Novel Name : I Raised Him Modestly, But He Came Back Obsessed With Me

I Raised Him Modestly, But He Came Back Obsessed With Me - Chapter 12

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The old cabin was filled with barbeque smoke and a fragrant smell. It wasn’t the scent of wheat flour or the boiling of the soup. The smell, which strongly stimulates the salivary glands, was the smell of the meat as it aired.
The red-hot meat was roasting on a pan. The brownish golden appearance was as tasty as the mouthwatering steak.
“It’s all done, please wait a minute.”
Ben, who rolled up his sleeves up to his arms and eagerly grilled the meat, groaned with the oil of the meat occasionally splashing, but was doing it well on his own. Originally, Chersenia was planning to do it on her own, but it was futile because Ben was asking to do it himself. It is dangerous if she got splashed by the oil.
She watched Ben with doubtful eyes, afraid he would make a mistake. But Ben was quite skillfully flipping the meat over it made her feel bad for doubting him. Chersenia turned her eyes out of the window with confidence. She bought meat for lunch, but the sunset was setting in the golden hour.
The blue sky was embroidered in red, and the green leaves were brightly colored. Chersenia dazed for a moment, looking at the calm landscape.
Why did the Viscount’s guys do that? Why came up so hastily? She was also in doubt.
‘I wonder if the Viscount will take away the collateral without a word? So maybe I wouldn’t be able to get the money?’
No matter how much she thinks about it, she couldn’t find the answer. But why did they come up to her village? It has only been a few days. If Ben and her were in the middle of the market, it would have been…
From the moment of her occupying the body of Chersenia, she pledged that she would live as a normal person, not a villain, but if the novel began, she might be dragged into the story powerlessly. Even if she wants to be ordinary, she may be destined to die on her throat after all…
Since the story hasn’t started yet, nothing is certain. Chersenia was a fictional villain in the novel, the only witch to kill and burn people randomly. It is difficult to give her side to someone and join them. So there is nothing better to have compassion for Ben. He was a collateral, and after three days, she would take him to the Viscount and exchange it for money.
‘What’s the deal with the Viscount?’
It was clear that there was something wrong with the Viscount looking for her by now. It would not be bad to be careful first.
“Please eat, Chersenia.”
Chersenia deviated her mind from the thought in Ben’s voice. He put a plate perfectly down on the table until the plating. On top of the plate, there were two loaves of meat and overcooked egg potatoes. The thick, thick sirloin with the aroma of meat that stimulated the sense of smell was delicious.
She went down to town because they couldn’t eat and ran out of food. She was hungry. First of all, she has to fill it from the stomach to be able to think about other things later.
After a long time, the meat was eaten spontaneously in the mouth of Chersenia. She cut the meat using a knife and fork. It was a medium rare, with a crisp dark color on the outside and a moist red color on the inside. The bite-sized meat was taken without hesitation.
‘Meat is indeed… .’
Chersenia tasted a little happiness. As soon as it enters her mouth, the juice spreads and the scent of the meat fills her mouth. It had a thicker chewing texture, and she felt better eating the meat.
“Please eat this.”
Ben swapped the plate of Chersenia with his plate of meat that is more easily eaten since it’s chopped. He wanted her to focus effortlessly on eating without much difficulty. Although he said he was hungry, he smiled happily while watching Cherseinia, who enjoyed her delicious meat.
“Yeah? It’s okay.”
Cheseinia looked at Ben in surprise at his unexpected kindness. Ben showed a loving laugh as he saw her chewing the meat well.
“Please enjoy.”
Ben even chopped the meat in front of her into half and put it on Chersenia’s plate.
“It’s okay, I can’t eat everything. You should eat too.”
Chersenia tried to return the meat with her hands, but Ben lifted the dish out of her reach and rolled it back.
“I’d be glad if you enjoy it, Chersenia.”
Ben blushed shyly and lowered his gaze. Dumbfounded by his reaction, Chersenia stopped her hand from moving the meat on her fork.
‘What’s wrong with him?’
She forgot to swallow the meat in her mouth. Ben’s usual tone was similar, but his response was slightly different. Like a shy adolescent boy with his first love in front of him..4
Chersenia looked at Ben with her open eyes narrowed. The fact that he couldn’t even look at her side for a moment seemed like he was hiding his feelings.
‘Oh, come on.’
It went too far. How long has Ben known her for? Chersenia dismissed it as her own illusion.
“Hurry up and eat before it gets cold.”
