Novel Name : The Almighty Dragon General

Chapter 3456

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Three men and one woman sat on the ground outside the Dead City’s gate. Their backs leaned against
the city wall.

“What should we do?”

“We went around and came back to the gate.”

“This shouldn’t be happening. How did we end up in the same place again?”

Hadrian, Herbert, and Mia were puzzled.

James explained, “It probably has something to do with the Space Path. The influence of the Space
Path here is very strong, and we can’t bypass it. We’ll have to enter the Dead City to find the solution to
this problem.”

“...But how are we going to enter the city?”

“Yeah. We can’t open the gate, nor can we fly over it.”

“What should we do now, Mr. Caden?”

The trio looked at James.

James stood up.

The only way into the city was through the gate. The hint to entering the city must be hidden at the city

James scanned the city gate before him.

The city gate was high and wide. It was hard to determine whether the gate was made with black rocks
or was stained by the black fog in the area.

No rules were inscribed on the city gate.

James walked over, stretched out his hand, and touched the gate.

He immediately sensed an icy cold sensation. Despite having outstanding physical strength, he could
barely withstand the biting cold.

“Nothing seems too out of the ordinary.”

James’ brows furrowed.

He took a few steps back, and a purple light emerged from his hand.

The Crepe Myrtle Divine Sword materialized in his hand, and he slashed at the city gate.

He unleashed powerful Sword Path Energy and it formed devastating Sword Energy.

The Sword Energy struck the city gate.


There was a loud sound upon its impact with the gate and the force seemed to shake the city slightly.

Everything quietened quickly. However, there was not even a scratch on the city gate.

James attempted to break the gate using his various other powers, but his efforts were useless.

James gave up after throwing everything he had at the gate and said, “There’s nothing I can do. You
guys should figure it out.”

Then, he sat down on a stone outside the city and began to cultivate.

Hadrian, Herbert, and Mia were still hopeful and continued to test different methods of entering the city.

After James passed the responsibility to his companions, he summoned the Five Elements of Genesis.

The Five Elements of Genesis manifested in the air to form Elemental Inversion Formation and began
to rapidly absorb the Demonic Energy from the surroundings.

Immediately afterward, a black lotus emerged and hovered in the air to absorb the Demonic Energy
around it.

James had already formed a Sword Path Seal. His other Ousias were at the Quasi Emperor Rank’s
Fifth Tribulation.

He wanted to absorb a considerable amount of Demonic Energy from his surroundings

to improve their ranks.

After all of his Ousias reached the Grand Emperor Rank, he would immerse himself in comprehending
the different Paths.

As soon as he gained enlightenment, it would be possible for him to ascend from a First Heaven Grand
Emperor to a Ninth Heaven Grand Emperor instantly.

Without deep comprehension of Paths, one would have to stay at the Grand Emperor Rank’s First
Heaven for a long time.

James set up a Time Formation around his body to cultivate.

Right now, he desperately wanted to become stronger as quickly as he could.

Only by becoming stronger would he have a better chance of surviving the Primeval Age.

James devoted everything to his cultivation while his three companions sought a way to enter the Dead

However, after exhausting every method they could think of, they still failed to find a way to enter the
Dead City. The city was strange and it was impossible to enter. It was almost as if the city never

Ultimately, the trio ran out of ideas and had no choice but to wait outside the city gate for James to
finish cultivating.

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