Novel Name : To Be Yours Again By Taylor

Chapter 1205

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Don't Speak to Your Mom Like That

Fortunately, Eric didn't succeed in taking anyone away.

Instead, he ended up getting shot and escaped in a sorry state.

When Jenny arrived home, Graham was comforting Lynette.

Upon seeing Jenny, he said, "Don't worry, we're all fine."

"Yes, did Eric escape?" Jenny asked, looking at Leonard, who was present as an official on the case.

His involvement meant that he could crack down on Eric's crimes.

Leonard glanced at her and said, "I have already made arrangements.Eric is now wanted nationwide."

Regardless of whether he had committed any previous crimes, breaking into a home with armed men
was already a crime.

That alone was enough to ensure that Eric would be behind bars for a long time.

However, both Jenny and Leonard were not that naive to believe that that alone would suffice, as the
Dafoes were not as weak as they had imagined.

"I have some information here that I believe you can make use of," Jenny said, pulling out a thick stack
of documents from her bag.

Those were all the information she had collected.

Leonard took them and paged through them casually.

However, as he went through them, his face became increasingly grim.

"Damn it!"

Leonard shouted in anger.

Each piece of information represented a person who had died at the hands of Eric.

The thick stack of papers represented countless lives.

"I asked for your help not only for personal reasons but also because this person is truly despicable.I
feel that allowing him to roam freely is an insult to the deceased," Jenny said.

Although she hoped Eric would stop bothering Lynette, she could set aside her personal feelings about
a person.

If Eric hadn't committed any crimes, she would have thought of other ways to deal with him.

Leonard nodded, understanding Jenny's intention.

"Don't worry.I know what to do."

Afterward, Leonard left Walter Castle.

It was evident that he would likely personally take action in this matter.

Jenny then turned her attention to her father and Lynette.

With a hint of concern, she asked, "Dad, are you both okay?"

Graham opened his mouth, but he didn't answer, his gaze shifting to Lynette by his side.

He was fine, but Lynette seemed to have been greatly affected and had an unpleasant expression on
her face.

"What are you afraid of, Madam Bell? Are you worried that we can't protect you, or do you not want to
stay here?" Jenny asked rudely, her words laced with annoyance.

She didn't understand why she was afraid.


Graham reprimanded her, "Don't speak to your mom like that."

Jenny pursed her lips.

In her heart, Lynette was still not her mother.

Well, Jenny had not accepted her as her mother yet.

"It's alright, Graham.I understand, Jenny.I'm being too weak.She was having a hard time getting over
the fact that so many people had died because of her.In addition, she felt that she had brought endless
trouble to Jenny and Graham, which made her unsure if she should remain there.Jenny sighed, trying
her best to calm herself down.

"Dad, take her back to the room to rest.A good sleep would help.I will handle the rest."

"Alright, thank you for your hard work," Graham said.

He also thought Lynette needed rest, so he didn't stay behind to discuss further with Jenny.He wasn't
worried, though—he still had faith in Jenny's abilities.

Lynette stood up and looked at Jenny.

"I'm sorry, Jenny, for disappointing you."

"It doesn't matter whether I'm disappointed or not.You are the person Dad likes, and as long as he's not
disappointed, it's fine."

In Jenny's opinion, how she felt about the situation wasn't that important.

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