Novel Name : I Raised Him Modestly, But He Came Back Obsessed With Me

I Raised Him Modestly, But He Came Back Obsessed With Me - Chapter 85

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The banquet is just a day away. Cersinia was still contemplating whether to go to the banquet or not. She had already finished ordering the dresses and accessories. Still, she was not ready to decide because of the uneasy feeling.
‘Why is the Empress Dowager to me? Why?’
The appearance of Empress Dowager’s character made her even more confused. The novel didn’t mention much about Empress Dowager. She appeared briefly in the banquet hall chapter of the male and female leads.
‘I can’t believe such a character even knows my name.’
“Did the Crown Prince mention me?”
Otherwise, it cannot be explained.
Cersinia sighed and buried herself deeply on the sofa. After dealing with May, who was excited about the banquets all day, she was barely alone. She continued to ponder, but there was only one conclusion.
‘I have to go.’
There was no way for Verne to go to the banquet if she didn’t go.
“I suddenly become a Cupid.”
Of course, it was clear that the role of Cupid, who connects the male lead and female lead, was better than the villainess who died of being cut on the neck.
Cersinia, who had a smirk at the unexpected direction, quietly fell in contemplation. When the winter passes and spring comes, the story will really end. It’s already been long. She has become Cersinia for over three years.
‘What will happen to me?’
It was a pity that every day passed by. The time spent with Ben was so happy that she wondered if she could be this happy, and her heart raced to the point where she could clearly feel alive.
‘But what happens to me when the story is completely over?’
She hoped that Verne and Limapheus would get married soon. On the other hand, she couldn’t hide her fear. It was because of the unknown future.
Cersinia held her hands together and closed her eyes. She hoped the story would end without any problem. She wanted to be by Ben’s side no matter how much time passed. She already tried not to care about this anxiety that suddenly occurred while eating or taking a bath.
‘Because I’ve decided not to get scared and avoid it.’
Now she wanted to cherish every single day with him as much as possible. After a while, Cersinia opened her eyes as the dazzling sunlight faded and shadows fell on her face. Then she saw Ben with a sweet smile standing next to her.
“When did you come? Why didn’t you call me?”
“I didn’t want to disturb you.”
Ben leaned against the window and was covering the sun shining down at her. with her half-opened eyes looking at her.
“It’s okay. You’re not interrupting me.”
“Do you have any concerns?”
He got his body up from the window and sat across the armrest of the sofa where she sat. His tender hand brushed over her baby hairs and took her slender hand that was resting. A large hand with calluses gently caressed her fingers.
“Nothing’s going on.”
Cersinia smiled and made eye contact with him. Surprisingly, any uneasy feelings became nothing when she was by his side.
“If you have concerns, I want us to think about it together. So if you have anything you want to say, it’s okay to say it anytime.”
Ben doubted about it, but it melted away from her bright smile.
“All right.” Cersinia nodded her head.
“Someone is here to say hello to you.”
“Come in.”
A servant she saw for the first time opened the door and came in.
“Nice to meet you, Lady Cersinia. My name is Roena.”
Roena, who looked nervous, politely greeted Cersinia. Cersinia looked at Ben with a bewildered look at the stranger’s appearance. She sent a gaze to ask what was going on now.
“It seems that Verne alone is not enough to take care of Cersinia.”
She paused at the thought of Verne as she tried to refute. There wasn’t a lot of work, but since Verne was taking care of her work alone, it seemed that more people would be needed.
“She is a servant who has been working for a long time in a County, so I’m sure she will be good at it.”
Ben gradually increased the number of Cersinia’s people. Roena was recommended by a servant who was competent, so he attached her to Cersinia. It was to strengthen Cersinia’s position so that no one dared to do something carelessly to her. It will make people firmly aware that Cersinia was his own.
“Please take care of me.”
Cersinia was forced to accept Ben’s offer.
“Please call me whenever you need me.”
Roena says goodbye at Ben’s signal to go out. As she watched the two smiling softly towards each other, Roena’s eyes gleamed strangely and then disappeared.
* * *
The day of the banquet came.
Cersinia was on the move in a carriage with Ben. Verne and May were following in another carriage.
Cersinia looked more beautiful than when she went to the Harvest festival because of the good skills of the new servants. Her thick, curved, long hair was gently loosened to her waist. Her white dress, exposing her slender shoulders, was different from any other dress she had ever worn, and a gold pattern was embroidered on her chest line. Accessories were wrapped around her body. In particular, the well-crafted ruby earrings were chosen by Ben himself.
“Ben, how long do you plan to keep staring at me like that?”
Cersinia eventually said those words to his piercing gaze that didn’t get away.
“Cersinia, you’re always looking pretty.”
Cersinia sighed as she looked at him, sitting shyly on his two reddened cheeks. Since she was escorted from the mansion, he has been saying how pretty she is. She happily accepted it once or twice, but it made her feel embarrassed every time he did that.
“You know you’ve said that more than 10 times now, right?”
“But Cersinia is pretty…!”
“Ah, stop! I know about it, so you can stop talking about it now.”
Cersinia hurriedly reached out and covered his mouth. Because of this man who always throws a fastball without warning, her heart is pounding faster every day. Be smiled slightly, looking at the shy Cersinia, and kissed the palm of her hand that covered his mouth.
