Novel Name : I Raised Him Modestly, But He Came Back Obsessed With Me

I Raised Him Modestly, But He Came Back Obsessed With Me - Chapter 14

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Cersinia’s shoulders flinched at the word of collateral. Viscount Montene caught it with his hawk’s eyes, then stared at the collateral standing next to her with sharp eyes.
‘Come to think of it, the slave was fatter than when he was here.’
It looked like she took care of him with the utmost sincerity, even healing his wounds. His shaggy hair was shortened, and he gained weight. His figure looks much better. Obviously, he was small and slender, but he became bigger when he couldn’t see him.
‘Did she get attached to that thing?’ Viscount Montene was watching Cersinia closely with his squinted eyes.
‘Is it okay to be like this?’ Cersinia was hesitant.
First of all, she came to receive the money, but when Viscount Montene said that Ben was collateral, her blood was cooling down. Can she really let Ben go like this? Is she confident that she will never regret it for the rest of her life? Cersinia bit her mouth. Her clenched hand was trembling.
“Cersinia,” Ben called her name affectionately and held her clenched fist carefully.
Cersinia’s head turned towards Ben. As she met his eyes for the first time that day, Ben gave her the brightest smile. It was as if he was telling her that he was okay, and she didn’t have to worry about him. Ben was neither disappointed nor resentful or feeling greedy. He was just humbly accepting this situation, as he always did.
Cersinia felt her heart grow heavy. It felt like a large lump was clogging her throat.
Viscount Montene was watching the two of them sternly, then smiled strangely. It was clear that something had happened between the two of them in a week. When he saw her hesitant attitude, he realized at once what she was contemplating about. It was clear that she was contemplating whether to take the slave with her or not. Things can’t go wrong, so he breaks the silence first.
“Don’t worry too much. He will go to a good place.”
“If it’s a good place, where is that?” A cold voice came out of Cersinia’s mouth.
She, who was younger than Viscount Montene, had been talking informally since earlier, but Viscount Montene didn’t really care about it. Rather, he seems to want more to destroy her who was being confident and arrogant. Viscount Montene shrugged as he scanned her lower lip.
“A known Count said he would take care of that child.”
It wasn’t wrong. Although all his life, he will only enjoy the secret service with Count Enitio. Viscount Montene giggled inwardly as it was funny.
Cersinia turned her head and looked at Viscount Montene. In a short moment, anguish flashed her red eyes.
“Cersinia, don’t worry too much.”
Ben smiled at Cersinia without hesitation.
Cersinia calms her nerves at Ben’s voice, then asks the Viscount, “When will you bring Ben to the Count?”
Viscount Montene’s eyebrows twitched at the word ‘Ben’. It seems that she even gave the slave a name. Viscount Montene smiled as if it were ridiculous.
“He’ll go over to the capital tomorrow morning.”
“The Count…”
Cersinia pondered. ‘Is Ben going to live a normal life while working at the County?’ She thought it would be better for him than working at the construction site. Cersinia, who couldn’t understand the Viscount’s intention, was a little relieved.
Viscount Montene nodded to Lewis and instructed him. Lewis put the bag of money down in front of Cersinia.
“Check it out. It’s 30 million shillings.”
Cersinia was still tightening her lips. She bit so hard that blood would come out after a while.
Viscount Montene flapped his hand at Lewis. If the slave disappears from his sight, he will move as he wants.
“Take the slave to the basement right now.”
At Viscount’s instructions, Lewis immediately headed to Ben’s side. Ben was sad to see Lewis approaching him, but he released his hand that held Cersinia. He clenched his fists without hesitation as if trying to remember her body temperature.
Soon Ben’s legs, which were attached to the floor, moved slowly. He went first, knowing that Cersinia wouldn’t be able to send him directly. Because he knew Cersinia was like that, so he followed Lewis without hesitation. He knew all too well that if he was greedier, it would only become a nuisance to Cersinia. Ben never looked back. He fears that his impure heart will want to hold onto her face once more.
