Novel Name : I Raised Him Modestly, But He Came Back Obsessed With Me

I Raised Him Modestly, But He Came Back Obsessed With Me - Chapter 107

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After the meal, the four headed to the carriage to return to the mansion after taking the tour.
“Lady Cersinia…”
The horseman, restless with a pale face next to the carriage, ran to Cersinia when he saw her.
“What’s going on?”
“Something happened to the wheels of the carriage…”
Looking into her eyes, the horseman confessed like he would lose his job. Cersinia passed the coachman, approached the carriage, and looked at the wheels. As the horseman said, both rear wheels of the carriage were completely smashed. The carriage’s body was tilted backward infinitely due to the smashed wheels.
“You need to change the wheels.”
She looked at the horseman and said something obvious.
“I’ve been working hard to find other wheels… but everyone says they are closed today.”
The horseman replied with a crawling voice and wiggled his hand. In any case, it was the horseman’s responsibility because he didn’t keep the carriage well.
“I’m sorry. I feel ashamed to face you.”
The horseman bowed deeply toward Cersinia.
“What can we do? It’s already broken.”
“Shall we go to the carriage rental place?”
Roena made a quick suggestion as if she had been waiting.
It was impossible to walk from Fabian street to the mansion, as it took more than an hour even by carriage. Since their carriage couldn’t be fixed immediately, they had no choice but to rent a carriage, as Roena had said.
“I’ll get another carriage!”
The horseman quickly moved to relieve the feelings of guilt. Looking at the horseman went away, the four waited in front of the carriage.
How much time has passed?
The horseman, who said he would rent the carriage, returned with a devastated face.
“Lady Cersinia…”
Then he called her back with a crawling voice.
“Didn’t you get it?”
“Strangely, everyone says they are closed for today…”
‘How can every single place be closed?’
It felt like the horseman was joking around and teasing her, so Cersinia was upset.
“It’s true! How dare I tell a lie.”
“Guide me. You guys wait here for a moment.”
Cersinia couldn’t believe it before she saw the ridiculous situation with her own eyes. The horseman meekly guided Cersinia. She followed the horseman, leaving over May, Verne, and Roena.
“First of all, this is the place.”
When she followed the horseman, there was a sign on the door that said ‘closed.’ It was the same for the next place, next place, and even the last place.
“They are all closed for today.”
The horseman looked at her with a look full of regret.
“Huh, what’s going on?”
She ruffled her hair roughly at the ridiculous and absurd situation.
‘How did it all come together like this?’
‘Unless someone ordered it…’
In front of the tightly closed carriage rental shops, the words ‘Closed for today’ were very suspicious. Cersinia paid attention to the same situation.
‘Is it just a coincidence?’
‘Or I’m being overly sensitive to all coincidences?’
She couldn’t figure it out.
“Let’s go back first.”
“Just in case, I’ll look around a bit more to see if there are any rental carriage shops.”
Staring at the distant horseman, Cersinia also moved her steps.
“How is it?”
May came close to Cersinia.
They had a good time today, but everyone’s expressions were gloomy due to the bad finish.
“They’re all closed.”
“Really, everyone?”
When asked back, she nodded briefly.
“What should we do now?”
Verne was feeling troubled. The incident occurred because she asked them to go out for nothing.
“The horseman said he would look into it once more, so let’s wait a little longer.”
The four stood stranded in front of the carriage. Waiting for the horseman to find out more. In order to go back, they had to get at least an old carriage.
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Cersinia leaned against the broken carriage and looked at the orange sky. She promised Ben that she would come back early, but the sun was already setting. There was a packaged fruit syrup candy that she had bought from the stand in her hand. She couldn’t wait to deliver the candy and share the memories with him. But somehow, she kept feeling that she wouldn’t be able to deliver it to him today.
When the horseman returned to the carriage, Cersinia realized that her hunch was not wrong.
“Can we rent horses to go back?”
