Novel Name : I Raised Him Modestly, But He Came Back Obsessed With Me

I Raised Him Modestly, But He Came Back Obsessed With Me - Chapter 89

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Ben’s tremors were conveyed to Cersinia as well.
Cersinia stared with trembling eyes at the ring that perfectly fitted her finger. Her eyes reddened because she knew what his confession meant. 
There was always only one answer. It was unimaginable to be with someone else other than Ben. She finally found a place where she belongs. It was next to Ben. 
“Yes, I will.”
With both her cheeks blushing, Cersinia smiled brightly. 
The accepted proposal that came with her smile burned Ben’s heart with the desire he had endured so far. He slowly approached Cersinia with eyes full of passion. At the unavoidable heavy gaze, Cersinia’s heart pounded faster quietly. The gaze that he wanted to covet her was hot. 
Ben’s hand suddenly touched Cersinia’s red lips. The soft, supple touch felt from his own fingertips warmed him and permeated his heart. He couldn’t take it anymore. He wanted to have everything about her. Starting from every single strand of her hair to every small breath flowing out of her. 
“I won’t hold out anymore.”
It was in an instant that his lips swallowed her lips.
At such a strong stimulus, Cersinia shook and closed her eyes. She was already ready to accept everything. Without hesitation, she raised her arms and wrapped them around his neck. Like permission, Ben grabbed her by the waist and hungered for her more deeply. The desire to dig through her cleavage took over his mind, but he tried hard to ignore it and hugged her tighter by waist. 
He wanted to pour all of his desires into her, but he couldn’t do that. If he does that, Cersinia will break down. Because there was no end to his desire, which had inflated beyond measure. 
He wanted to swallow everything in one go, but he restrained it as much as possible and slowly bit her lips. All of his moves were made out of consideration. He was concerned that Cersinia might be surprised.  
“…ha,” Cersinia let out a short sigh. 
When their body was so close that a piece of paper couldn’t fit in, Ben’s reasoning, which was endangered because of Cersinia’s body scent, kept changing. 
The soft-touch of her lips overlapped with the drunken scent that made him dizzy. The sweetness he wanted to feel kept raising his body temperature, like having a fever. His heart had been beating so fast since earlier, and his blood was soaring upside down on the soft flesh felt through her clothes. 
The first kiss with her lips was nothing compared to the feeling he dared to imagine. It was so sweet as if it had been dipped in sugar water, and each of his cells heated up vigorously as if it had swallowed the heat. His lips overlapped as he had hoped countless times, but his greed, which didn’t fade in the slightest, only wanted her more. He wanted to be greedy more and more. 
Ben constantly suppressed his burning desire while tenaciously licking and sweeping her red lips. Cersinia’s curled eyelashes trembled in a sensation that was so strong that she was stunned. 
Her lips opened small at the dizzying feeling of being pressed down. At that moment, Ben’s reasoning, which he had barely held, was cut off. As her breath spreads through his lips, he loses control of his desires. 
Ben quickly dug into her soft flesh. He couldn’t stop doing that. It seemed that his burning thirst would be filled only by swallowing her breath. Warmth overflowed in their mouth. 
Cersinia felt her body shudder at the sensation that made her spine shiver. The shudder turned into a hot feeling that warmed her body. Her heart got hot like a heated iron. The make-out sound surrounded the two under the dark night sky. 
“Hah… Sto-”
Her head was dizzy in pleasure, so Cersinia wanted to tell him to stop for a moment, but even her words were swallowed up by him. Ben constantly sucked in her breath. With her warmth, he penetrated her mouth and scanned it without even leaving a moment for her to breathe. 
A small breath escaped between the connected lips. Cersinia choked on the tingling sensation to the point that her feet shriveled up. The warmth she felt could take away her spirit at any moment. Unknowingly, she took a step back, but Ben’s arm pulled her back closer again as if he wouldn’t tolerate even a small gap. His coat, which wrapped around her shoulders, suddenly fell to the ground. 
Cersinia couldn’t hold out any longer, so she loosened her arms wrapped around his neck. But Ben put her arms back around his neck and held her tightly so she couldn’t loosen from him. Neither her overlapping lips nor her arms could escape. 
The two clung like a single piece to the point where she could feel his hard muscles. Warm breath mixed in the middle of the blowing winter wind. After a long time had passed since they hung on to each other, Ben felt sorry for her, so he pulled his intertwined lips apart. 
