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Chapter 5268

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The close-in anti-aircraft gun on top was immediately disabled.

Next, the base of the glass house was completely blown off, and the engineering team, which had been
arranged beforehand, rushed up to push all the glass roof sections downstairs.

Then, they connected the prepared hoisting belts, waiting for the helicopter to arrive and lift them away.

At the same time, the Cavalry Guards and their family members, who had already prepared to retreat,
began to rush out of their rooms like firefighters responding to a call.

They hardly carried any luggage because they didn’t have many personal items in this place.

Moreover, the Dead Men and their families had been transferred to the ship a few days ago.

Therefore, when retreating, as long as all the people on the ground evacuated, they could simply blow
up the place into ruins.

In the open area where Jarvis’s body had been dismembered, nearly a thousand people quickly
assembled according to the practiced steps.

All the vehicles used for transporting ore in the copper mine were activated and each vehicle had its
own reserved parking space.

Simultaneously, three helicopters roared in the sky, having been on standby on the cargo ship at the
port as per Wesley’s orders.

As soon as the cannon sounded, they immediately started their engines and rushed over at top speed.

Meanwhile, trucks full of people had already left the copper mine and were galloping towards the port.

Thanks to the drills that had been carried out, the retreat of thousands of people was carried out in an
orderly manner.

The helicopters quickly hoisted the three close-in defense guns and rushed back to the port.

Due to the remote location of the copper mine, no officials had received any news at this time.

Only ten minutes had passed since Jarvis’s death and everyone at the scene had already evacuated.

The fourth helicopter lifted Wesley and Jackson several hundred meters into the air.

Wesley looked down at the brightly lit but empty copper mine and pressed the remote detonator in his

Immediately, a series of huge explosions reverberated from the depths of the ground.

The sound of the explosions was more than a hundred times louder than that of the near-anti-aircraft

Then, a shocking scene unfolded before Wesley.

The ground of the copper mine began to collapse one after another, causing the mountains to shake
and the buildings on the ground to crumble like paper.

Due to the numerous renovations made by the Warriors Den inside the copper mine, the interior space
was vast.

As the spaces collapsed, a subsidence area with a depth of more than ten meters was formed on the
ground, and the direction of the extended roadway also suffered severe subsidence.

Soon, the copper mine was reduced to rubble.

Wesley let out a sigh of relief, took out his mobile phone, and sent a message to Charlie, “Mr. Wade,
the Master of the Warriors Den has been eliminated, and the plan to overthrow the nest has been
successfully completed!”

After that, Wesley recorded a video of the entire process captured by the monitoring equipment and
sent it to Charlie.


It was early morning in Aurous Hill.

Charlie got up from bed, while Claire was still fast asleep.

He picked up his phone and received Wesley’s message and video.

Overjoyed, he stepped onto the terrace and clicked on the video.

The video showed the complete monitoring of the defense system of the Dragon Temple, following
Jarvis from the moment he appeared until he was killed.

Although Charlie couldn’t determine Jarvis’s cultivation level from the video, like Wesley, he could tell
from Jarvis’s skills in sneaking into the copper mine and his movements to avoid shells that he was
quite powerful.

Ignoring whether he had mastered reiki or not, Wesley was simply no match for Jarvis in terms of
speed and explosive power.

If Wesley had come into direct contact with him, he might have been killed by Jarvis before he could
even react.

Therefore, based on Jarvis’s strength, Charlie deduced that he must be one of the Four Marshals.

Charlie breathed a sigh of relief and called Wesley.

As soon as Wesley answered the phone, he spoke respectfully, “Master Wade, have you seen all the
videos we sent?”

Charlie replied, “Yes, it seems that the other party had no chance to fight back at all, and it was a
simple and clean operation.”

Wesley quickly responded, “Thank you, Master Wade, for your good idea.

Otherwise, he would have decimated us.

We never thought of using close-in anti-aircraft guns to deal with the Super Masters of the Warriors

Wesley was not just flattering, but genuinely admired Charlie’s foresight.

Having experienced many battles around the world, Wesley believed that Charlie was not only
personally strong, but also had exceptional battlefield command skills.

However, despite all their experience, the Dragon Temple had never thought to use such a deadly
weapon as a close-in defense gun.

Charlie’s fear of insufficient firepower had given birth to the cruel Master meat grinder, a truly genius

Despite this stroke of brilliance, Charlie was not complacent.

On the contrary, as he watched the video of Jarvis being reduced to ashes, he felt a great sense of

He realized that his own strength might not be much greater than Jarvis’.

Jarvis was unable to escape the three close-in defense guns, and he never stood a chance against

This served as a reminder that he still posed a great danger even in death.

His greatest weakness was his arrogance.

Jarvis failed to conduct a thorough investigation of the copper mine before making his move.

Had he been more cautious and observed the area from a distance for a few days, he may have
noticed the strange glass room on the roof where the three close-in defense guns were hidden.

If he had become suspicious of the glass room and refrained from entering it recklessly, he might have
avoided his untimely death.

Charlie realized that if he were in Jarvis’s place and acted recklessly, he too would meet the same fate.

However, if he exercised caution and did not give the close-in defense guns an opportunity to lock onto
him, it would be challenging for them to harm him.

Charlie believed that he had multiple ways to neutralize the threat of the three close-in defense guns.

One method was to use the Thunderbolt, which, although unable to damage the steel cannon, could
destroy the circuit system of the cannon.

This would render the cannon powerless, similar to how a car battery would be drained if it were left
unused for too long.

Without power, the large turret and thick barrel would be immobile and unable to lock onto any target.

The other method was to use the Soul Piercing Blade, which had the power to cut through metal as if it
were mud.

A single strike from the blade could slice through the near-defense cannon with ease.

While these two methods could completely eliminate the threat of the close-in defense guns, the key
was to remain cautious and attentive to detect the enemy before they could lock onto him.

Therefore, at that moment, Charlie reminded himself that he must be cautious in his future actions.

He then said to Wesley, “Wesley, from now on, you must exercise extreme caution when dealing with
the soldiers of the Dragon Temple and don’t give the enemy any chances.”

Wesley immediately replied, “Master Wade, don’t worry.

Your subordinates have already personally experienced the raids on Wade Mountain and Cyprus, and I
will not dare to take any risks in the future.”

Charlie nodded and continued, “Everything must be destroyed.

Eradicate all the evidence, and in addition, after all the members of the Cavalry Guards have
evacuated, let them drift at sea for the next six months without bringing them ashore.

This will completely sever any clues at sea.”

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