Novel Name : I Raised Him Modestly, But He Came Back Obsessed With Me

I Raised Him Modestly, But He Came Back Obsessed With Me - Chapter 69

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Cersinia stared intently at Archen, who bowed to her. It was a face that she hadn’t seen in a long time. The last time she saw Archen was in the village of Rafleche. It was the first time she encountered him since she lived in the Grand Duchy.
“Are you doing well, Archen?”
“Yes. Can I sit next to you?”
“Sure, have a seat.”
Archen sat in a chair opposite Cersinia. She wanted to meet Archen to confirm the truth behind Ben’s rumors. But the question she never thought about came to her mind.
‘What can I do even if I find out about it?’
She’s going to leave this place soon.
“I heard that you are going to inspect the estate starting tomorrow. You must be busy.”
“There are still places that need to be inspected. I will be back soon.”
“Ah, yes.”
There was an awkward silence. It was uncomfortable because it was the first time for Cersinia to be alone with Archen. She wanted Verne to return quickly.
“Lady Cersinia.”
Archen, who had been keeping his mouth closed with an expressionless face all the time, opened his mouth.
“Yes, Archen.”
It was surprising that Archen broke the silence first.
“Did you enjoy the Harvest festival?”
Cersinia hardened her face at his question.
“Nothing special happened, so I don’t have anything to tell you.” Her tone was cold.
The memories of the Harvest festival will only hurt her and Ben. It hurts every time that story is brought out to remind herself again.
“Is that so?”
Archen smoothed his sleeve as if thinking about what to say. His Master didn’t stay in his mansion since he came with Cersinia to the Grand Duchy. As if running away from whatever had happened, his Master left the mansion. He stayed in the warehouse to inspect the estate.
It wasn’t just that.
Archen asked his Master, who had been to the Harvest festival, if everything had been well, and his Master’s whole body froze. His Master only stood blankly with an expression he had never seen before. Obviously, his Master often smiled softly from the day he brought Cersinia to the mansion until the Harvest festival, just like the happiest person in the world. However, after returning from the festival, his Master despaired as if he had lost all his hopes. Even the people watching him from the side could feel his pain. It’s similar to how he cried when Archen brought him here three years ago.
Archen knew why his Master was wandering outside like a person who had lost everything.
That it’s because of her. Three years ago, then, and now, she was the only reason why his Master became like that. He had to meet Cersinia. That was the reason he came to her today.
“Your Excellency’s complexion doesn’t look good these days.”
“I thought he would be back as usual, but since he went to the Harvest festival, he hasn’t been eating properly and just focusing on his work.”
Cersinia was silent. What can she say as a sinner?
“Lady Cersinia, I’m ashamed to say this, but can you help Your Excellency?” Archen asked with a desperate face.
Cersinia looked at the ground, fiddling with her nails. She pondered what to say, but she only came up with one answer.
“I can’t do that.”
“Lady Cersinia.”
“That’s out of my ability.”
Because she wasn’t the one to be by his side for the rest of her life. In a way, it was natural as she wasn’t greedy, but it really made her heart slump to the ground while saying that. The more she thought about it, the more her heart ached.
“I’m a sinner.”
At the sudden words, Cersinia looked at Archen to ask what he meant. Archen made a troubled face, bowed his head, and continued to talk.
“I wish for Your Excellency happiness more than anyone else. I’m well aware that his happiness is being with Lady Cersinia. But selfishly, it was me who took that happiness away.”
Cersinia couldn’t understand his words easily.
“Three years ago, I was the one who took Your Excellency by force.”
Her mouth hardened with an unexpected remark. It was the story she heard from Ben. The story of a man from the Grand Duke family who dragged him away like a kidnapper. But Cersinia didn’t know it was Archen who did that. It was unimaginable because Archen worked and cared for Ben as his closest aide.
“…That’s unexpected. Especially the fact that Ben still keeps you next to him.”
How strong is his heart to keep the person who ruined his life next to him all day?
“It’s my destiny and karma that I’m going to carry only for Your Excellency until I die.”
The heavy sinking wind blew quietly between the two. Cersinia opened her mouth to Archen, who lowered his head like a sinner, to speak the truth she wanted to know since the story three years ago came out.