May’s words were plausible, but there were no horses to be rented, as most of the shops to rent the horse were the same as the place to rent carriages. Even if they can rent horses, they’re still in trouble because the four of them couldn’t ride horses.
“I think that would be difficult.”
“Then what should we do…? Should we walk?”
“It’s long-distance, so you’ll only arrive tomorrow if you walk now.”
May sighed at her words. Verne stood still like a sinner. Looking at Cersinia’s eyes, Verne wriggled her fingernails.
“Don’t say you’re sorry. It’s not because of you, Verne.”
When Verne licked her lips, Cersinia said it first. She knew that Verne would say it just by looking at her face, so she said it to her in advance.
“The carriage, it’s not you who broke it.”
Vern closed her mouth because Cersinia was right. Cersinia said it was not her fault, patter Verne on the shoulder, and looked at the broken wheels.
Broken wheel pieces were scattered on the ground, and the shape of the broken wheels seemed to be damaged by some force. There was no possibility of it broken naturally by itself. It was as if someone deliberately crushed it with something heavy and strong. But everything was just her assumption, and there was no evidence.
“Maybe it’s because of me.”
Cersinia muttered to herself.
“Yes? What’s wrong, Cersinia?”
May, who has sharp ears, asked in surprise.
“The wheels, I think someone broke them on purpose.”
At the horrifying words, silence sank between them.
“N-No way…”
Two astonishing pairs of eyes headed for Cersinia. The owners of those eyes were May and Verne.
As the conversation flowed in an unexpected direction, Roena quickly opened her mouth, hiding her nervousness. She had to take the lead in the topic of the conversation before it turned in the wrong direction.
“Why don’t we stay here for just one day instead of standing here? It looks like the rental shop will open for tomorrow.”
Everyone’s eyes were fixed on Roena. Her words were true, but Cersinia had to return today. Because someone is waiting for her.
“Let’s go back.”
“But there’s no horse or carriage.”
Roena shrugged at the words, saying that it can’t be helped as Cersinia is in trouble.
“We can walk!”
At the sudden words from Verne, she turned her head.
“We can go back with our feet.”
Verne and May solidified their opinion. They said it because Cersinia seemed to want to go back. If there was nothing for them to ride, they could only go back with their legs. It would take a very long time, but they’re fine with that.
“What are you talking about? How can we walk back?”
They were ridiculous words. It was even more impossible because they wore high heels to match the dress. Even if they’re using ordinary flat shoes, it will be hard, but to do something like that while wearing high heels?! It would be fortunate if they didn’t sprain their ankle while walking.
It was fortunate that I didn’t twist my ankle while walking.
“We can walk!”
Verne and May were stunned by the firm answer.
“Then why don’t we hurry up and search for a place to stay?”
Roena thought this was the opportunity, so she brought it up again.
Cersinia was unwilling, but she couldn’t think of any other way. It was impossible to walk as Verne and May said. She didn’t want the rest of them hurting because of her selfishness.
“I’m thinking about spending a day. How about you?”
“Cersinia, are you okay? The Grand Duke must be very worried and waiting for you.”
May, who knows Ben’s personality well, was worried. Even if she didn’t see it, by now, The Grand Duke must be waiting desperately for Cersinia to come back.
“Yes, it’s going to be fine. It’s only one day.”
Cersinia was worried about it too, but she couldn’t help it.
“As Roena said, let’s not stand still here. Let’s go get a hotel or an inn to stay.”
Cersinia deliberately spoke loudly. Because the shadow knight Ben attached to her must be listening somewhere. She’s sure that the knight will convey her situation to Ben. She vaguely came up with an idea because she didn’t want him to wait and worry about her.
“There’s a nice inn nearby. Shall we go there?”
Roena actively made suggestions, which made Cersinia feel uncomfortable. Still, Cersinia was already walking all day and exhausted, so she only followed her. 
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“Okay, can you guide us?”
When she reluctantly said yes, Roena took the lead. They followed Roena to the inn.
It was the first time Cersinia came to the capital to stay somewhere other than the Grand Duchy.
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