Novel Name : I Raised Him Modestly, But He Came Back Obsessed With Me

I Raised Him Modestly, But He Came Back Obsessed With Me - Chapter 51

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Limapheus was sitting next to his father, the Emperor, during a meeting. He glanced at all the passing subjects, with a bored expression. He was slowly getting annoyed by the old men that had been talking for hours over trivial matters.
“Your Majesty, isn’t it too early to decide what to do with Count Dexter?”
“That’s right. And to hand over the temporary authority to the Grand Duke Shorevarce, when it hasn’t been long since he became the Grand Duke. How could Your Majesty trust the Grand Duke and hand over the authority to him?”
Limapheus’s eyebrows twitched slightly as he listened. Duke Kailos was sitting proudly among those who brought up the topic. Kailos probably knew that the Grand Duke was involved in depriving his vassal, Count Dexter, of his authority. Therefore, it was clear that he was the one who convinced the bureaucrats to talk about this.
‘That sly old fox.’
It was obvious whose pockets the money, Count Dexter had laundered, had gone. However, Limapheus had to wait for the right moment to reveal that information, or the Imperial family could be in danger.
“It is only temporary authority. As soon as the situation is settled, we can discuss the issue of this territory again.”
Limapheus’s sharp answer made the old nobles hold back on showing that they were dissatisfied with that answer. The real problem was not that Count Dexter was stripped of his title but that the Count’s territory was temporarily under Alexdemikan’s authority.
The Emperor clearly said that it was temporary and the Grand Duke, several times, said that he would not engage in political matters. But those old fox, never believed him and mocked him as if they were going to gain something from it. The thing is, they couldn’t stand other people having more influence then them. It was mainly because they wanted to take care of their affairs, without anyone interfering. So, if Alexdemikan gained the slightest bit of power, they would be the first to oppose it. Even Limapheus, as the Crown Prince, was fine with that, but they were more upset than him with fear their power would decrease.
“The Crown Prince is right. But, are you insinuating that you have objection about the Count’s punishment?”
The Emperor said with dark glare, but then smile at his son to show his satisfaction.
“Y-Your Majesty! It’s not like that. H-How could we, lowly servants, dare?!”
“Do you have anything else to say?”
The Emperor’s fierce eyes and solemn voice caused the bureaucrats to shut up.
The bureaucrats looked at each other and eventually shut their mouths.
“Well, I heard that Count Dexter had a meeting with Duke Kailos before he was captured.”
Limapheus said nonchalantly. It was to keep Duke Kailos in check and to remind him who had the most power.
“It’s something I was not aware of,” Kailos replied with a frown.
He and Count Dexter met because of the overlordship of the land, but Kailos was smart enough no to get involved with anything relating Count Dexter right now.
“Is that so? I guess I was wrong.”
Limapheus smiled slightly at Kailos’s answer.
“That’s it for today.”
Finally, the boring meeting ended. Limapheus followed the Emperor and stood up. After a brief conversation with his father, out of the bureaucrats sight, he walked down the hallway, unraveling his neatly combed hair with his hands.
He didn’t like having his bangs up, so he always kept them down unless he had an official event to partake in. There was just one reason he liked his bangs down…he looked better that way. He took off his uncomfortable uniform and unbuttoned his shirt, which had been fastened all the way to his neck.
It was bothering him the whole time. Now he felt like he could breath better.
“Your highness, are you done?”
Eric, his aide, who was waiting in the hallway, found Limapheus, and followed behind him.
“Yes. Those old men get more talkative these days.”
Why did they have such a long meeting for a trivial agenda if they had nothing to gain?
“If you get bored, at least hide it with that poker face of yours.”
Limapheus grumbled and walked to his office. He still has a pile of paperwork to deal with today, but he already felt tired.
“Your Highness, it is said that the Grand Duke has come back to the capital.”
“What? When?”
Limapheus looked at Eric with a surprised expression since the news was very unexpected.
“It hasn’t been long since he came back.”
“Really? I’ll have to go see him soon.”
After hearing Alex’s name quite a lot today, Limapheus remembered the first time he met him. He will never forget those dark purple eyes which were as sharp as a hungry beast. His eyes were so empty that Limapheus could hardly believe that he was alive. It’s only after a long time that he understood the feeling behind those eyes… hatred.
“And it is said that he returned to the Grand Duchy with a woman.”
“Woman? Are you sure it’s a woman?”
Limapheus stopped on his track. He was so surprised that his eyes grew wide.
‘It’s definitely that woman.’
