Novel Name : My Wife is a Hacker by Summer

Chapter 1926

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It was clear that there was a top hacker on the plane!

Otherwise, they would never have been able to hack into their system.

What was the use of their planes now?

They were nothing but Jared's weapons!

"Stay away from the jets!" The masked man wanted to protect his jets, so he quickly ordered them to
retreat. He wanted to keep a distance from Jared's plane so they would not be able to control their

At that moment, the remaining four jets had already caught up to Jared's plane.


One of the jets fired a missile at Jared's plane.

Due to the high speed, Nicole was still unable to crack the jet's positioning system.

But she still pressed the button!

The black helicopter that could not retreat in time suddenly fired four missiles. It immediately
intercepted the missiles fired by the fighter jets.

BANG! The sky was filled with sparks.

The missiles got intercepted!

"Fuck! Retreat!" the masked man ordered hurriedly.

But Nicole did not want to give them the chance to do so.

"Retreating? You'll have to go through me first!" Nicole scoffed.

Their system was already under Nicole's control. So, the helicopters basically belonged to her. She
was the one in charge!

At the same time, the masked man noticed that his plane was under someone's control as well.

Nothing was under his or his subordinates' control!

He panicked. "Turn off the systems! Switch to manual!"

This was the only plan that he could think of.

The jets were clueless now, they immediately asked through the radio, "Sir, what on earth is
happening? Why did you intercept us?!"

This was friendly fire! All their previous missions had gone to waste!

"Someone hacked into our system! Don't care about us! Shoot down the Johnston Group's airplane at
all costs!"

"Yes, sir!" After getting their boss's assurance, the four jets maneuvered mid-air for a bit before
charging toward Jared's plane.

Nicole watched. It was the most important moment.

She clenched her jaw and waited for them to inch closer. As long as they were close enough, she
would be able to take them down.

Two of the jets were charging toward them.

Nicole immediately pressed the button.

A few black helicopters fired their missiles.

Two of the missiles intercepted the jet's missiles. And the other missiles were directed at the other two
jets at the back.

One of the jets could not dodge it in time. It was directly hit!

The other jet was shocked and quickly turned away. The jet barely dodged the blow.

But Nicole taunted, "You think you dodged it? You wish! That's a tracking missile!"

As expected, though that jet managed to dodge the first blow, the tracking missile made a turn and
charged toward it once more.

The jet was terrified as it quickly flew low to shake off the missiles.

But the missiles continued to trail the jet.

There were two other jets remaining. Nicole smiled when she saw how effective it was. "It's working."

Jared was enjoying it as well.

It was a losing battle, but they managed to turn the tables because of Nicole.

'Thank God, I brought my wife with me this time.'

Otherwise, it would definitely be an ugly battle.

Two of the jets were gone just like that. One of the jets was still being targeted by a missile. The
masked man was losing his mind!

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