Ben took the potatoes to his mouth. His red ears were ripe for grumbling at the food. At this sight, Chersenia felt an unknown pain in her heart. She wants to make him more red, and tease him about his shy face moreover…1
Chersenia was startled by her own thoughts and let out a strange sound. Ben raised his head and looked at Chersenia.
“Oh, no! Eat!”
The moment she met his innocent eyes, her face turned red.
‘Are you crazy? What a load of crap!’
Chersenia was embarrassed and quickly focused on her plate and ate her food.
“Yes, take your time.”
He seemed to have become a wolf coveting a cinderela in front of him. Her face, red with embarrassment and shame, did not return to its color quickly.
‘Is it a desire or complaint? …….’
Moreover, he’s like a younger brother. How can she think of a younger brother like that?
‘You’re crazy! You’re crazy.’
Chersenia shook her head. She thought she must have been out of her mind to think of this crazy idea. She stuffed the meat into her mouth. Now, it was urgent not to think in vain.
“Ugh, Kueh!”
She was in a hurry to eat, so she didn’t even chew properly, and the meat got stuck in her throat. The choking opened Chersenia’s eyes.
“Chersenia, are you all right?”
Ben quickly thrust out the cup he had received. Chersenia rushed Ben to grab her cup. At this moment his hands met hers. Then Ben took off his hand, surprised as if he had static electricity.
What a mess. Water spilled from the cup that fell on the table. Chersenia stared at Ben with vain eyes, constantly choking for the air.
“Oh, I’m sorry!”
Embarrassed, Ben scurried back to get the water and held out the cup. This time, Chersenia, who received the right message, drank the water at once. She looked as if she was finally going to live as the meat on top went down her throat.
“Well, I’m gonna go get some fresh air.”
His face was like a ripe red beet, and his ears were red like strawberries, so Ben ran straight.
Left alone at the table, Chersenia stared blankly at Ben’s back.
‘Really…? “
Ben’s emotions, which seemed transparent, made her face flutter. She felt as if someone was tickling her heart with a dog’s tail. This was an emotion that would be recognized even by a tactless person.
The sudden revelation of his emotion made Chersenia scratched her face with embarrassment. But that was also for a while. Chersenia started eating again, alone.
Even if she knew his feelings, Ben sneaked into the room and lay down on the blanket when it was time to sleep. His regular breathing sound is very annoying.
‘This bastard was embarrassed earlier, right?’
Chersenia glanced at Ben to get up. She was ashamed of herself, but she didn’t know why she couldn’t sleep properly for God’s sake. She felt the heat and her body warmed up.
She sighed for a long time to cool down the heat in my mouth. However, the effect was insignificant. Rather, the heat returned to her body, and more heat was leaking.
“You are sleeping, aren’t you?”
Chersenia grumbled as if something bothered her. She thought something must have been wrong right now, so she pulled her knee and wrapped it in her arms. Chersenia leaned face to face on her knees. Then Ben’s face appeared in her gaze.
“You are handsome. Really.”
Admiration came out of her mouth. Ben looks handsome when he looks down, looks backwards, or closes his eyes. It looks like he’s still lacking a small amount of flesh on his face and there’s an aesthetic weakness because of his malnutrition. If he becomes healthy, HE will be more handsome than ever to wield the hearts of women.
Ben shook his mouth quietly. Long, neat lashes stretched straight under his closed eyelids. Chersenia felt the urge to touch his eyelashes.
“Hyuk, crazy.”
Chersenia was amazed by her own crazy thought.
‘Am I a pervert?’
Chersenia struggled, looking at Ben, and lying on the bed again. If she was to look at Ben’s face a little longer, she might have really touched his eyelashes. She looked at the ceiling with wide open eyes.
“My taste is like this?”1
She was surprised at the emotions she is feeling right now. It wasn’t that Ben liked her, but she was acting like she liked Ben.
‘Is Ben also… about me?’
He’s just surprised because he has never touched a woman’s hand. She guess it makes sense. Ben was sleeping just fine next to her, as if to prove it.
‘I was the only one who couldn’t sleep. No, why the hell am I like this? Are you like a sister who wants to protect a younger brother? I couldn’t believe it.’
She always boasted that she likes a man with thick bones and bulky appearances. She often thought of it when she saw men with bulging muscles and wide shoulders like the Pacific Ocean, but Ben was far too different. His height is similar to herself, his skin is white, and his whole appearance makes Ben look more like a younger brother than a man.1
Of course, it was long enough to make Ben go beyond her taste. Still, what are you saying about a pervert towards a younger brother? Chersenia buried her face in the pillow. She strongly denied herself and forced her eyes to sleep.
“Uh, help me.”
But with her hearing his moaning, Chersenia opened her eyes again.2
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