The woman Alex had been looking for. The one who made Alex, who wanted nothing and had no motivation, react.
‘Isn’t her name Cersinia?’
“He must have finally brought her here.”
It was such an interesting news that Limapheus completely forgot about the boring meeting. He then started walking, but this time his steps were lighter as he was excited to leave the hallway.
“Your Highness, the office is not that way.”
“I know. I’m going to the Grand Duchy right now.”
“You can’t.”
“You have a lot of work to do right now, so you are not going anywhere.”
Eric spread his arms out in front of him as a way to stop him.
“I’ll be right back. Just for a short time.”
“No. Go after you finish your work.”
Eric’s face was determined as if he could never allow it. Limapheus turned to his office, ruffling his hair with an irritated expression.
“Huu, damn it.”
He wanted to run and see Alex’s woman right away, but he couldn’t ignore Eric, his father’s minion. Otherwise, Eric will report it to his father right away. That’s why having a competent aide is also a problem since there is no flexibility.
Limapheus entered his office with hasty steps. He wants Alex to bring her to the Imperial Palace and say hello to her, but Alex will never show her to him. Even when Alex came to him at dawn, Alex growled at him when he paid a little attention to her. It was best for him to finish his job quickly and go to the Grand Duchy.
* * *
“I look forward to your kind cooperation.”
Verne said calmly while looking at Cersinia, who was terrified. The maid didn’t know why the person she had just seen today was so startled upon seeing her. But she didn’t show her confusion, since her job demand of her stay faithful to her duties.
Too preoccupied with the shocking situation, Cersinia only nodded. The whole situation didn’t make sense to her.
‘Isn’t Verne the name of the female protagonist in the original story?’
She clearly remembered reading that Verne smiled solemnly while wearing the tiara bestowed upon the Crown Princess. But the woman standing in front of her now was a maid with the same name and traits as the female protagonist.
“Lady Cersinia, are you okay?”
Seeing Cersinia’s face changing color every minute, Verne approached her. Cersinia stared at her with a blank expression.
‘Could it be that I’m dreaming right now?”
There’s no way she suddenly meets the female protagonist, especially at Ben’s mansion.
‘That’s right. It doesn’t make sense…’
All of this made no sense and was so unrealistic, that Cersinia wondered if she was dreaming right now. There was no way the place where the Verne worked to pay for father’s debts and her mother’s medicine was the Grand Duchy.
‘What is the probability for me to meet the female protagonist as soon as I come up to the capital?’
“Where do you feel hurt?”
Verne began to worry about Cersinia, who was staring at her without saying anything.
“Lady Cersinia?”
When there was no reply from her, Verne carefully placed her hand on the back of Cersinia’s hand. Then, at the strange feeling, Cersinia shivered.
“Are you okay? Where do you feel hurt?”
A warm feeling was felt on the back of her hand. Cersinia lowered her gaze with a puzzled expression. Another hand overlapped with her own hand. It was Verne’s hand. Her hand was warm. The hand of a living person, just like her.
“Should I call the master? Or should I call a doctor?”
Cersinia raised her head. The unfamiliar voice slipping into her ear and the image of the woman standing in front of her was clear. That’s when Cersinia realized.
‘It was never mentioned anywhere in the book that Verne had ever worked in the Grand Duchy.’
It only stated that she worked hard to pay off her debts. But, among the many workplaces, how could she work here?
Cersinia finally wrapped her head around the situation. She found ironic that she really believed that things would be different from the original. A laugh erupted from Cersinia.
“Ha, ha…”
‘Should I leave this place?’
She couldn’t even predict what would happen if she kept getting involved with the original character.
‘That’s right, let’s get out of here first.’
Her solution was to not meet the original character as much as possible. She had to find May and leave this place. Cersinia picked up the luggage that had been put in the room and headed towards the door.
“Cersinia, where are you-”
At that moment, Ben, who opened the door and entered, ran into Cersinia, who was about to leave. Ben’s face hardened sharply. After hearing about it from Verne, he was worried and ran to her right away. He met Cersinia, who was holding her luggage like she was going to leave.
Cersinia froze in surprise at Ben’s sudden appearance. She hadn’t even thought about Ben.
“Why are you carrying your luggage?”
The cold gaze remained in Cersinia’s hand, which held her luggage tightly.
“No, there is-”
Cersinia hesitated in embarrassment. She felt like she was getting caught trying to run away unintentionally.
“Where are you going?”
The wounded man distorted his forehead.
“It’s not like-”
“You can’t leave. Never.”
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