Novel Name : I Raised Him Modestly, But He Came Back Obsessed With Me

I Raised Him Modestly, But He Came Back Obsessed With Me - Chapter 95

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Looking out the window, Cersinia saw black smoke coming up lightly from the end of the mansion. It was strange because the color was different from the smoke when cooking.
“Did they burn trash?”
It must have been smoke from burning something, just like the smoke wrapped around the cabin three years ago.
May, who had gone back to her room, hurriedly ran back into Cersinia’s room.
“What’s wrong?”
“The warehouse is on fire!”
Cersinia jumped up from her seat.
‘Warehouse. If it’s a warehouse, it was where Verne said she would go.’
“What about Verne? Haven’t you seen Verne?”
Cersinia looked for Verne with a pale face. Anxiety struck her.
“Verne? I haven’t seen her since earlier. Why?”
She had an ominous feeling. It was as if Verne was trapped up in a warehouse on fire.
“No way…!”
Cersinia ran out of the room. She couldn’t think of anything anymore.
May called her from behind and chased her, but Cersinia ran faster and faster. She had to check with her own eyes. Something like this didn’t exist in the original story, but she couldn’t jump to conclusions. Because variables always exist. Just like the variable that made her stay here contradicted the original story.
Cersinia passed through the hallway, down the stairs, and quickly passed through the main door. She could see black smoke coming from quite a distance from the main building. Without hesitation, she ran towards it.
The cold wind slapped her cheeks, and her hair fluttered in all directions. If Verne was caught in the flames and something went wrong, everything would be over. It was frightening to imagine that the original story couldn’t be completed. She might never get out of this loop. However, there was greater turbulence than that. Several servants had already gathered around when Cersinia arrived at the warehouse after a long time.
“W-What should I do…”
Everything was stamping their feet and only watching the flames spreading more and more.
“What are you doing! Don’t just look at it and bring water right away!”
Cersinia shouted at the people in frustration. Only then did they move their bodies hastily, erasing their stupid faces.
Cersinia approached the warehouse and frowned at the stinging smoke. The warehouse door was open, but she had no way of knowing whether Verne was inside or not, as large flames were blocking the view inside.
“Verne! Are you there Verne!”
She shouted, but there was no answer.
The small warehouse, which was placed far from the main building, was already burning. Fortunately, the fire wouldn’t spread as no other buildings were around.
“L-Lady Cersinia…”
A fragile voice came out through the flames. What she feared about happened.
“Verne! Are you inside? Are you okay?”
She took a step closer to the warehouse in astonishment.
“Uugh… What should I do? There is no way out.” Along with the cry, a voice captured by fear was shaking.
Cersinia’s heart sank. If she doesn’t do anything quickly, Verne will burn to death.
May, who had just arrived at the warehouse, breathed heavily.
“May, gather people and bring water!”
‘Now I had to add one more person’s strength.’
“Fire! There’s a fire in the warehouse!”
In a serious situation, May went around the way she came and shouted to attract people. The black smoke leaking from the warehouse was getting stronger enough to cover the sky of the mansion.
Cersinia bit her nails out of nervousness. Ben was out, so she had to lead people to put out the fire.
“Heuk… Lady Cersinia.”
A desperate voice came from beyond the flames.
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“Are you okay? Did you get hurt?”
“Gasp, gasp… I’m still okay. But I think the flames will reach me soon. Heuk, what should I do…?”
Verne, who was having a hard time breathing because of the smoke, gasped with a rough breath.
Cersinia looked around with a face full of nervousness. Perhaps because the warehouse was far from the main building, she couldn’t see anyone coming to fetch water.
There was no time. When people bring water, the flames will be extinguished, but Verne will be suffocated by smoke or already burned to death. There was no time to reconsider.
‘First of all, I had to save her.’
Cersinia entered an open warehouse. Whether it was because she needed the female protagonist to finish the original story or because she had grown attached to her as a person, Cersinia didn’t know clearly about it.
“Cough cough!”
