Novel Name : I Raised Him Modestly, But He Came Back Obsessed With Me

I Raised Him Modestly, But He Came Back Obsessed With Me - Chapter 1

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There was a voice calling her name in a friendly manner. Cersinia looked up to find the owner of the voice.
Then she saw a man in a uniform walking toward her confidently. The man’s black hair, who was approaching her with great strides, was flapping under the sun. The eyes of this man who has shiny sandy beach like skin were intense. The sharp gaze of those dark violet eyes seemed to shine like the night sky. A straight, high-stretched nose underneath, above his sharp jawline. He was such a good looking man.
As soon as the man came closer step by step, all the muscles that fell off underneath his broad, stiff shoulders twitched in his clothes. Walking with long legs, he was very picturesque like.
‘How did you know my name?’
Cersinia chewed her lips with anxiety. What’s wrong with him knowing my name when I see him for the first time? She was worried that rumors would have spread to other neighborhoods already.
She really wanted to live a quiet life, but she didn’t know where to start. The man stopped in front of Cersinia who was worried, with a serious look on his face. He bowed to her, even kneeling on one knee without hesitation.
“What, what is it?”
Cersinia froze at his sudden action. There was a gentle breeze between the two. Then a strange but familiar scent was exuded.
There was a familiar aroma from this man. Her heart was quivering subtly. The man raised his head and stared at her wrists that were red with rope marks. His persistent gaze at his wrist was as hot as fire. So she moved to hide her hands behind her back because she felt burdened. But his behavior was a step faster. The man held Cersinia’s hand together.
He carefully clenches her hands subtly. He seemed to worry that Cersinia might be hurt. He drew her hot hand in front of his lips. The moist, wet eyes looked at her wrists and kissed them.2
“What is it?”
Her bewildered voice trembled as she helplessly felt a squirm of embarrassment. She was embarrassed by the mushy texture that felt like there was no time to stop.
But she didn’t pull out her captured hand or push him away. Because of the familiar scent that she doesn’t know why. The man had kissed Cersinia’s hand for a long time. It felt affectionate as if she was a precious treasure that he had kept for a long time. Cersinia looked down at him. The man she saw for the first time today was strange but not strange and that confused her.
How long has it passed until he finally separated his lips off her hands. The place where his lips passed in her hand was as hot as fire. The bittersweet feeling made her body exasperatedly shuddered. The man held her longingly in his big wide eyes. Cersinia faced the dark purple eyes that had her reflection.
“No way” Cersinia’s pupils trembled. She was sure that he is a completely different person, that it is nonsense. However, she still opened her mouth because of his familiar look.
What he heard was a voice as beautiful as a bird singing. He was so satisfied by how his name passed her red lips, that he smiled ever so gently.
“My Cersinia, I’ve missed you. “
He smiled with his crescent like eyes, sucking the breaths out of Cersinia.2
Three years ago.
The story of Cinderella, is a story where a commoner heroine catches the eye of the prince and becomes his princess. Cersinia was a shameful villain who is ridiculously strong. Born as the only witch of the Belpar Empire, Cersinia was an all-powerful woman who could freely manipulate the power of fire.
A munchkin that can ignite everything and blow fire, she can release and absorb heat. No one in the Empire could win against her. Thoroughly depicted as a witch, she burned the heroine’s mother and burned half of the empire. That’s not all, she even tried to kidnap and kill the prince. As a result, the prince escaped as the protagonist and stopped her attempt. She was a wicked person in her end and worked all kinds of wrongdoings.
When caught, 15 iron arrows were mercilessly shot at her. An iron arrow that cannot be burned with fire. It was not enough, and in front of everyone’s eyes, he was beheaded by the prince. Blood flowed, and she closed her red blood eyes. The crowd cheered upon her death and the prince was relieved. Her death was thoroughly planned. They have been preparing to kill Cercineia for a long time.
These scenes are made just for the main leads to shine. Cersinia became the victim of the author. Peace came upon the Empire without her. The princess and the Crown Prince sign a hundred year covenant in celebration with everyone’s blessing, and the novel ends. How sick. It’s all just a love story made with a person being sacrificed.
Sitting at the table, she thought of what a bullshit that is. She was restless and nervous there, shaking her legs.
“Are you done like this?”
