Novel Name : I Raised Him Modestly, But He Came Back Obsessed With Me

I Raised Him Modestly, But He Came Back Obsessed With Me - Chapter 20

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Dawn began to rise. The blue dawn twilight was quite cold even though it was summer due to heavy rain falling for three days.
“Is this the right place?”
White breath flowed out with a solemn voice. A man who was wandering around the rubble that had been burned to ashes stopped next to Archen.
“Yes, they said he was here for a while.”
Archen looked at the trees soaked in water that had become black charcoal. From the sheer amount of rubble, he could deduce that there must have been a fairly large cabin here. The ashes that fell without a trace also showed how fierce the flames of the day were.
“They didn’t burn together.”
“Yes, there’s someone who has seen them at the dock.”
“We are one step late.”
Archen’s eyes, looking at the cabin, were relaxed. But his heart was impatient. He had to bring that person to his master as soon as possible. There is not much time left. After a long search, he found out where that person was. As soon as he heard the news, he rushed to here, but they had already disappeared.
Archen walked over the ashes, sweeping up his annoying bangs. Scorched trees rustle and crumble under his feet. There were several items that were supposed to have been used in the cabin. Archen’s steps, which had been making a large circle on the ashes, stopped for a moment. Among the black traces under his feet, something with gleaming color caught his eyes. Archen gathered the ashes in his hand and picked up the gleaming object.
“Is that person living with someone?”
What was in his hand was a necklace. The collar was scorched, but the jewels embedded in it were shining blue without losing their color. Archen looked at the traces a little more. Then several accessories were found. They were all luxury items with a design and taste that women would wear.
Archen stretched out his bent back. Since the person, he was looking for was around 19 years old this year, and was old enough to live with the opposite sex. But his master only wants that person. If that person doesn’t want to let go of his companion, they have no choice but to force them apart.
“Hurry up. We don’t have much time left.”
Archen gave that order and left the forest. The remaining time was not long.
* * *
Cersinia and Ben wandered with a wagon for three days. Because her power was discovered, she could no longer live in that village. She didn’t know what kind of lush rumors would go around until her neck is pierced by an arrow. Ben also wanted to start anew in a new place, so they decided to go far away. They decided to go to the warm south rather than the cold north.
While riding the carriage, they got off at a suitable place, walked, then rode a wagon again. They didn’t have a specific destination. It was just until they found a village they liked. On the third day after wandering, Ben and Cersinia found a village they liked quite a bit and settled there.
The village named Mulain was created by people without a lord. If they settled in the land with a lord, the lord’s land would cause headaches due to the complicated move-in process. It was a perfect village for Ben, whose identity was unclear, and Cersinia, a commoner, to live.  The two were able to get a small house with the help of the village chief. It was a bit far from the village, but it was rather nice because it was quiet. They were used to living in silence since living in the cabin in the forest.
“Cersinia, look at this!”
Ben looked at the bracelet made of thin threads in an excited voice. The two were shopping together. To throw away Ben’s bulky clothes and buy new ones along with necessities and groceries. Even after buying a house, there was quite a lot of money left, so they had enough money to live on even if they didn’t work for several years.
“I think it would suit Cersinia well.”
“It’s pretty.”
Cersinia looked closely at the bracelet Ben was holding. The bracelet with red and blue threads intertwined was pretty at first glance.  It was a bracelet made of only threads, but it was unique in shape made by twisting several strands. Ben smiled and squeezed the bracelet in his hand as if he liked it.
“Should I buy it?”
“What? N-No.”
Ben was startled and put the bracelet he was holding back to its place. Cersinia tilted her head. He said it would look good on her, but why he didn’t want her to buy it?
“Why? You said it would suit me well.”
“L-Looking at it now, I don’t think it’s good.”
“Is that so?”
She looked at Ben with a puzzled look, who suddenly changed his words.
“Shall we take a look over there?”
Ben quickly left his seat, avoiding Cersinia’s eyes. Cersinia inadvertently looked at the bracelet on the display stand and walked along with Ben. She liked living here. It’s only been a few days, but no one has commented or paid much attention to her appearance.  The chief did not ask why Ben and herself came here. People just treated Ben and herself as strangers who had settled in this village.
Most of the people here made a living by selling handicrafts. It is said that they make products that are mainly made by hand, such as handmade accessories, ceramics, and woodwork, then deliver them to the capital. In particular, the woodworks of Mulain village were quite famous. So, most of the men in the village were carpenters, and the woodworks were mostly sold in village markets. It was difficult to work in the heat on a summer day like now, so they like to work in light clothes. Among them, several carpenters did not even wear tops. Cersinia’s gaze naturally turned to the carpenters. Most of the carpenters were naturally tanned, copper-colored skin and muscles that had been honed from life rather than exercise.
Ben called Cersinia, who was looking at the handicrafts. But he didn’t get an answer. He hurriedly looked around and saw Cersinia walking slowly from a few steps away. Her eyes were fixed on one place. Ben’s head naturally turned to where she was looking. He saw carpenters working hard at the carpentry shop.