He called her in a low, cracked voice. 
As if she had waited for this moment, her breath burst out. She groaned because of her arms and breathing in an unsettled breath. Their lips had already parted away, but it seemed as if Ben’s lips were still on her lips due to the intense stimulation that lingered like an afterimage. 
He lowered his head again to her, whose cheeks were reddening at a distance close to the tip of his nose. Ben’s half-opened eyes gleamed with obsession. 
“It’s still… not enough.”
With a voice soaked in excitement, Ben tilted his head at an angle and kissed her. It was just the beginning of his desire. However, he didn’t engulf her with the desire as before.  He kissed her gently, swept her lips slowly, and treated her better than before. It wasn’t enough for him, but that alone was a huge stimulus. 
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“Mmh, Ben…”
Ben’s voice was so sensational that it stimulated all her nerves and made her ear red. She didn’t know that kissing him felt like honey had been applied to her lips. 
This gentle kiss felt different from the kiss that didn’t even give her time to think. If the intense kiss that continued without mercy was so stimulating that she lost all her strength and could not properly control her body, the gentle kiss felt like the tip of her skin was tickled, and her heart softened like a cloud. Both were equally good. 
She could feel his longing for her completely, and it made her feel a sense of ecstasy. However, it seemed like they would be doing this all night long, so Cersinia turned her body first. Then the hand that was tying her around her waist was released. Their lips that were blindly intertwining also part away. Ben couldn’t control her anymore. 
The two breathed out, leaning their foreheads against each other. The warm breath that flowed out did not scatter in the winter wind and hovered around.
Cersinia lifted her cloudy eyes and looked at him. She could see his lips that were gleaming under his reddened eyes. The lips were colored the same as her own. Only then did she realize that she had kissed him. It made her blush. She wiped the lipstick marks on his lips with her hands in shame.
“…There’s a stain.”
Her touch became a catalyst and shook Ben’s reasoning once again. 
“It’s dangerous.”
He grabbed her hand and pulled it away from his lips. 
“Everything about Cersinia is stimulating enough so it’s dangerous.”
His piercing gaze, engulfed in desire, stared at her as if swallowing her. 
Cersinia’s mind went blank. A warning sound kept ringing in her head. 
‘It’s dangerous. I’m going to be eaten like this.’
But his gaze was as deep as a swamp, and she couldn’t get out of it. 
He slowly pulled her long hair that covered her shoulders. Cersinia shook her body from it. Whenever her sensitive skin was touched by his fingertips, it felt hot, like a flower bloomed on it. 
“You don’t know how long I’ve been waiting for this moment.”
Her hair, which fluttered like fine threads, was messed up in his hand. He lowered his lips, which were full of regrets, on the nape of her white, slender neck. 
She groaned. A blue flame tickled her neck. 
“I wanted it every day.”
His voice filled with longing resonated insidiously in her ears. Soft black hair tickled her round shoulders. The ticklish feeling and the breath of another person running down the nape of her neck gaze her goosebumps on her back. It was a breathtaking stimulus that was far ahead. 
Cersinia breathed heavily and held Ben’s shirt as if hanging from it. Ben kept giving her a stronger stimulus, which made her dizzy. 
She struggled to speak out as her reasoning kept fading away. It was clear that she wouldn’t have a change other than now. 
“I have to go… Verne will be waiting for me.”
Verne, who was left alone, might have wandered around because she couldn’t find the banquet hall. So she had to go back and help Verne to dance with the Crown Prince. It was the main reason she came to Empress Dowager’s birthday banquet. 
“A little more.”
It was a close and dangerous voice as if walking on a single rope. His hand touched her fingertips and grabbed her. The endless longing breath was gathering in her collarbone and overflowing. At this time, she doesn’t know who the hell is harmful. 
Cersinia was caught by him without moving. Not his gestures, nor his voice, didn’t put a strain on her heart. She had to go, but she couldn’t. After all, she wants to be with him. 
Soon after, Ben parted his lips away from her neck, leaving in regret. At that moment, the two people’s deep eyes met. Her fingertips were electrified as their eyes met with a subtle tremor.  One second felt like a decade.
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The two overlapped each other’s lips again, regardless of who came first. The hot breath was tangled. The plan had already been forgotten. Nothing remained in her heart except for this moment. 
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