Novel Name : Master Odell’s Secret Ex-wife

Chapter 2200

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Master Rockwell weakly beat his fist against the mattress and cried out sourly, “How could this be?!
How could she have turned out to be the daughter of the Carters of all people?”

It was all over, beyond over!

As Decker lowered his gaze, a shadow was cast over his face.

After a while, Master Rockwell grabbed him tightly and said with a fervent, burning look in his eyes.
“Decker, listen to me. You two had a thing in the past, didn’t you? Go to her in private and give her a
sincere apology. As long as you can get her to forgive you, her family will go easy on you as well!”

Her father was at the helm of Carter Corporation, and her brother was the owner of Carter Tech City.
Both of them were not to be messed with!

If Decker could not get Isabel to forgive him, he was going to be ruined!

Decker took a deep breath and said with a dejected look in his grey eyes, "Dad, she’s never going to
forgive me."

He had betrayed her trust five years ago.

Furthermore, he had tried to humiliate her by publicizing their past, resulting in her being ridiculed by
the world.

Besides, the person she loved now was Roland. How could she be expected to forgive him, someone
who was her ex-boyfriend and who had repeatedly hurt her time and time again?

Upon seeing his dejected expression, Master Rockwell began to grow anxious and lashed out, “How do
you know that if you haven’t even bothered to try?”

Decker continued to cast his eyes to the ground. His voice was weak but he spoke with a contrasting
firm tone, “You don't know her like I do. I know that she’s never going to forgive me in this lifetime.”

"You... ugh!”

Inside Mr. Houston’s study, the atmosphere was rigid.

They had taken Clarice home after the events that went down. She sat on the couch with an ashen
look on her face, and she did not speak.

Her father paced the room anxiously and kept repeating the same question, “You haven't got on the
bad side of this Carter girl, have you?”

Clarice frowned and confessed reluctantly, “I tried to get her blacklisted a while ago.”

This was exactly what her father was afraid to hear. He asked sharply, “What was her reaction at that

“There was not much reaction from her. It was only her agent who approached us at first to try to
smooth things over, then there was radio silence after that.”

Mr. Houston considered for a moment before speculating, "I suppose she did not take the matter to
heart. If she was going to take revenge for what happened, she would have asked her family for help
and dealt with you immediately.”

Clarice remained silent.

It was true. If Isabel wanted to take revenge on her, she would have already done so.

Did she consider her unworthy to trouble herself with?

After all, she was the daughter of the Carters, the wealthiest family in Westchester.

Her father continued to pace anxiously around the room. At one point, he seemed to have made up his
mind on something and solemnly announced, “We’re calling off your engagement with Decker. From
now on, you will be moving back with us. Don’t ever see Decker again.”

Clarice protested, "Dad, I’ve been with him for more than five years."

“Don’t give me this ridiculous reasoning. Do you think I don't know that Decker has been messing
around with other women?!” Her father bellowed, “He ditched the woman he loved in the past so that
he could latch onto our family’s wealth. He’s not a trustworthy man, and it’s about time he got what he

Clarice was anguished and covered her face so that her father would not see her tears.

Alas, her father was still hesitant. After all, she was his only daughter, and it pained him to see her in
this state. He calmed down briefly and tried to talk some sense into her, “Think about this, my dear. If
he knew back then that Isabel was a Carter, would he have ditched her to marry you?”

Clarice shuddered at the thought and did not respond.

Despite that, her father knew that she understood what he was trying to say. He gently tapped her
shoulder and advised her again, “Don’t do this for me or our family. Do this for yourself. Think of your
future. You have to leave him before he drags you down.”

“Anyway, the Carters are still in Southboro. I have to find some way to contact them and say something
to appease them. You can take some time for yourself." With that, he exited the study to give her some

Clarice sat unmoving. She covered her face with both palms, her entire body shivering.

The rabid discussions online about Isabel being the daughter of the Carters lasted for three days
before finally showing some signs of stopping.

In the beginning, netizens expressed astonishment at Isabel Ross’s true identity. The initial outcry was
‘Justice for Isabel’, then it slowly shifted to a collective curiosity of how this situation came to be at all
as they began digging through her past.

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