Most of the carpenters who cut wood and sweat in the heat were men with strong muscles. Ben’s smiling face slowly hardened. The corners of his mouth, which had always risen toward Cersinia, were firmly closed in a straight line. He turned back and walked towards Cersinia. His steps were pretty rough.
“Your jaw is about to fall off.”
Cersinia closed her mouth, which she had unknowingly opened.
‘Damn, when did I open my mouth like this?’ Her face turned slightly red in embarrassment.
Ben grunted at Cersinia, who was trying to make up excuses in embarrassment.
“So Cersinia’s ideal type were guys like that.”
Ben looked at the carpenters again. Their exposed forearms all looked firm. He looked at the carpenters and his arm alternately. Unlike them, his arms were white and thin, so he looked weak. The carpenter’s arms were twice bigger than his arms. The carpenter’s tendons rose to their fullest every time they hit the ax. Ben hurriedly pulled down his sleeves to hide his revealed arms because he was ashamed of his body.
“No, well, I don’t like men who look strong,” Cersinia replied, scratching her cheek.
Her original ideal type were men with copper-colored skin and muscular. Men with reliable and broad shoulders to show off that they are men. But these days, it seems to be changed to the white, slender, beautiful face.
At her answer, Ben was sullen. His shoulders dropped like fallen leaves. His eyes dropped down like a puppy in the rain. Cersinia giggled as she saw Ben kicking a pebble. Ben’s reaction was cute, so she wanted to tease him a little more, but she thought he would cry if she did that, so she decided to stop here.
“Let’s go.”
Ben’s steps following Cersinia were weak. Even after seeing him like that, Cersinia pretended not to know. Her steps were light with a recalled feeling. She doesn’t understand why she feels good.
“Ben, don’t you want to know your real name”?
After shopping, they left the market and were on their way to their house. They bought a lot of things, so they had a lot of stuff to carry. Ben said it was heavy, so he would bring all of them on his own. Ben’s hand carried a lot of things, and Cersinia’s hand had nothing. She is thankful for his consideration.
Ben didn’t know much about Cersinia’s power. Ben didn’t know that she was strong, nor what happened to the viscount. He didn’t ask her. It doesn’t matter if the viscount is dead or alive. He didn’t want to think about such trivial things because he was happy living with Cersinia.
“Well, I also want to know. Because I think the name my mother gave me was pretty good.”
“Is that so?”
“But I prefer the name Cersinia gave me!” Ben shouted urgently.
He’s afraid that his current name will be seen as something he doesn’t like. He was delighted with the name Cersinia gave him. And it was so nice when she called his name with those red lips. He also liked the feeling that made his chest flutter every time she called his name. Cersinia hardened her expression then smirked at Ben’s words.
‘And someone said it’s no use to raise a boy.’ She clicked her tongue inside while thinking about that statement.
Ben laughed as if he was in a good mood. Cersinia responded to him by saying yes.
* * *
The next day.
Ben woke up early in the morning and left the house, saying he had something to do for a while. Cersinia, who was left alone after a long time, felt awkward in silence. She has been together with Ben from the moment they left the cabin. Ben already being a part of her life, so she felt strange to be alone.
Cersinia was satisfied with her life, different from the original story. She was also very good at hiding her powers. She just thought it would be good to live normally day by day, just like yesterday, as well as today and tomorrow.
She looked out the window at the scenery. Unlike the scenery in the cabin located in the forest, the scenery of apple trees and small houses was like a picture hung in a frame. She put the tea in her mouth. The subtle scent stimulated the tip of her nose and warmed her body. It was the first time she had free time after possessing the body of Cersinia.
“When will he be back?”
She let out a small smile as she saw herself waiting for Ben quite naturally. It was such an easy thing to do, and she felt like a fool to think about it all this time.
When Ben returned home, the sun was already up in the sky. Contrary to how depressed he looked all day yesterday, Ben returned with a very broad smile. Cersinia drank her tea and looked at Ben as she opened the door.
“Did something good happen?”
Ben steps toward her with high spirits.
“I got a job.”
“A job?”
‘Why did he get a job? Even if he doesn’t work, we have plenty of money.’
Looking at her tilted head, Ben inflated his chest.
“I’m a carpenter now.”
His lips drew an arc so big that the corners of his mouth caught his ears. Ben’s red face had the biggest smile ever. He was waiting for Cersinia’s lips to open as if to praise him. Seeing Ben like that, Cersinia’s lips rose softly. She seemed to understand why he decided to become a carpenter. She liked that he couldn’t hide his feelings.
Ben was mesmerized by Cersinia’s smiling face. The urge to kiss her was brimming with her pleasantly curved lips. But he didn’t want to ruin this happy time because of his desire. It was enough for him to be by her side. He smiled brighter, trying to suppress his desire.
A warm breeze blew in through the open window. Everything was peaceful that day.
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