Novel Name : I Raised Him Modestly, But He Came Back Obsessed With Me

I Raised Him Modestly, But He Came Back Obsessed With Me - Chapter 56

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“Wow! Cersinia, look at this!”
May shouted, jumping up and down like a child. Her eyes were shining brightly it was clear that she was overjoyed. It was the same with Verne. Although she didn’t express it, Cersinia could see it.
“Verne, if there’s anything you want to see, feel free to do it.”
“Can I really do that?”
“It’s your free time right now.
When the permission was granted, Verne opened her eyes wide and looked around like May.
Cersinia, along with May and Verne, went on Fabian Street in the middle of the capital. Fabian Street was the capital’s central market. It would not be an exaggeration to say that you could find all goods from various empires came in. Most of the woodwork made in the Mulain Village, where Cersinia and Ben lived for a while, was also exported to Fabian Street. Therefore, the streets full of attractions were always crowded, and many things here easily caught eager eyes. Cersinia walked slowly, watching Verne and May as if caring children.
“May, you will stumble and fall.”
“It’s okay! Cersinia, look at this jewel!”
Cersinia smiled as she looked at May hopping like a rabbit. The mansion felt stuffy, so she decided to go out, but she didn’t know May would like it so much. She should have brought her out right away if she knew about it.
“Wow… so pretty,” Verne muttered while looking at the rose-patterned brooch, mesmerized.
Cersinia looked at Verne with slightly puzzled eyes. She understood that May, who lived far from the capital, was amazed, but Verne’s behavior was a little strange. Verne, who lived in the capital all the time, could have come to Fabian Street if she wanted to, but she acted like it was her first time here.
“Verne, is this your first-time visit to Fabian Street?”
Not able to overcome her curiosity, Cersinia asked the question, and Verne, who was mesmerized, came to her senses.
“Yes… It’s actually my first time.”
“Didn’t you live in the capital?”
“Since I was little, I had to earn money by doing chores at home. I’ve never been out much.”
Verne chuckled as if nothing was wrong, but the atmosphere became somber. Cersinia felt uncomfortable as she seemed to have brought up something pointless.
“I’m sorry…”
“Yes? Never mind. It’s so good to see them like this!?”
Verne shook her head and said that. Cersinia nodded slightly and let Verne look further. Perhaps because Verne was the female protagonist, so the twists and turns of her life were very dramatic. Every time Cersinia asked something, a salty past popped up. Just like now.
‘Never ask anything more…’ Cersinia made a promise to herself.
The more she knew about Verne, the more human she became. She felt sorry for her past, but it was clear that she grew up to be an upright person despite her past.
Cersinia became quite close to Verne. She was able to speak casually to her. Still, Verne, who was probably 22 years old, seemed to think of Cersinia as an older sister. But there’s nothing good about being too close. She’s staying with her to understand the novel’s current situation.
Verne was one of those who stood next to the Crown Prince in the original novel. She wanted Cersinia’s death more than anyone else, and she was one of those who benefited from Cersinia’s death. Thanks to Cersinia, the relationship between the Crown Prince and Verne has grown stronger. Of course, it hasn’t happened yet, but she couldn’t help being uncomfortable around her. So when she was dealing with Verne, she built a wall without realizing it.
Even Verne felt it too, so it was not easy to come closer. Cersinia thought it was just the right thing to do for now. She thought the further development of their relationship wouldn’t help anything.
Walking through the noisy Fabian Street, Cersinia slowly gazed at the jewels. There was a rustling sound behind her, but she didn’t pay it no mind. Because she had been hearing it since she came out of the Grand Duchy. The sound persistently heard through the large crowd was the sound of armor hitting each other. They were knights of the Grand Duchy. When Cersinia said she wanted to go out, their master ordered the knights to guard her.
‘What is the use of the knights?’
Whether there were two knights or ten knights, Cersinia was stronger than them. But she allowed it because it was Ben’s order. Today was the third day she had been with Verne and the fifth day since she didn’t see Ben. Ben didn’t even show a single strand of his hair. What the hell was he doing? It feels like he’s been avoiding Cersinia.
‘No way, is he really avoiding me?’ At that moment, Cersinia’s face crumpled.
“No, why am I being like this?”
After that day, she felt uncomfortable facing Ben, but the thought of him avoiding her made her angry. Cersinia’s tightly pursed her lips, which trembled.
“It’s a rare gem that can’t be found anymore.”
Cersinia’s gaze turned to the word ‘rare gem’ among the numerous voices. The source of the sound was a nearby jewelry vendor.