As soon as she entered the warehouse, Cersinia’s face was wrinkled by the stinging smoke and intense heat. The situation was serious. Unlike what was seen from the outside, it was no exaggeration to say that the inside of the warehouse was occupied by red flames.
“Verne! What do you see in front of you! I will be there.”
Because of the flames, Verne’s location was not confirmed.
“Gasp, gasp… N-No… You can’t come. I-It’s going to be a big problem…”
A voice that was on the verge of collapsing was heard deeper inside.
‘I should have brought a wet towel…’
She didn’t have time to bring it back.
Cersinia ripped her sleeves and blocked her mouth and nose. The heat felt from her skin was so terrible that she didn’t want to feel it again, and the smoke that covered her eyes was so intense that she couldn’t help but cry. If she stays like this, she will be suffocated by smoke and collapse. That’s why she had to move quickly without the slightest fuss.
As if she wasn’t afraid of the flames in front of her, she stepped forward without hesitation toward the flames that were blocking her like a wall. The flames, which showed no sign of extinguishing, faltered greatly as she approached and withdrew the flames.
Each time she moved forward, the flames faltered and backed down as if they had met their master. The flames were giving way just by taking steps without much effort.
There was no agitation in Cersinia’s expression. She already knew, and it was familiar. Because of this power, she was able to get out of the cabin that was engulfed in flames three years ago. The flames couldn’t touch herself and opened the way as if the Red Sea was splitting. Perhaps because of her power to handle fire, the flames couldn’t burn or approach her. Knowing it, she walked further inward without hesitation. The swaying flames shook, giving up and getting out of the way.
Cersinia only thought of one thing.
‘I need to save Verne.’
With determined eyes, she walked into the midst of the soaring fire. Small sparks fell out of the blazing flames. Flames were bouncing menacingly in all directions, but they could not do so when Cersinia stood by there. Then they squeaked in the air, turned to ashes, and plummeted to the floor.
She called Verne out loud. It made her more difficult to breathe, but she had to take Verne out.
“Lady Cersinia… No, you can’t. You have to go out… Gasp.”
“Cover your mouth and nose as much as possible!”
Verne’s voice was heard closer than before. She was definitely nearby. Her heart sank when she knew that Verne, who had been trapped in the warehouse longer than herself, wouldn’t be able to last long because of the smoke.
Her steps, which were moving forward without hesitation, came to a standstill. There was a large fire that couldn’t be compared to the flames that she had passed so far. She couldn’t move forward. Because the huge fire, like a waterfall, has no intention of getting out of her way. It looked like the appearance of an evil spirit or a huge beast. She looked at the fire with a disbelieving look.
‘Why is it here alone?’
Unlike the flames that have soared to the shoulders that have passed so far, the fire that blocked the front of the eyes reached the ceiling and was about to soar into the sky at any moment. She couldn’t break through the fire that was firmly blocking her way like a wall. She had already tried to move it with her hands, but the fire didn’t move.
When she looked around to find the cause of the strong fire here, there was a small, disgusting smell of oil mixed in the scent that stabbed her lungs. Under her feet, she could see shattered pieces of glass. Every time the glass broke, the fire grew bigger as if it had swallowed manure.
Cersinia noticed that what was contained in the glass was oil. To be exact, the lamp oils were stored in the warehouse. It was the reason why a huge fire was formed only here.
‘This must be the reason why Verne couldn’t get out.’
“Cough cough… G-Gasp… Lady Cersinia, hurry up and leave.”
Verne’s dying voice was as faint as mist.
There was no sound beyond the fire.
“Vernet! Are you okay!”
The answer was not heard.
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In nervousness, Cersinia stomped her feet. She had to hurry up and pass here to save Verne. Seeing that there was no answer, Verne seemed to have collapsed. If she had delayed more time, she would have really put Verne’s life in jeopardy. However, the fire burned even more with red light as if they had no intention of moving away.
‘What should I do? What should I do?’
She reached out to fire one more time in agony. It was that moment. When she held out her palm in front of the fire, the fire that was blazing in front of her circled around like a tornado. Soon after, the fire became a hazy heat and sucked into her palm.
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