Surprised, Cersinia grumbled and quickly lowered her hand. She should be familiar with her palm being kissed. Still, every time Ben did that, her fingers were tingling as if static electricity had risen. As the days went by, Ben’s affection became bolder.
Cersinia fixed her gaze outside the window to hide her embarrassment. At the sound of a low laugh from right next to her, it made her tickled. With the overflowing happiness, there was a soft smile on her lips.
As the carriage continued to run, Ben fiddled with the box in his pocket. He was contemplating when to take it out and hand it over. Because he wanted to give it to her at the most romantic moment.
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Cersinia turned her head and looked at him. It was because she was bored with the quiet stillness with almost no noise.
‘What is he thinking that makes him look serious?’
Ben was staring blankly straight ahead as if he was contemplating something. She had nothing to do, so Cersinia slowly admired him.
Ben’s hair, in her sight, turned gray in the light coming through the window and then blue, changing to a variety of colors every moment. Under the curved forehead line, his high nose and lips looked more serious than ever. He was wearing a uniform, a fit that was tight enough to make his wide shoulders stand out even more. Whatever Ben wore, he always looked attractive. Looks like there were no clothes that didn’t suit him.
‘Well, he even looked so shiny when wearing clothes like a rag.’
As she realized that Ben was handsome once again, Ben turned his head as if he felt her gaze.
“Huh? What?”
“You keep looking at me.”
“Because you’re handsome.”
Perhaps embarrassed, his eyes grew bigger, and he soon turned hurriedly toward the window. But his unhidden earlobe was ripe red.
“Are you being shy now?”
Cersinia was puzzled by his unexpected reaction. Ben already said countless times that she was pretty. Still, he’s acting like a broken person because Cersinia only compliments his look once.
He had turned red all the way up to his neck. His heart was thrilled by her sweet praise. Cersinia smiled like someone who found something fun and teased him excitedly until they arrived at the Imperial Palace.
* * *
Her first impression of the Imperial Palace was that it was really big and magnificent. The hallway leading to the banquet hall was lined with antique sculptures and white marble pillars.
“Wow! It’s really spacious.”
Verne, who was walking after them, exclaimed admiringly.
“I think the protagonist of today’s banquet will be Cersinia! You look so pretty that The Grand Duke should be nervous.”
May smiled broadly and praised her.
“That’s nonsense.”
When Cersinia winked to stop, May shrugged her shoulders.
“I don’t think I will be apart from her even for a second.”
Looking at Ben responding as if he had waited for this, the three women shut up. Verne and May had not yet adapted to Ben’s attitude, who was acting like a fool next to Cersinia. They also watch the act of his affection that gives them goosebumps every day, but they are still surprised every time they see this. Ben was very different from his image.
“If there’s anyone who attacks Cersinia with even the slightest bit evil in their mind, I will be there and then-!”
Ben had already made a plan without hesitation, but as soon as Cersinia screamed, he shut up. Cersinia looked at him. Even if she didn’t listen until the end, it was clear that Ben would draw his sword and kill them. He just grunted his teeth as he spoke of his plans, as his anger soared.
“Cersinia, I-”
Ben was restless and looked around.
“I want to end the banquet quietly. If you make a big deal out of it, I won’t forgive you.”
Cersinia threatened him and quickly moved forward.
“Cersinia, I’m sorry. I made a mistake. I just-”
He chased after Cersinia. There was embarrassment and nervousness on his face, not knowing what to do.
There was embarrassment and nervousness on the face of not knowing what to do.
“My my…”
“I can’t get used to it no matter how much I look at it.”
Verne and May, watching from behind, said about it at the same time. The fierce beast looked like a large dog chasing after Cersinia. Verne and May faced each other, laughed, and followed the two.
* * *
Cersinia and Ben stood at the door to enter the hall where the banquet was held.
Cersinia swallowed dry saliva in tension. It was her first time attending such a banquet, but what made her more nervous was the fact that she was the main character of the rumor that everyone was curious about. It was obvious that everyone must have been curious about the woman the Grand Duke had kept hidden in his mansion.
She didn’t want to make even a small mistake today. Her actions could tarnish Ben’s image. Perhaps that’s why her body is tenser than ever. Her neck has already become stiff.
“It’s okay. I’ll be by your side.”
Ben held Cersinia’s hand with his arms crossed.
“Thank you.”
She was a little relieved by his reassurance. When the servant guarding the door checked Ben’s face, he was about to shout out his arrival.
“Announce it like this.”
Ben handed out the invitation Cersinia received to the servant. After confirming the invitation, the servant raised a puzzled face.
“Yes? But the Grand Duke…”
“Do it like that.”
The servant contemplated what to do, but he couldn’t ask anymore because of Ben’s bloody aura.
“What’s the matter?”
Cersinia asked in the strange situation, and Ben whispered softly in her ears.
“I’m the only person who can be a partner with Cersinia.”
Soon after, the servant shouted loudly to inform the arrival of the two of them.
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“Lady Cersinia and her partner, Grand Duke Alexdemikan Shorevarce, are entering!”
It was the moment when the door of the banquet hall, which had been tightly closed, opened.
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