Novel Name : I Raised Him Modestly, But He Came Back Obsessed With Me

I Raised Him Modestly, But He Came Back Obsessed With Me - Chapter 8

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In a room that is as spacious as the size of a grand dance hall.
“How is it going?”
A solemn voice rang low, as if piercing the floor. Archen said as he was bowing his head to the owner he was serving.
“Sorry. I’m still trying my best to find out.”
“You can’t handle even one thing properly.”
Demeaning words poured from the owner’s mouth. Archen, apologizing more, saying, “I am sorry.”
“Isn’t it urgent?”
The owner, sitting on a spacious single-seat sofa, glanced sharply at Archen. There was no sympathy in his bitter black purple eyes.
“I will find it as soon as possible.”
If he had been someone else, he would not have been able to answer his fears properly, and he would have fallen on his face, but Archen was familiar with what he had been doing for over a decade and staying with his master, although it was inevitable that his back was sweating cold. When it comes to dealing with the owner, it doesn’t change even after decades. It was because of his temperament, that he did not show mercy even to his child. For the owner, people are divided into just two. Useful or useless? It was a rule that applied even to his children.
The owner shook his tongue toward the man lying in the spacious bed. His crumpled expression was full of dissatisfaction, as if he didn’t like the man very much.
Archen moved to the bed with caution. One man was lying on a king-sized bed, where five people could lay down. He is the original owner of this room, and he closed his eyes like a dead man.
The owner of the room had the new white and fluffy blanket covered all the way to his neck. His flimsy lips had already lost their color and had a bluish tint. The bones of his frozen body were revealed out of his hollow cheeks. He was a woolly fowl that had not eaten food for a long time. However, as if he was taken care of well, his lips and skin glossed without cracking.
Like a blanket, his black hair was disheveled on the white pillow. As the autumn leaves reach their end of life and thrash the ground, the sounds of breathing that can be heard inferiorly from him was so weak that it would soon disappear. Even if he said he lost his life tonight, there was nothing wrong with it. Artchen turned his head. He can’t help getting used to it whenever he sees it.
He was not strong enough to comfortably look at the person who is on the verge of death.
As the bright sun turned into a dying glow, the owner raised his body from the sofa and called the steward.
“Yes. Did you ask for me, sir?”
At the call from his owner, the butler Verdic hurriedly opened the door and entered.
“How much time is left.”
“Yesterday, the doctor said that he still has a year or two.”
When the owner glanced at the bed and asked, Verdic answered the question. Archen wanted to cover both ears. He unconsciously closed his eyes instead, how could they talk about the day the man would die in front of him. The owner’s cruelty, which he could not adapt over time, was horrifying.4
“Yes, sir.”
At the call of the owner, Archen hurriedly bowed.
“Whatever you do, put that person in front of my eyes.”
“Yes sir.”
“If that person refuses, you can bring the limbs out of the way. If you don’t make them into fire, then they are useless.”
“… Sir.”
(t/n: it does not specify whether it’s a man/woman, nor if it’s a person or a thing. I will have to check more into future chapters to find out! But let’s keep our curiosity fresh and be surprised together XD)
In his remarkable remark, Archen swallowed his command by swallowing a dry saliva. He quickly went on his way after greeting pardon. His pale tired face was showing how strained he was now that he is not in the front of his master anymore.
Archen left the mansion and began to investigate again. His body itself is a subject to this family. The right to refuse the master’s order was not given in the first place. He had to find that person as soon as possible and put that person in front of the owner. That was what this clan, his master, wanted. So even if he broke some limbs, he had to drag it.2
Chersenia opened the kitchen cupboard for lunch to simply bake for a meal. She pushed the plates and took out a large bowl that was storing flour. Normally, it is normal for the bowl to feel heavy. But what is this lightness of a feather? It was strange.
‘Oh shit… .’
The inside was empty. The flour is dripping. She was embarrassed by the unexpected depletion of food. The amount of food she could eat if she was alone for more than a week was shortened after one more mouth was added into the equation. There was no money for her to go to the market because she had to go all-in at the gambling house by taking even the money to buy a piece of bread.
‘If only I got the money properly.’
