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Chapter 1999

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Lucian appeared serious as he suggested that.

Roxanne was stunned by his offer.

However, she was naive back then, so she didn't consider the possibility that someone might sneak a
peek at what she wrote.

Hence, she nodded in agreement before rummaging around her bag for her diary. She then tore a page
from it and swiftly folded it.

The pages of her diary were purple in color.

“Is that it? Aren't you going to write anything else?” Lucian asked curiously.

Roxanne shook her head. “Yes, that's all. All my wishes are written on that page. I have a lot of wishes,
so I wonder if they will ever come true.”

“Okay. Put it in then.” When Lucian inched closer, a breeze blew past them, carrying the pleasant scent
from his body.

As the scent enveloped her, the intimacy between them colored her cheeks red.

She carefully slid the paper into the wish bottle.

Lucian instantly plugged the bottle's opening with a cork. “I'll go and bury your wishes now. The earth

represents never-ending hope, so I believe that by burying it beneath the earth, your wishes will
definitely come true.”

In a split second, the expression on Roxanne's face froze.

She would forever remember that scene.

Lucian tilted his head slightly askew, and the smile on his face was both dashing and charming at the
same time.

The sight of his smile under the sun took her breath away.

Lucian's period as an exchange student ended after that. He left and never showed up at Roxanne's
high school again.

The two of them only met twice when Roxanne was fifteen. Yet, those two encounters were deeply
engraved in her memory and frequented her dreams.

She didn't even get to ask him whether he really did bury that wish bottle for her.

In fact, he didn't even know her name.

The next time they met was when she almost graduated from university. That year, her father married
her off to Lucian with a price.

She was confident that he would recognize her, but alas, he treated her coldly throughout those three
years of marriage and never regarded her as his wife.

In the end, she threw herself at him like a moth to a flame, acting on her immature yet fervent feelings.
Getting pregnant with his children, however, was totally unexpected.

Jonathan and Madilyn found it hard to recover from the shock after Roxanne finished her story.

“So, you fell head over heels for Lucian when you were fifteen?” Madilyn felt inexplicably moved.

No wonder she still loves Lucian despite being hurt so badly.

The corners of Roxanne's lips curled into a nonchalant smile as she acknowledged her feelings.

“Those details match my memory. Lucian did sprain his ankle that year and took a few days off from
school. After that incident, he appeared to have something on his mind and kept returning to that high

Referring to his memory, Jonathan confirmed that Roxanne did, in fact, appear in Lucian's life at that
specific timeline.

“Looks like this bottle with the purple paper is indeed yours.” He passed the wish bottle to her.

The wooden cork was loose, so Roxanne removed it easily. She took out the folded piece of purple
paper and slowly unfolded it. Madilyn leaned closer to Roxanne, curious about her best friend's wishes
in the past.

The purple paper was filled with words, but the writing was neat. She had written down a lot of wishes.

Her greatest wish read: I hope to get into the same university as Lucian.

Other than that, she also wished to study medicine, make lots of money, and have a promising career.

The wishes of a fifteen-year-old girl were simple and straightforward, but the usage of adjectives was
verbose and convoluted.

Madilyn couldn't help but laugh. “I never knew you were so poetic!”

Roxanne wasn't embarrassed in the slightest and even boldly admitted, “Many girls in my class asked
me to help them with their love letters back then.”

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