“I recently heard a story. It’s a story that Ben just woke up from his bed after being sick for a long time.”
Archen’s shoulders flinched at the moment.
“It’s strange. He was definitely with me three years ago.”
“…The time Your Excellency was away from the Grand Duchy is known externally like that.”
It was an expected answer. But there were more than one or two odd things, so Cersinia continued.
“Then why did Ben, the successor of the Grand Duke, live outside with his mother from an early age and become a slave? Why did you have to take him back three years ago?”
Archen didn’t answer any of her questions. He only rolled around his confused eyes. Cersinia knew intuitively that there was something in his reaction.
“And three years ago, it wasn’t there when he was with me.”
At her words, Archen raised his eyes.
“What do you mean?”
“Wounds. The wounds on his back.”
Archen stiffened in surprise. Cersinia continued her words with keen eyes.
“Archen, as expected, you knew about it.”
Archen’s rigid behavior was telling her that he knew about the wounds on Ben’s back. Cersinia was convinced without prying any further. Archen knew the secret of all this strangeness.
Archen remained silent. He couldn’t estimate how far lies would work for Cersinia, who knew more than he thought, so he had to organize his head. The intended stillness covered the garden, but Cersinia waited.
Now that the question she wanted to ask is already being asked, it’s time to hear Archen’s answer. However, Archen did not open his mouth as easily as she thought. Even until Cersinia’s mind calmed down, he remained silent with a worried face.
“Lady Cersinia.”
Archen raised his head as if his worries were over. His eyes looked firmer.
“Please speak.”
“I can do anything for Your Excellency’s happiness. But I know that even if I forcibly seize his happiness, that’s not what Your Excellency really wants.”
Archen has been saying only unknown things since earlier. But even in the midst of this, Ben’s happiness sounded as if it was her, and her heart was shaking subtly.
‘I’m really fed up with this situation.’
“So, I hope that Lady Cersinia will be with Your Excellency on your own. Since it’s time for you to be happy too.”
“No, Archen. I can’t even understand what you’re saying right now.”
“I’m sorry. This is all I can say. I’m Your Excellency’s man, so I believe you will understand that I cannot tell you his story carelessly.”
Archen eventually chose to be silent about it. Because he knew that if he had lied, it would soon be found out. His Master vowed to bury his past when he stood in front of the Cersinia’s door house, waiting for her in the Rafleche Village. He couldn’t dare to tell his story without distortion.
“After all, you can’t tell me.”
“I’m sorry.”
Cersinia leaned her body against a chair. She knew he wouldn’t tell her calmly, but her mind was getting more and more complicated.
“I understood. I won’t ask anymore.”
“Thank you for understanding.”
Archen’s words were really proving that something had happened to Ben. Something he must hide during the three years they were separated.
‘What in the world is that…?’
‘I don’t know.’
It was also funny that she, who would leave soon, was so obsessed with Ben’s past.
“Lady Cersinia, I sincerely ask you to reconsider the request I made without any shame.”
Archen, who got up from her seat, was bowing deeply.
“Don’t do this. Wake up, Archen.”
Despite Cersinia’s dissuasion, he remained firmly bowed.
“Your Excellency really wanted to go to Lady Cersinia’s side every single day.”
“But it’s all my fault that he couldn’t go. He really doesn’t do anything wrong. I just want you to know that.”
Archen, who had been bowing down for a long time, raised herself. He greeted her, walked away from his seat, and left her with a confused expression on her face.
“I’ve been talking a lot. I’m sorry. Then rest well, Lady Cersinia.”
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Cersinia slumped into the chair as she watched Archen’s back moving away.
“What do you want me to do…”
She buried her face deep in her hands in dizziness. Then she suddenly remembered the time she had reunited with Ben. Ben’s expression when he explained why he was missing for three years was so painful that he struggled the whole time he spoke. At that time, she couldn’t properly understand because of her disappointed feelings.
‘What really happened to him?’
She remembered that it hurt so much that he wanted to hide it. It must be a painful memory, even if he didn’t say it aloud. Cersinia couldn’t ignore it for some reason.
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