Novel Name : We Are Not Getting Remarried: Show Yourself Out

Chapter 1222

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Rachel had a bad attitude. It was mainly because she didn't want to hear Vincent tell her not to be
delusional. Rachel didn't think she could take it. Instead, she took the initiative to say it rather than be
humiliated like this. That way, she could be vindicated, at the very least.

Vincent's brows immediately furrowed tightly. The displeasure in his heart was growing, but he
ultimately suppressed his rage when he thought of what Jeremy had said.

He paused. He looked at Rachel and said in a deep voice, "I didn't mean that. Since such a thing has
happened, I don't plan to avoid it. Rachel, I will take responsibility for you."

Rachel, initially angry, was waiting for Vincent to say something nasty. She had been prepared to shoot
him down but was suddenly startled.

What did he say?

He wants to take responsibility for me?

Did I hear it correctly?

In an instant, Rachel didn't know what to say. She felt that she had misheard. What if she retorted, and
he told her not to flatter herself because he never said such a thing?

At that moment, she suddenly didn't dare to say anything.

Vincent's mood improved as she was lost in thought. At the very least, he didn't hear Rachel retort or

see her unhappy. She was lost in thought and in disbelief at most. He was pleased with such a

He paused and looked at Rachel before saying, "Although what happened was an accident, we
experienced it together. I will take responsibility for you if you want."

This time, Rachel understood it clearly.

She immediately said, "What nonsense are you saying?! How can we be together? When did I ask you
to take responsibility for me?!"

She was astonished that the man before her said he would take responsibility for her.

Rachel took a tiny breath and tried her best to restrain her emotions. Vincent frowned again. "How can I
be kidding if I bring this up? I was also astonished that such a thing happened, but it has already
occurred, so it has to be solved. It just so happens that we want that thing. We don't have to fight over it
if we get together." Rachel immediately looked at him with her guard up. "So you're only saying you'll
take responsibility to get the thing!" Vincent was dumbfounded.

He felt that he couldn't communicate with Rachel normally. He even thought she didn't understand

Didn't I make it clear just now?

"Rachel, can you listen carefully to what I'm saying?"

Rachel looked at him coldly. "Aren't you trying to say that we can get together, then the things will
belong to you?"

Vincent was dumbstruck.

They really had trouble communicating. Vincent shouldn't have brought it up!

He took a breath before raising his hands to massage his temples. He said, "Rachel, I hope you can
calm down and talk to me properly. I said I would take responsibility for you, which means I will be
responsible for you for the rest of my life. Don't you believe me?"

Rachel slowly came to her senses at this moment. He had said it thrice, so she naturally heard it
clearly. This time, she laughed in a rage at the man's words. She said in disdain without hesitation, "Mr.
Shane, do you believe what you said? Take responsibility for me? And then? When some other woman
seduces you, you'll come and tell me we're unsuitable and kick me away. Is this what you mean by
taking responsibility?"

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