The sound of sarcastic rumbling as if she had that much nerve was the only thing that upset her. Excited, she took a deep breath.
“Sixteen Black.”
She managed to voice a beautiful tone as she put all the chips on 16 black. On the hot side, the spectators were all clapping. Sitting in the middle of a gambler’s crowd of spectators, she was the main character.
She greeted the light of any gods, who managed to reverse her life. YOLO! She had put all her fortune in gambling, but what is this? God seemed to have favored her so much that she hit the jackpot, and twice in a row at that.
‘God, please. Buddha, please. Whichever god you are. ‘
It’s definitely crazy. But she has done it twice …
She prayed to all the god’s names she ever heard of. The marble in the dealer’s hand fell slowly. Soon after, as if it had been generated in a slow motion scene, the bead went around on top of the roulette disc as it slowed down. 3 seconds. It was only 3 seconds, but it felt as slow as a billion years. She couldn’t hide her anxiety and clenched her hands under the table. In that tenth of seconds, the ball stops.
“Sixteen Black.”
With the dealer’s call, the onlookers cheer roared. Her legs shaken and she stood up. Her rushing anxiety turned into a thrill of joy.
‘Done! Done! It’s the turning point for my life! ‘
The spectators soared with joy. She tried to keep her poker face by trying to hide her sneaky laugh. However, she took a deep breath as she couldn’t hold everything inside. Even her appearance when breathing was beautiful, and the spectators flocked and breathed at once.
“There you go.”
The dealer gave a bitter smile and handed the stacked chips like a pile of heaps.
She swiftly swiped the chips into a sack she had previously packed. She didn’t know it would be like this, but it was a good thing to bring the sack. Eventually, she couldn’t make a polite fake smile and she laughed greedily.
‘Okay, how much is this? I’m really starting a new life. ‘
She took the chips all the way and went to the currency exchange. It’s really over now. She may lose all the money she has won if she progresses further here. She felt like she was going to be blown away. The sack on her shoulder was heavy, but that was a good feeling burden. She was finally a step closer to a wonderful and quiet life.
She is Cersinia, whose aspiration for wealth was fulfilled today. It was the tenth day since she was blessed with Cersinia’s body. Cersinia was a woman with a red like flame hair and white, fine porcelain like skin.
Her rose-like red eyes, elongated nose, and pomegranate like reddish thick lips. At first glance, her appearance is not one that people can easily forget, and her body is even as good. Visibly deep clavicle and slender wrists and ankles. A very vibrant figure. She really is a perfectly looking woman.
However, she was also a very bloody person with a fiery personality. She even had anger control disorder and an inability to control magic whenever she’s angry. No one dares to get close to her, it made her life very lonesome.
“What’s the point of having the looks of the century? I’ve been a loner for life.”
Her death was regarded as the death that she deserves. Readers of the character who used to commit evil acts in harsh manners of course hoped that Cersinia would die the whole time. She was dissatisfied with it. Her character that could have been drawn in a charming way was just used as a tool to provide events. The novel does not specify what caused Cersinia to start her evil deeds. She was just an axis of evil that appeared without probability and created incidents. What an unfortunate character she was to become a tool for the author. It was a death that would make people say, “I feel relieved now that she died.”
What a poor life.
“That doesn’t mean I should live the same way.”
Her voice sounded angry. At first she just thought that this character was pathetic. But when she opened my eyes after the book closed, she didn’t know that she would be Cersinia. She even appeared before the story of the novel began, it was three years before Cersinia appeared as a villain. At first, she resented her fate like crazy.
‘I can’t believe I have to experience brutal death.’ Her eyes went dark.
However, on second thought, there were three years left. It was before the novel started. In addition, Cersinia is caught to be a witch in the middle of the novel.
How about that?
“Nobody knows I’m a witch before that.”
She thought it was God’s will. God’s will for her to live. So she decided to live as she pleases.
Just like how she won money recklessly in a gambling place like this. She never intended to repeat Cersinia’s original deeds because she knew the ending of the novel.
I will live a normal life, not as a witch. Quietly and serenely, without ever dying terribly. Quietly without using magic that may become the source of my problem. But since I’m living, I wanted to live my life. Of course, I needed money to do that.
This place is the only legally operated gambling house in the empire. That’s why she came here today. Cersinia hummed and stepped into the currency exchange with light steps.
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