Novel Name : When His Eyes Opened By Simple Silence

Chapter 3076

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Joanna pressed her head against Hayden’s forehead, and said, “Then we will never be separated
again. If you work overtime in the future, I will wait for you to come back. If you are on vacation, I will
accompany you.”

Hayden: “Yes.”

The next day, Joanna came to the dessert shop.

Juliette knew Joanna was back, so she came early today.

The two sat at the dining table, chatting while eating dessert.

Joanna spoke first: “Juliette, I should quit the dessert shop.”

Juliette: “Why?”

Joanna: “I can’t come to the store anymore. I plan to study.”

Juliette: “What are you studying?”

Joanna: “Business management.”

“Oh…Are you going to join their family business after you finish your studies?” Although Juliette was
reluctant to leave Joanna, she would not stop her.

Joanna shook her head: “Let’s study and think at the same time! Their family didn’t put any pressure on
me. They will support me in whatever I want to do in the future.”

Juliette yelled: “Joanna, you are too much! Do you know how much your words have hurt me? Not only
is your husband excellent, but your parents-in-law are also in the end… I’m so envious that I want to

Joanna: “Don’t be cry. Didn’t we previously agree that after Hayden and I marry, if there is a single man
nearby, I will introduce you to him?”

Juliette was a little moved, but not much: “I feel that your husband has no friends. He is a workaholic,
and work is his best friend.”

Joanna couldn’t help laughing: “Even if he doesn’t have friends, he must have a partner! Anyway, if I
meet a handsome single guy in the future, I’ll help you pay attention.”

Juliette: “Why are you paying attention? Do you dare to ask others for Whatsapp?”

Joanna paused for a moment: “Since it’s Hayden’s partner, then Hayden must have contact

Juliette: “This is far too inconvenient! In a few days, I’ll send you a personalized phone case. My picture
is on the phone case. You can show the phone case to others if you see a handsome guy in the future.
If you’re looking at me, you can request Whatsapp again. Please do not bother Hayden. We can handle
such trivial matters on our own.”

Joanna couldn’t help giving Juliette a thumbs up.

“Actually, your wedding with Hayden is a very good opportunity. Anyway, I will be your bridesmaid when
the time comes. Doesn’t Hayden have to find a best man? Then I will choose from the best man

“Hahaha!” Joanna was amused by Juliette’s tone.


Dream Maker Group.

After Hayden arrived at the company, he asked Harry to ask Tessa to meet at the company.

After Harry called Tessa, Tessa came to the company soon.

Tessa swaggered past the secretary’s room and entered Hayden’s office.

As soon as Hayden’s office was closed, the secretary’s room exploded.

“What’s the situation with the boss and Ms. Tessa?”

“It’s so obvious, can’t you see it? The boss must have gotten along with Ms. Tessa! After all, the boss
and Ms. Tessa are on the same page, and Ms. Picard obviously can’t be on the stage. You see, Ms.
Picard comes here every week except when delivering desserts. Let’s take a look, I’m sure I’ve never
been here at other times.”

“But when the team was built last time…”

“The boss took her there last time, obviously to play with her. It’s just a free bed partner and babysitter!
To get married, The boss must find a woman from a well-born family like Ms. Tessa.”

Harry walked in with black lines on his face: “Should you gossip louder? If the boss overhears what you
just said, just leave!”

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