‘It might be better for him to live in the County…’
Cersinia’s feet, as he looked at Ben’s disappearance from the back, stopped shaking. It might be better than letting him intervene in a fate he doesn’t even know. She tried to comfort herself. When the staff and Ben went down to the basement, she flashed her red eyes and had a private chat with Viscount Montene.
PR: Cersinia’s feet, as she looked at Ben’s back disappearing, stopped shaking. It might be better than letting him intervene in a fate he doesn’t even know. She tried to comfort herself. When the staff and Ben went down to the basement, she flashed her red eyes and had a private chat with Viscount Montene.
“Why did you search for me?”
Viscount Montene hardened his face as her flaming eyes looked at him.
‘How did she know?’
At the sudden question, he was blanked out. She was staring at him as if she was going to burn him to death at any moment. Even her red eyes made his spine shiver.
“What are you talking about…”
Viscount Montene was consistent with the plan of pretending not to know. He thought she wouldn’t have any evidence anyway.
“Did you think I didn’t know that you sent men looking around for me?” Cersinia snorted at the absurd pretense from Viscount.
“I-I just wanted to deliver the money to you,” said Viscount Montene, who urgently made an excuse .
It seemed to be a good excuse, so he felt relieved, but her burning eyes didn’t calm down as if they were engulfed in flames.
“If you do stupid things, I won’t let you go.”
Cersinia was in a very unpleasant mood right now. She still felt guilt about selling Ben. She didn’t even know that the heat was leaking out of her body. Since her emotions became intense, strong heat was spreading around her. Viscount Montene felt like his whole body was being squeezed by an unknown heat.
‘Is this… the mysterious power?’ Viscount Montene swallowed his saliva at the fearful but interesting appearance.
“Gasp!” Lewis, who came up all of a sudden, coughed out in the scorching heat. It seemed that the crazy woman was trying to use her powers again. Lewis tried to stop his trembling body from fear as much as possible. However, reluctantly, his hands trembled  while holding out the receipt to Cersinia.
“P-Please put your name and signature here…”
Cersinia glanced at the receipt. She, who looked at the receipt without a word, lost in thought for a long time, then reluctantly took the pen and signed it. Both Viscount and Lewis were relieved from the heat that had crushed them.
Cercinia, who had been agonizing for a long time and looked at the receipt silently, reluctantly received a pen and signed the receipt.
Cercinia looked down at her hand, which Ben had clasped. For a moment, his temperature brushed past her and made her hand felt cold. It looks like she has never held anyone’s hand before.
‘It’s done. I already sent him…’
It was already over. She has already sent him away. Cersinia picked up a bag of money at her feet. Normally, she could easily carry it, but it was so heavy that her fingers were numb today.
While staring at her back, Viscount Motene gave instructions.
“Follow her.”
Two of his subordinates, who were hiding behind the sofa under the order from Viscount, went out to follow Cersinia. Viscount Montene confirmed the name on the receipt Lewis handed over.
“Cersinia…” a word full of lust leaked out of his mouth. Her neck was hidden in the robe, but it caught his sight and made his blood boil. He tried to get rid of her right away, but there wouldn’t be a problem if he got rid of her after playing with her. He was excited thinking of Cersinia, who would cry under him.
* * *
Cersinia, who returned home straight away, threw the bag of money on the floor.
She lay down on the bed. After doing so, she didn’t count whether the amount of money was right. She felt very uncomfortable and unpleasant. Ben’s smiling face to reassure her was constantly tormenting her heart.
Her head was aching terribly.
“It would be better for him to stay in the County.”
It will be safer than by her side. Because she can’t take responsibility for Ben’s life. Cersinia struggled to give justification for her actions. But she couldn’t do that.
The voice that was calling her in a friendly tone lingered in her ears.
“Yes, it’s pretty.”
The face was smiling like a pear blossom was drawn in her head. Cersinia closed her eyes as if trying not to recall anymore. She felt the night took so long to come the following day.
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