“Is it true?”
“Yes! Look at this shining red jewel. Isn’t it opaque enough for you to not be able to see inside? That means this gem is really pure.”
The owner said excitedly and gave additional explanations to the person standing in front of him. Cersinia looked at the gem held by the jewelry vendor. At a glance, it shines beautifully under the sun, but her eyes couldn’t be deceived.
‘It’s fake.’
“If it was in the jewelry store, they would sell it for 5 million shillings. But, you were lucky enough to come into my stall, so I will sell it for 2 million shillings. It’s a rare and pure gem that can’t be found occasionally in stalls. That’s how rare it is.”
The elderly-looking woman opened her handbag, at the jewelry vendor’s words. Anyone could tell that the jewelry vendor had caught a prey. Cersinia, who had been watching everything, sighed and approached them.
‘That fake for 2 million shillings is really crazy.’
“Its blood rose spinel.”
Cersinia intervened between the swindler and the woman, who seemed likely to pay at any price.
The jewelry vendor, who was about to receive money from the woman, said in frustration.
“The more transparent a blood rose spinel is, the more value it has. It’s opaque, but it’s also very murky. This gem is the fakest among the fakes.”
Cersinia said it regardless of the swindler’s shout.
“What do you know! I’m the jeweler!” The jeweler blushed and shouted.
“Are this lady’s words true?” The woman holding her handbag asked the jeweler in a very calm voice.
The woman didn’t seem to be noble, but her gestures and tone were elegant.
“Madam, that’s not true. That woman is talking nonsense. Hey, who do you think you’re!”
When the jeweler angrily yelled at Cersinia in case worried about missing his prey, two knights standing behind Cersinia stepped up to run to her.
“No, it’s okay.”
Cersinia stopped the knights because she didn’t want things to get bigger and attract people’s attention. They bowed at Cersinia’s order and stepped back.
“I’m just a customer, but what do you think, lady?”
The woman, who was watching Cersinia with strange eyes, slowly said.
“If Madam doesn’t believe me, Madam can see it for by yourself with asking a few jewelers nearby. This jewel is fake.”
At that the owner’s face became ridiculously blue.
“It’s the lowest of all fakes, so it’s a gem that you can get even below 10,000 shillings.”
“Really, it’s the fakest I’ve seen so far, it’s value could even be lower then 10,000 shillings.”
The jewelry vendor tried to sell the gem that wasn’t even worth 10,000 shillings for 2 million shillings.
“I see. I will make sure not to buy anything suspicious.”
“M-Madam! I’m really sorry!”
The jewelry vendor begged when the old woman firmly closed the handbag.
“Should we call the security guard and check it out together”
The woman’s voice, which rang so low, was so powerful that it overwhelmed people. Cersinia felt a mysterious aura from the woman. Obviously, her attire was quite ordinary, but her aura was unique. The woman neatly tied her platinum blonde hair, and there were no blemishes on her wrinkled skin. Her transparent blue eyes were deep, and her posture was elegant.
“P-Please no… I’m sorry.”
The jewelry vendor couldn’t help but bow his head countless times and apologized to the strong-willed woman’s attitude. If she had stopped by the nearby jeweler and asked for the blood rose spine, it would be soon revealed the gem was fake
“I’ll get going.”
Having nothing else to say, Cersinia turned around after a brief goodbye to the woman. Her shoulders were raised to the brim with pride because it felt like she had saved an innocent citizen who almost got scammed.
Cersinia turned around at the sound of someone calling her from behind.
“I might have gone too far, but I’m grateful for your help. If you don’t mind, I’d like to know the Lady’s name.”
Seeing Cersinia making a puzzled expression, the woman said that with a kind smile.
“No, it’s fine.”
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Cersinia flatly refused. It wasn’t difficult for her to say her name, but it would be difficult if her name spread around. Because Cersinia’s name has been rumored so far. She didn’t want anyone to know her name. She didn’t have any contact with the woman, so it was certain she would never see the woman again, so there was no need to tell the woman her name.
Cersinia moved quickly. She moved quickly, fearing the woman would catch up her. Luckily, the woman’s voice was not heard again. She headed to May, who was absorbed in sightseeing for a long time.
“That is why I’m so curious about you, Lady.”
The woman muttered as she watched the back of Cersinia moving away. Her appearance, which will not be easily forgotten, was imprinted in the woman’s mind. Her blue eyes twinkled as if she had found something she had been coveting for a long time, and the old woman walked slowly. Then the shadow, hiding in the crowd, followed the woman.
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