That's the reason she had an opportunity to run off.

Fortunately for us, this lady took care of our dear Riley.

She didn't let anyone take her away."

Only when the nurse said that did Clara realize that there was another person in the consultation room.

She stared at Rachel, and the smile on her face froze.

Noticing the change in the doctor's expression, Rachel glanced at the name plate on the desk.

"Clara Jimenez" was the name written on it.

"Doctor Jimenez, do we know each other?" asked Rachel.

"No, I don't think so."

Clara was soon pulled back to her senses, and regained her smile.

"Thank you so much for looking after my daughter.If it weren't for you, the consequences could've been

Rachel stared at Clara for a while before she said, "It's not a big deal.Since you're Riley's mother, I'll
leave her in your care.Anyway, I have to go now.Bye!"

With that, Rachel turned around and went for the door.As Clara looked at Rachel's back, she thought
for a moment before she walked up to stop her.

"Hang on."

"What is it?" Rachel asked, turning around.

"I'm really grateful for what you did.If I don't do anything to express my gratitude, I'll feel a little guilty,"
Clara said with a warm smile.

"Perhaps I could treat you to a meal as thanks?"

"That's not necessary."

Rachel frowned imperceptibly while staring at Clara from head to toe.

For some reason, she felt that Clara's face looked quite familiar.

Although Clara didn't admit it, the look on her face just now gave away that she did know Rachel.

The surname Jimenez was not uncommon, so Rachel searched in her mind, but failed to remember
anything related to it.

But she did remember that she once knew a person whose surname was also Jimenez.

However, the memory was so vague that she couldn't make out what the person looked like.

All she could remember was that it was a man, and his name started with the letter R, so it just couldn't
be Clara.

Rachel's eyes dimmed, wary of Clara's intentions.

"How about this? If you need any help, don't hesitate to ask me, and I'll do everything I can to assist
you," said Clara.


Rachel replied indifferently before she turned around again and left.

Only when Rachel was out of sight did Clara withdrew her gaze.

She pursed her lips and said to the nurse, "Tina, help me check which department that woman has
visited today."

"Yes, doctor."

Not long after Tina left the room, Clara's phone on the desk rang.

When she picked up her phone and saw the caller ID, she paused for a moment before answering it.

Putting on a smile, Clara gently greeted, "Roger."

Upon hearing that name, Riley excitedly shouted, "Uncle! When Rachel went back to the nurse station,
it was too late to make an appointment because the schedule of abortion operations in the first half of
the month was already full.

Even if she wanted to have an abortion in the second half of the month, the next available slot was two
weeks away.

And so, Rachel had to postpone this matter and leave the hospital.

By the time she decided to go home, it was already noon.

It was now time for students to finish school and go home.

Coincidentally, there was a_ primary school across the hospital.

Rachel stood by the roadside, waiting for a taxi.

When she saw a group of children rushing out of the school gate, Riley's lovable face suddenly flashed
through her mind."Honesily, children are so cute when they're not crying, "

she murmured; her eyes inadvertently falling on her y abdomen.

' ‘Perhaps giving birth to a baby might not be as troublesome as I think?’ The biggest problem she §
would be facing was what Victor would do if he were to find out about this child's existence.

However, she was the brightest hacker in the world, the King of 4 Hearts, and it was so easy for her to
hide all information about a person's identity.

Before she could think further, a taxi pulled over in front of her.

For now, she decided to put her thoughts aside.

It was best to go home first before thinking it over thoroughly.

After all, this child developing in her womb also had a life, even though it still hadn't fully grown.

Unfortunately, Rachel's plans were interrupted.

Before she could even begin to think about what to do about her situation, she found an uninvited guest
in her home.

"Are you planning to scald me to death by serving me such a hot glass of water?" said the guest.

Rachel heard an impatient voice as she walked into the house.

"I...l serve you another one right away."

Because she was being scolded, Abby picked up the cup with her head down, ready to get another

When she walked pass the door, someone suddenly took the glass of water from her hand.

Stunned, she raised her head to see who it was.

"Miss Bennet."

Rachel glanced at the person who was bossing Abby around.

It was Alice, sitting in the living room as if she owned the house.

Rachel turned to Abby and asked, "Is lunch ready yet?"

"No, ma'am."

Lowering her head, Abby explained, "I was actually preparing lunch when Miss Jenkins suddenly
showed up.I—"

"I'm hungry.You should go ahead and prepare lunch,"

Rachel ordered, interrupting Abby.

"Yes, Miss Bennet.I'll do that right away."

Hearing that, Abby remembered that Rachel had gone out early this morning without having breakfast,
so she immediately went back to the kitchen.

Upon seeing this, Alice’s face darkened.

She shouted at Abby, "Abby, where the hell is my water? What's taking you so long?"

Only then did Abby remember that she was supposed to give Alice a new glass of water.

She turned around, wanting to take the cup from Rachel's hand, but Rachel wouldn't give it to her.

Instead, Rachel walked towards the coffee table, carrying the glass with her.

Thud! The cup landed on the table, and the glass made a crisp sound when it collided against the

Rachel pushed the glass of water towards Alice and said, "Here's your water."

"Rachel, where's your hospitality?" asked Alice.

She was so angry that she gritted her teeth and glared at Rachel.

Meanwhile, Rachel sat on the sofa, lazily leaning back.

Paying no mind to Alice's outburst, she turned to Abby and said, "Abby, whenever we have a guest, it's
customary to serve beverages.But if the guest is ordering you around as if she owns the house, you
don't have to follow her orders.Don't worry about disgracing me.Just focus on your job.If the guest
doesn't want to drink, you can escort them out."

Rachel paused as she looked at Alice while wearing a fake smile.

"This is my way of showing hospitality as the hostess of the Bennet family.Don't you remember, Abby?"

It didn't take long for Abby to realize that Rachel was satirizing Alice for her brazen act of ordering Abby
around like she was the lady of the house.

Rachel was just standing up for Abby.With that in mind, Abby smiled and replied, "Yes, Miss Bennet.I'l!
keep that in mind."

Afterwards, she left the living room and went to prepare lunch for Rachel.

She wanted to cook a lot of delicious dishes for Rachel.

Nothing was more important for Abby than preparing delicious food for Rachel, and helping her gain
some weight and get healthier.

"Rachel, you..." Alice paused.

Rachel's sarcasm was obvious.

How could Alice not glean it from her tone? Angered beyond reprieve, Alice's face turned red, and her
chest heaved up and down.

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