This would not have happened if the chips that filled the bag were properly settled, isn’t it? If it had been settled, there would have been no work to bring Ben, so food would not have been finished this quickly either. She quickly put away the thoughts out of her mind and the bowl was put back in the cupboard and closed.
“Why is it, Chersenia?”
Ben asked, looking at the cupboard closing. Only then, Chersenia was eager and determined.
She turned around and looked at him as sharp as possible. She can never say that she is running out of food. He must be blaming himself for eating too much.
“I want to eat meat, it’s been so long since I’ve had one, so I have to look at the market.”
“I will go with you too!”
Ben glanced at her eyes and raised one arm flashing. He seemed like a student who was anxious to give a presentation during class.
“You stay at home. I’ll go alone.”
Unfortunately, she shook her head and refused. She was thinking of making money by selling accessories she had. She shouldn’t have to show such a bad look in front of Ben. For the week she brought him as a collateral, she wanted Ben to have nothing to worry about and to be comfortable.1
“I want to help lift your bags…”
Ben glanced down at his raised arm and shot a pathetic glance.
“No no.”
Chersenia said, avoiding Ben’s gaze quickly. She almost fell for his good look. There’s something in that look that makes people feel agitated. She avoided his eyes because she was sure she would take it at his will if she kept looking.
“No, I’ll be going alone.”
She was moved again by the desperate voice of him calling her name, but she refused with a strong heart. Chersenia is heading for the dressing table. She really didn’t want to show Ben that she has to sell her accessories because she didn’t have money.
When she stepped into the room, she saw a dressing table in the corner. The dressing table boasted the end of its splendor. A silver dressing table with an impressive gold pattern contrasting with the interior of an old cottage. She likes to dress up so much that she didn’t spare any money for clothes, goods, jewelry, even if the house looked like a beggar’s house.
The luxury goods were always new and shiny, regardless of the house’s maintenance. There was a reason why she wasted all the money her parents left me. Even the handle opener of the dresser drawer is fancy. There were now only a few stones left in it. At one time, the jewels, which were so tightly displayed because the drawers were full of jewels, were almost sold out and few were left.
Before she possessed Chersenia, she sold her tearful safe jewelry because she had no money to live on because of her thoughtless extravagance.
‘That’s a relief, I would have starved without this.’
She picked up a silver ring that was in the empty drawer. At this rate, they’ll probably have enough money to buy two weeks’ worth of food. She put a ring on her white long index finger. She only wore a ring, which was as splendid in the hand of a noble lady. As expected, she’s a lady who looks good in everything.
Chersenia closed the drawer and picked up the black hood hanging on the wall. She remembered the eyes that were pouring at her in the gambling place, so she took the hood this time. In the novel, Chersenia wore a black hood whenever she went outside.
The reason was that the flies were so tangled with her outstanding beauty that it was annoying. A few days ago, there were quite a few people who were flirting with her at the gambling house. The glances that were poured at her as if she were a hot commodity, were all over the place.
She’d better not face those annoying moments because she’s just going to go grocery shopping. She also wore a hat that was worn behind her hood.
“Isn’t it too dangerous alone?”
Ben had a sullen face when he entered the room with a weak step.
“I’m more worried that you’re alone. Okay, stay here. Don’t break the dishes again.”
Ben couldn’t possibly refute and reply back to the request.
“I’ll be right back.”
She smiled at Ben, who came to greet her goodbye at the door. Ben seemed to have given up, knowing that she would not take him no matter what he did. May the plates be all right while she’s not confident.2
“Yes, I’ll be waiting.”
He had a slight smile on his face. Chersenia went out through the door that Ben opened. The wind was refreshing as it brushed against her cheeks.
She went slowly down the hill with light steps. It took a while from the cabin in the forest to the village. If she walks diligently, she will arrive in 20 minutes. As she was going down the hill, Chersenia turned her head, wondering if he had done a good job of locking the door. Then Ben smiled broadly and shook one arm loudly, perhaps waiting for her to turn back. At his innocent appearance, Chersenia smiled and hurried her steps.
The word “wait” made her feel pretty good. The cold air used to greet her whenever she entered the house. It made her look forward to seeing someone waiting for her in that cold house.
‘Beef would be better than chicken stew.’
Ben’s greetings made a rising from chicken to beef in her good mood.
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