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Chapter 970

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Valery was the busiest person after the battle. Together with her medical team, she was busy treating
the injured Watchmen.

Her medical team helped to dress those who sustained superficial injuries while Valery personally
attended to the more severely wounded Watchmen.

Life attribute was not entirely invincible. Fortunately, she could save most of them, even if they were on
the brink of death. However, there was a lot to do in terms of extracting the items lodged in the wounds
and cleaning the wounds.

Many people could not sleep that night.

Other than the Watchmen, the ordinary folks also got riled up.

They had full confidence in the Watchmen.

Gerald was still a supreme being to these people. Despite being missing for the past one and a half
years, they still regarded him as their hero when he returned.

Meanwhile, in the mansion at No. 69, Pondark Road, Gerald’s parents asked anxiously, “Are you sure?
Is Gerald okay?”

Jolie replied, “Of course, I’m sure! I’ve called Theo and spoken to him. Gerald is only exhausted.
Besides, Dr. Manning is with him. He won’t be in any danger.”

Yazmin gave a smile of relief. “Oh, that’s good. That boy never told us where he was or what he had
been doing for the past six months. I was worried sick about him. I can’t even get him on the phone.

Understandably, they could not call Gerald on the phone. It was almost impossible to use an interstellar
phone during that time.

Jolie beamed. “Don’t worry. I’ve already told you that Gerald is the most awesome person in this world.
We haven’t had any news about Elite Ghosts for more than half a year. Just sit back and enjoy life.
Gerald probably has some secret mission to do, but he will never be in any danger.

Yazmin looked pacified. “I hope so. I don’t know when this boy will be home. I want him to get married

Jolie quipped, “Yes, it’s time for them to get married. Before he left, I told him that I want to have the
wedding together with both of them so I can ride on his popularity.”

Indeed, Gerald and Jolie had agreed to this arrangement before Gerald left six months ago.

The night passed peacefully amidst the happy news.

Gerald was not good at clearing up the mess after the battle, and Zackary had to deal with the

The injured Watchmen from the North were transferred to the hospitals overnight. Valery still could not
leave for the time being as she had to stay on to treat the rest of the injured Watchmen. She only had
more free time when most of them were out of danger.

In any case, both Gerald and Valery were not in a hurry to hold the wedding. After all, they still had four
months left on Earth.

Gerald had almost recovered after recuperating in the North for three days. Although he was seriously
injured, his self-healing ability was extremely strong With the healing power of Valery’s life attribute, he
was soon healed

On the fourth day, after chatting with Valery briefly, he decided to go back to Sacramento to visit his
parents. After that, he would go to Estasate to investigate the matter regarding Aarav

Gerald then planned to bring his parents to Valery’s uncle’s house to propose married after Valery was
no longer busy with her work.

Although they had already taken their wedding photos and had decided to spend the rest of their lives
together, Gerald still had to go through the formalities.

Gerald stayed in Sacramento for a few days and met with some of his friends, such as Leandro, over

He still preferred his life on Earth. He liked the food and the chaotic environment. Life on Earth was
more carefree, and there was less distance between the people.

While Gerald was in Sacramento, Doreen had also asked him out for a meal.

Gerald did not want to get into any trouble since Doreen was already married. Hence, he rejected her

During the five days when Gerald was in Sacramento, Valery stayed in the North. She said she had to
stay in the North for another two weeks.

Five days later, Gerald, Theo, and Belinda arrived at Chicago.

This time, only a few of them made the trip there.

When they arrived at the airport, the Watchmen based in Chicago arranged for a car to pick them up.
Gerald was sitting in the passenger seat in front while Belinda sat at the back, chatting away merrily.

Gerald turned back to talk to Belinda, “Aunt Belinda, will you be going to Havotune with us in a few
months” time?”

“Yes, why not?” Belinda smiled. “Jacob found such a gentle and demure wife there. I must go and look
for a good man for myself.”

“Aunt Belinda!” Theo said solemnly, “I think you shouldn’t be looking for a man at this age. I think it’s
more appropriate to say that you’re looking for love.”

“How dare you!” Belinda glared at Theo.

She was already used to Theo and the others teasing her.

Gerald grinned. “Sure. I’ll introduce you to someone when we get there. Your nickname on Earth is Cat

That person’s name is Ms. Cat, and she’s very fond of cats. She has a cat that can change the color of
its fur according to its surroundings. Such a cat can also hurt the Flame Decayers.”

Belinda’s eyes lit up. “What? I’m going to get such a cat too.”

Gerald chuckled. “You can ask her about it.”

Just then, Theo spoke up, “Boss! I’m sure you haven’t heard about this since your return.”

“What is it?” Gerald asked.

Theo explained, “Remember your ex-wife, Irene? I heard from Leundo that she’s seeing a senior
executive from Universe Group. That impulsive Leundo fired that man.”

Gerald broke into a smile and shrugged. “Why should Leundo fire that man? It’s not like he doesn’t
know what happened between Irene and myself. We’re only husband and wife in name. We don’t have
any feelings for each other. I may have harbored some grudges against her earlier, but it’s been so
long. It doesn’t matter anymore.”

Theo gushed, “Wow, you’re very open-minded.”

“I think you make plans for yourself. You’re not young anymore. Are you going to keep dating different
women and not settle down?” Gerald frowned at Theo.

Theo was about the same age as Gerald. They were almost thirty.

Theo shrugged his shoulders. “Me? I don’t think the same way as you. I can only marry one woman,
but I want to keep my options open by seeing more women. Besides, I’m so handsome. If I get married,
many women will be heartbroken.”

Gerald had the urge to kick Theo out of the car.

However, he had to admit that Theo was indeed very good-looking. If he had not become a Watchman,
a talent scout might have discovered him while he was raiding the tombs. Now, he might have become
a celebrity.

The road in Estasate had already been repaired.

While they were chatting, Triston suddenly said, “We’re finally here!”

Gerald looked up. The familiar-looking village had undergone a lot of changes. The red building at the
top of the city was the only thing that remained the same.

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